Review: Eau Thermale Avène Very High Protection Fluid SPF50+

Lately, it has been really hot in Singapore and as everyone knows, it's getting hotter and hotter every minute and every second.
There isn't a day that I'll go out without a sunblock.
For the past months, I have been using a sunblock from Eau Thermale Avène. It was a relatively new sunblock that has very high protection of SPF50+ protecting me from both UVA and UVB.

Avène Suncare also respects the marine environment as it does not contain silicones for a biodegradable formula and no water-soluble filters thus it is not harmful for fishes and corals.
With this, I feel that at least I have a peace of mind when using Avene products. ^_^

On the box packaging, it indicates that the product is formulated to minimise risks of allergic reactions and it is non-comedogenic.

Expiry date is stamped on the bottom of the box.

When swatched on the back of my (pretty dry) hands, the fluid really feels dry to touch, almost weightless, non-oily and non-sticky. It does not have much scent too which I really love because I'm pretty sensitive to fragrances. Although I could take any kind of scent be it nice smelling or not but I prefer to use fragrance-free products so I do not have to stop breathing when I apply suncare/ cosmetics on my skin. For this fluid, it is actually indicated as fragrance-free.
When swatched on my face, it feels exactly the same as it felt on my hands too even though I have combi-oily skin.

When I spread the fluid on my face, I tend to sometimes not able to spread it evenly causing some parts looking a little whitish because the fluid is not watery and feels a little like cream. However, it generally does not have white cast at all after application in compare to the other sunblock I have.

Before & After
After having the sunblock on my face for at least 6 hours, here is how my skin looks like with both sunblock. I have also tested Avene Fluid SPF50+ for many times under many different circumstances like with makeup, under hot weather, in air-conditioned room etc. And so, here's my verdict...
When using Avène Very High Protection Fluid SPF50+, I feel that it:
- has a thicker consistency than most fluid suncare
- spreads on my face easily but could leave some areas not blended out evenly
- gives my skin a semi-matte finish right after application
- is not really as ultra weightless as it was mentioned because I could feel that it is a little thick/creamy on my oily-combi skin
- can combine with my natural sebum and turn into a rather thick layer of oil on my skin surface
- tends to make my makeup float on top of it and make it look quite cakey
- protects my skin from the sun pretty well as I do not have any sunburn, darkened skin nor pigmentation when exposed to sun for long hours
- does not cause any irritation to my skin
- can also be used on decolletage and body
In general, I think the fluid is probably better for people with normal skin than to combi-oily skin as I find that it kind of messes up my makeup. I have tried applying different types of base makeup with this sunblock fluid but the results are always the same.
However, I like to use this sunblock when I am not putting on any makeup as I feel that I'm receiving total protection when using it. I feel more secure using this sunblock than any others although it makes my skin look oily after sometime.

At the Avene #MySunMate event, I found out that these two suncare feels more suitable for my skin type.
They are Tinted Cream SPF50+ and Cream Fragrance Free SPF50+. They are both cream and are suitable for dry/aging + sensitive skin yes, but I do have aging skin too on top of the combi skin type. I require products that could provide me hydration as well.
If you have dry skin type or condition, do try these two suncare products. They feel really hydrating! ^o^

Overall, I'm really getting more and more into Avène products. One thing I like is they are all for sensitive skin, fragrance-free, has the best packaging (I'm talking about dispensing product like this) and now they respect the ocean. I'm also glad that I could grab their items easily at almost everywhere in Singapore!

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Where to buy?
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