Review: Anhydrous Skincare for Face & Eyes by Oil Perfect

I'm once again digging into the topic of facial oil today. Recently I have been using face oil on my skin and I couldn't stop. I finished up using cleansing oil and mist toner Oil Prefect had sent me previously. Lately, they sent me another range again! Woots~

Here are the products:
- Palmarosa Perfect Cleansing Oil (100ml)
- Antioxidant Eye Recovery Oil Serum
- Gentle Repair Face Oil Serum

Palmarosa Perfect Cleansing Oil
Because I love using their cleansing oil, they sent me another one in a 100ml bottle! Thanks so much Oil Perfect! This pump system is a lot easier for me to get more content out from the bottle as I usually use quite a lot of product each time.
Since I have reviewed this product, I shall not talk about it again in this post. However I need to highlight that I use cleansing oil mainly to remove my makeup excluding waterproof/smudgeproof eye makeup like mascara/eyeliner. I usually remove those waterproof makeup first with an eye makeup remover before i use the Palmarosa Perfect Cleansing Oil. It helps me remove my base makeup prefectly without stripping the natural oil from my skin

The expire date is pasted on the bottom of the bottle.

Antioxidant Eye Recovery Oil Serum
In my previous post, I did mentioned that my whole face feels absolutely moisturised except for my eyes. My undereyes were very dry and the skin around my eyes always feel taut. So I was really happy that I received an oil serum for the eyes. ^_^v~
This Eye Oil Serum is nourishing and contains many oils such as Plukenetia Volubilis (Sacha Inchi) Seed Oil, organic Jojoba Oil, organic Rosehip Seed Extract as well as an ingredient most commonly found in eye products, the Organic Coffee Arabica Seed Oil.

How to use?
Shake the bottle and gently roll around the eye contour area (I usually roll over same area 2-3 times), then tap oil into skin for full absorption. Apply morning and night.

After using Antioxidant Eye Recovery Oil Serum, I feel that it:
- has a light berry & coffee scent to it
- instantly soothes my skin around my eyes
- immediately reduces the tight feeling around the skin
- minimises the appearance of lines (be it fine/deep) by a little right after application
- hydrates and nourishes my skin really well especially when used with another eye product as the oil seals in the product and prevent the moisture drawing out from the skin
- may sting a little if it gets too close to the eyes
- works well with other eye serum and cream
- works best when I apply it after another eye product at night and the other way around during the day because it has a lesser chance of shifting my makeup when it is used prior to an eye cream.
- reduces the cakey makeup look which I often get under my eyes

Before & After
I have used the Eye Oil Serum for roughly two months now but I still have not even empty half of the vial yet. So I think one vial can really last a long time.
Below shows my left eye. The After picture was taken 1 month after I've used the oil serum.

And here shows my right eye.
Photos doesn't show much of a difference but the feeling of using an eye oil serum is really great. I no longer feel that my eye area are tight. Moreover, during the days I put on makeup, this oil serum helped alot by reducing the visible deep lines that I often get when I make alot of facial expressions. Less makeup gets trapped in the fine lines and make my eyes look less drying after one whole day.

Gentle Repair Face Oil Serum
This Face Oil Serum differs from the previous one I gotten as this is more for the dry skin type.
Instead of regulating oil production on my skin, this is more for calming and strengthening weakened skin barrier.
It contains ingredients such as Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Calendula Flower Extract, Organic Jojoba Oil, Chamomile Roman Flower Oil and Organic Tea Tree Leaf Oil.
This product contains nut-derived oil. Do not use if you are allergic to nuts.

How to use?
Dispense 2-3 drops of oil serum on hand (I use 2 drops in the day and 3 drops in the night). Spread in-between 2 palms to warm the oil serum up a little.
Lightly press the two palms onto face and then massage the oil into skin, avoiding eye area.

A comparison between Perfect Balance (for oily skin) and Gentle Repair Face Oil Serum (for dry skin). Visually, it doesn't show much difference. When I tried half face with each product, the consistency of the oil for both feels about the same too.

After using Gentle Repair Face Oil Serum, I feel that it:
- has a pretty strong scent which I think it could be from the sunflower or calendula fllower extract but the scent wears off after warming it up in my palms and spreading it over my face
- feels almost the same as the Perfect Balance Oil Serum
- has slightly better hydration power over the Perfect Balance Oil Serum
- also can make my face look pretty oily after many hours which I would need to tissue/blot the excessive oil off
- has somewhat less power in combating my mild acne and inflammation but it is able to calm my skin when I have big inflammation growing under the skin
- seems to help a little in reducing scar as well
- reduces the appearance of wrinkles much more better than Perfect Balance Oil Serum

As the Oil Serum has Jojoba Oil which I often try to avoid because it is somewhat comedogenic so I was a little skeptical at first about using this Oil Serum. However I noted that there is also Tea Tree Oil in there which is anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial so I thought I could just give it a try.
On and off, the inflammations do come back but it also subside after sometime. With Gentle Repair Face Oil Serum, it provides me a much higher hydration and nourishes places like my deep nasolabial folds and forehead wrinkles. I could clearly see and feel the difference before and after I used the Gentle Repair Face Oil Serum.

Before & After
Showing my forehead with many scars that were left by little inflammation growing underneath the skin.

I like using the Oil Perfect Oil Serum because one thing that it does best is softening those white and black heads and  make the skin around that area less drying.

It could also help a little on fading my scars.

As well as claming inflammation spots.

After using these products from Oil Perfect, I think I like Perfect Balance Oil Serum better along with the Antioxidant Eye Oil Serum (best!) and the Palmarosa Percect Cleansing Oil. I would prefer to use Gentle Repair Oil Serum on areas like new inflammation to calm it down and on nasolabial folds and wrinkles.

Thank you once again to Oil Perfect Skincare!~

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Where to buy?
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