Review: KLORANE Soothing and Anti-Irritant Hair Care with Chinese Peony

In this era, most Singaporeans have a busy life thus leading to a hectic lifestyle. All the daily activities make all of us unable to properly take care of our own well being. Sometimes due to stress, our body gives out certain signs and symptoms like headache, aching, flare-ups and even scalp irritation.
To combat uncomfortable irritated and sensitive scalps, Klorane has launched a scalp & hair care series with a traditional active ingredient: Chinese peony - Paeonia lactiflora Pall. A comprehensive new routine, with three hair care products also contain a relaxing fragrance.

About KLORANE Soothing & Anti-Irritant Hair Care
Experts in active plant substances, Klorane Laboratories explores the world to select the most appropriate plant species and obtains the richest extracts to give you healthy, beautiful hair.
Since 1994, Klorane Laboratories has selected Peony to care for the most sensitive scalps. At the heart of the roots of Chinese peony hides an incredibly soothing natural active ingredient, paeoniflorin.

45% of the population consider that they have a sensitive scalp.
Sensitive scalps do not have a proven “pathology” but do not go unnoticed.
The scalp, the source of healthy hair, must itself be healthy. Maltreated and overburdened, it requires close protection and suitable care to relieve, moisturize and “de-stress” it.
To find a solution to this quest for well-being, Klorane Laboratories has created a care ritual enriched with Peony extract, which restores comfort and alleviates irritation while creating a real zen effect through its relaxing fragrance. It helps in:
- Tightness
- Itching
- Burning
- Redness
As well as discomfort that can sometimes last from morning to night.

About Chinese Peony
The Paeonia lactiflora Pall. species, traditionally used in Chinese medicine since the 10th century for its soothing properties and its ability to consolidate the yin, the energy of rest and relaxation is specially selected for this range of products.
The Chinese Peony is cultivated in its native soil, in the Chinese provinces of Shaanxi and Gansu, following traditional methods that are respectful of people and the environment.
Its soothing active ingredient, paeoniflorin, is extracted from the roots that are prepared by hand and sun-dried.
This active ingredient is concentrated in a scientifically proven anti-irritant and anti-free radical extract.

KLORANE Soothing and Anti-Irritant Shampoo
This shampoo isn't entirely new. I have used the previous version before and I liked it. Now, it comes with a new formula that not only provides soothing and anti-irritant properties but also provides gentle cleansing experience to the user.
Shampoo is 200ml and has 12 months shelf life upon first opening. In a pour out type dispenser bottle, it is really easy to empty it completely when it's almost finishing. I stored it upside down so the content can stay near the opening and I can empty it the moment I open the lid. This bottle lasted me for a month even though I have long hair as I usually use it only on my scalp than on my hair.

How to use?
I used about 2 times of 50 cents amount and applied it on my wet hair near the scalp and then gently massaged all over my scalp while it lathered. After I'd thoroughly washed my scalp and hair near it with the shampoo, I rinsed it off.
The shampoo lathers and foams up easily and it gives off a pretty strong floral scent mixed with fruity notes. This scent that the series use is named the "Primrose” fragrance which has subtle harmony of rose and jasmine in the middle notes.
After using, my scalp feels relaxed and soothed on the areas around the base of my head where they usually feel a little itchy and irritated.
The fragrance although pretty strong in my opinion, is still able to offer my mind a moment of relaxation and relief during my bath time.
It doesn't make my already quite oily limp hair anymore oilier or whatsoever, there wasn't much difference in the looks of my hair.

KLORANE Soothing and Anti-Irritant Gel Conditioner
This new Gel Conditioner also contains Peony extract with soothing and anti-irritant properties, a complex [betaine + glycerin] to moisturise the scalp. It contains detangling agents that soften the hair and facilitate styling. It will leave hair feeling soft, supple and shiny and after 21 days of use, 100% the scalp is moisturized and protected.
Conditioner is 150ml and has 12 months shelf life upon first opening. Made in France.

