Event: Takashimaya 25th Anniversary + New Revamped Beauty Hall

Last month, I noticed certain area were boarded up in Takashimaya cosmetics department on level one when I went there to shop. After sometime, the boards were taken down and it revealed a fresh new look of their beauty hall.
Guess what did they do to that area? ^,^

There I was with @everbluec at Takashimaya end last month trying to find out what had changed in their cosmetics deparment.

Before I reveal, here's some of the things I shot during the celebration of Takashimaya's 25th Anniversary also their #UnveilANewFace event.

At the #UnveilANewFace event, there displayed several brands, featuring some of their new and popular products.

And there was also Bloop Inc. showcasing their nail polishes and stamps at the event~

There has been a upgrade of facilities to create a luxurious experience for shoppers. This includes creating a wider walkway and beauty counters which add a luxurious touch, clearer view and also streamlined pillars to enhance visibility, space and comfort for shoppers giving it an ultra sleek look.
Facial services now have bigger cabins for an ultimate luxurious experience for customers. The brands with these new and upgraded cabins include Cie De Peau Beauté, La Mer, Dio, La Praire and Sisley.

After sometime at the event, we were brought to walk around a few counters.
First we stopped by Hera, it is the only counter in Singapore. I guess most are familiar with this brand as I've mentioned it during their launch. I've also posted some of their products and I'm already loving their makeup primer a lot. ^_^

Celebrity makeup artist Ginger Lynette came up with ideas how to create our own SEOULISTA look using all these products, namely the Black Cushion, Rouge Holic lipsticks with matte and cream texture.
Specially for this event, Hera flew their top makeup artist Seh young from Korea to also introduce Black Cushion & Rouge Holic lipsticks. For this, there's a whole session recording made for you guys, by yours truly. ^,^

At Fresh, one of the New brands in Takashimaya, MUA Ginger taught the crowd about the wonders of Binge masking with prepping the skin using Vitamin nectar mask as prepping followed by Rose Face Mask for enhance. And the black tea overnight masks for overnight. 

At Albion, Eunice their trainer will relate you to the amazing experience of using Albion skincare, particularly their amazing Skin Conditioner which has been sold 3 million in a year. Ginger share the beauty tips and tricks of using the full extension mascara and their signature face powder. 

Albion is one of the brands that has the NEW! Exclusive Concept and their concept is Exclusive Elegance Make Up. It is no wonder when I walked past their counter, I noticed that they now have extensive makeup display and Albion counter attracts my attention much more than before.

On the next day (which I wasn't there but I'm still going to talk about it), they continued to present the other new/revamped stores in Takashimaya. Shiseido is one of the revamped stores, presenting a simple presentation that allows beauty to be experienced and shared - within herself and within others.
Ginger introduces the evolution of Shiseido new makeup collection which compromises of four different textures, which includes their Dews, Gels, Powders and Inks. She incorporated a creative idea of transforming the fashion editorial makeup to ready to wear makeup. 

THREE is relatively new brand too in Takashimaya. I've went to them several times to try out their products. I must say that their products are skin-loving, many of the products that I've tried from THREE are good for skin that are dehyrated, dry and even combi skin, especially those in need of great hydration with use of essential oils and plant-based ingredients. 

At the event, a super creative high fashion editorial makeup using their A/W collection of makeup with the concept of Cosmic Wild Child was created on one of the models. And a daily ready to wear look with their A/W makeup using their skincare demonstration including cleansing oil, clearing foam, treatment lotion and treament emulsion was done on the other model.

Chantecaille, another exclusive new brand in Takashimaya and also has the only counter in Singapore, is a luxury beauty brand from NYC. A luxury, animal-cruelty free company that is committed to nature and environmental conservation. Angelina Jolie, Kristen Stewart are fans of the brand.  Chantecaille minimalist, pure and elegantly chic, showcases the very essence of a luxury botanical beauty label that offer 120 makeup and 35skincare products with topnotch service.  

MDNA SKIN, the only counter in South East Asia is in Takashimaya, Singapore. Created alongside the pop queen, Madonna, the MDNA SKIN skincare line harnesses the power of mineral rich thermal waters and volcanic clay from Montecatini to achieve the golden balance for radiant and lifted skin. 

Aside from the above, the following are New Brands in Takashimaya too:

- Tom Ford

- History of Whoo

New Brands in Takashimaya – with NEW! Exclusive Concept:
- Cle De Peau Beauté - Latest Concept 
- Estee Lauder - Aerin Fragrance  

The other revamped & new stores in Takashimaya also includes:
Cle De Peau Beauté - new counter design is adapted to evoke a sense of luxury with the modern woman’s comfort in mind; aligning with brand’s identity through designs. 
Sisley - it is like entering a unique venue where care and well being reign supreme. Discover Phyto-Aromatic Facial treatments, exclusive available at Takashimaya Department store. 
ReFa - is a celebrated crowd favourite since its launch, their highly-raved platinum rollers that instantly lifts and firms the skin, it celebrates its newly revamped counter and ReFa EXPRESSION launch. 
The History Of Whoo - newest premium luxury skincare range addresses early signs of ageing caused by environmental aggressors. Their Cheonyuldan is the combination of Modern Reinterpretation of China’s Cixi Empress Dowager’s beauty regimen and highly valued medicinal ingredients.  
Discover SK-II Masterpiece PITERATM collection, which is the most luxurious skincare collection. Crafted with rare Youth Peach extract and the finest Golden PITERATM, treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence and achieve the pinnacle of beautiful skin: a taut, supple and radiance complexion now available at our department.  
Yves Saint Lauren Beauté – Ravel in the new YSL Beauté counter at Takashimaya Department Store; the only young, edgy, and luxurious Parisian counter brand.  

And with that, I'm gona end this post by congratulating Takashimaya - Happy 25th Anniversary!
I've been Takashimaya member for quite a long time now. I'm happy that there are more exclusive brands coming into Takashimaya! Now I can fully utilise my points and vouchers! hehehx~ 

Complimentary gifts from Takashimaya and the brands:
- Bloop Inc
- The History Of Whoo
- Shiseido
- Yves Saint Lauren
I happen to take a photo of the stuffs I gotten from Takashimaya together with some of my purchases thus the 'mess'.. ^_^"

Below shows what I received from Bloop during the event!

I received a Yves Saint Lauren Glossy Stain in shade 218

And below shows the swatch I did~ (cropped from the full swatches I did against the other makeup)

None but not least, applying Bloop nail polist and stamp prints on my nails!~

Can't wait for one off day for me to spend a relaxing day at Takashimaya again! I hardly have much time to rest lately and I'm keep getting sick...
Gona go take another look at Takashimaya beauty hall once my pay comes in~ Hehehx~ *throws money*



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