How to use?
With a squeeze tube and a long nozzle tip, it can provide precise, convenient and effective application to the scalp. You can use it by directly pointing the nozzle tip onto the scalp, squeeze the tube apply section by section to the scalp then to the lengths of the hair. Leave in for 2 - 3 minutes and then rinse.
TIP: Can also be used as pre-shampoo care product, on the scalp.
However for me, instead of utilising the nozzle tip, I squeeze the content onto my palm and apply it all over my scalp as well as the hair near it. I usually use almost twice the amount of the shampoo because first, I have a lot of hair although they are quite fine but they are A LOT as well as heavy too when they are damp. Second, I have very damaged hair starting from about 5cm away from my scalp thus I require even more product in order for me to ensure most of my hair get the benefits from the conditioner.
After using it for 2-3 weeks, my scalp feels soft and relaxed. There is still a little bit of itchiness at base of my scalp which I always experience. The gel conditioner was almost emptied since I used quite a lot on my very damaged bleached & dyed hair.
I find that my virgin hair near the scalp is less oily, a little more volumnised (not totally fluffy kind but in compare to my limp oily hair, it looks and feels slightly lighter), looks soft and supple.
There wasn't enough product for me to apply to all my hair as my hair is also quite long, chest to below chest level. With that much of hair, I think I need at least 2-3 times more conditioner. I wished they can come up with bigger sizes for their conditioner since people nowadays do chemical treatments quite often. Hence to say I could only experience the product for my scalp and the hair near it. I then used other conditioner to untangle my ultra dry and damaged hair ends.

KLORANE Soothing and Anti-Irritant SOS Serum
This new SOS Serum that contains Peony extract provides daily relief for irritated scalps by using a complex [betaine + glycerin] to moisturise the scalp. Its extra-fresh, non-greasy and non-sticky formula can be applied at any time of the day.
This 65ml spray bottle is lightweight and simple to use. Product has 12 months of shelf life from first use. Made in France

How to use?
Spray section by section onto a damp or dry scalp. Spread by massaging gently. Do no rinse. Use in a 7-day course, preferably at night.TIP Use as soon as the sensations of irritation are triggered for immediate relief.
Besides just spraying it at night, I also sometimes do it in the morning too when I work up and feel that my scalp is irritated.

Watch this short clip of me using the SOS Serum Spray~
After application, I feel that the scalp is being instantly refreshed. This cooling sensation I get from the SOS Serum Spray helps to calm down my irritated scalp. When I use the spray, my mind will always go "Ooo!~ cooling~". hahax~ It is quite fun to use this spray. I even used it on my man when he kept complaining about itchy scalp.
After spraying it on my scalp, I do a quick light massage to spread the product around and then I just went out like that. It was not until I started to use it for a week plus did I feel that for the whole day I didn't get any tingling feeling on my scalp that make me want to scratch it. It made me feel more comfortable and less conscious about how my scalp feels when I play around with my hair (always flipping it from side to side, tie and untie etc lolx~).

Overall Review
Soothing and Anti-Irritant New Peony range consisting of 3 hair care products has provided me with a more much soothing and stress-free scalp. However I must say that as I'm not exactly living a stressful life at the moment (probably not yet lolx~) thus I did not experience a very irritated scalp like others may have.
I have though is just a few small spots that frequently get a little itchy and irritated and I targeted that area when I use the products.
If I were to choose, I think I prefer to use the shampoo and the spray to control my irritated scalp.
The shampoo lathers and foams up quickly and easily, it is very convenient when I have that thick and heavy bunch of hair to wash. hahax~

A discomfort that sometimes linger from morning to night, or from evening to the next morning, can actually be immediately relieved by using the SOS Serum Spray. Thus SOS Serum Spray is my next favourite, another convenient product. lolx~

I would recommend those who really have irritated or itchy scalp users to try this range if you feel that minty or scalp shampoos don't work on you. Sometimes, what you need is not harsh products like anti-dandruff/ mint shampoo etc but just a product that is light & easy on your skin (scalp) and able to give comfort, soothe and de-stress both you and your scalp. ^_^
Take care of your scalp as much as how you take care of your skin! Because both our face AND our hair (& scalp) is important... they can totally change our appearance when they look and feel healthy! ^,^

For 50 years,  Klorane has been cultivating the art of demanding and effective dermo-cosmetics, derived from botanical science and adapted to individual needs.
Klorane believes in a more responsible world and acts every day, through simple and concrete actions, to create more respectful products for the benefit of all.

KLORANE Soothing and Anti-Irritant Shampoo 400ml S$18.90
KLORANE Soothing and Anti-Irritant Gel Conditioner 150ml S$14.60
KLORANE Soothing and Anti-Irritant SOS Serum 65ml S$29.90


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