Review: Before & After Using Itsumi Anti-Clock Skincare Range

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To start off, I would like to say that I have been using Itsumi Anti-Clock products since June. The series I received are:
Itsumi Anti-Clock Cleanser
Itsumi Anti-Clock Mist Toner
Itsumi Anti-Clock Face & Eye Gel Cream
Itsumi Anti-Clock Cleanser (Travel Size)
Itsumi Anti-Clock Mist Toner (Travel Size)

Itsumi skincare is a Singapore home grown brand founded by three successful entrepreneurs: Addy Lee, Pornsak, Foo Tuan How.
Itsumi products are researched and formulated in Italy.

For generations, the Pornsak Prajakwit family has long been firm believers in the healing powers of natural herbs. To better care for Pornsak's father who is now 95 years old, he spent sever years reading the Bachelor degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

All these years, Pornsak was not able to find a product in the market that is suitable for his father's sensitive skin. Hence, he decided to create one.
After a few years of researching, he came across the Marvel-of-Peru and was immensely amazed by its benefits.  Roping in his friends Addy Lee and Foo Tuan How (both successful entrepreneurs in hair and F&B arena respectively), they followed the core principals of TCM while working closely with experts in the field. They tested the products on themselves to ensure the products are of exceptional quality. After a series of trails, Itsumi was born.

Itsumi is committed to create and product the best botanical skincare products by working closely with highly experienced dermatologists and chemists.
Itsumi products are::
- Paraben Free
- SLS Free
- Silicone Free
- Alcohol Free
They are also in the midst of working to obtain the Halal certificate for their products. Isn't that great? ^o^)/

About Anti- Clock Series
Itsumi's signature Anti-Clock age-defying series is a closely held secret for decades.
Infused with the Anti-Clock flower (Marvel-of-Peru) cells, the products intensify complexion's vital renewal cycle. It revives the complexion's radiance and enhances uniformity of skin colour. The series stimulate internal metabolic mechanisms, boosts the overall activity of skin cells and reinforces energy production. It also promotes the elimination of toxins and increase micro-circulation in the skin that is badly needed. It helps the skin to repair daytime damage and its antioxidants slows down general cell oxidation.

Swatches & Ingredients
Before I go on with the review, here's a video I took of the products and did some swatches with them too. Play to watch~ ^_~)v

The cleanser has a clear and really light gelish consistency. After introducing a little water into the cleanser, its texture becomes really silky, somewhat slimy-smooth. Lathers really quickly and it foams up quite a lot when more product is being added. The fragrance is a little sweet with quite prominent flora scent.

Mist Toner
The toner gives a tad cooling sensation since it dispenses from a mist spray bottle. The toner is watery, absorbs by the skin super quickly without feeling any sticky after-feel. The scent is similar as the cleanser but less strong after the skin absorbs the toner.

Face & Eye Gel Cream
Just like its name, it is a gel cream. A really light gel cream without leaving any oily or greasy feel during or after it's absorbed into the skin, very unlike the usual gel cream skincare I've been using. It leaves my skin feeling a tad sticky for less than a minute. After which the skin feels pretty smooth and very hydrated. The fragrance is once again similar as the rest in this series. I felt that the scent was rather strong during first 10 rounds of application, and then I got kind of used to the scent. (^⺫^)

Before & After
Before I started Itsumi, I used a series of skincare that controls my skin sebum hence my skin became very much dehydrated. The skin texture was also quite rough to touch and not really plumped. Although it looked matte on the surface but close-up I felt that it looked somewhat wrinkly. After some time of not hydrating my skin with the right moisturiser, it started popping out big inflammation, both on and under the skin surface.

In the following photos, you can see the BEFORE pic showing my skin with both inflamed open & closed comedones that refused to subside and scars that couldn't fade for weeks. My skin was irritated and red (near hair line) and there were some scar marks on my temples which I tried picking (itchy fingers ^,^"w) constantly because the closed comedones kept coming back.
I took the BEFORE photo right on the first day I started using Itsumi Anti-Clock series.

As seen, few days into using Itsumi skincare, my skin gotten slightly better as the inflamed comedones started to subside. However my skin still felt and looked taut.
After 1 month, my skin overall appeared clearer. Although there were still scar marks left from my constant pimple picking (sorry, I have really itchy hands!) but the gunk underneath the skin were cleared in this area and they never came back unlike he time before I use Itsumi. Skin texture appeared more refined, smooth and soft.

Following photo shows very clearly the skin texture and pores on my nose and cheeks.
In the BEFORE pic, I was feeling pretty upset that my skin surface was really tight and dry although the pores were visibly smaller than it used to because I was using skincare with pretty high alcohol content. I could literally feel the skin tugging downwards and the pic showed exactly that feeling I had. The pores turned into diagonal lines, pulling towards the side of my face. And that made my nasolabial folds (laugh lines) reddish, more visible and trapped foundation when I apply makeup.
Few days after I used Itsumi, the very big difference was that my skin felt so hydrated. Somehow the taut feeling was gone and the skin felt quite plumped.
While using Itsumi, I still do experience little inflammation here and there but they were totally different as before. Instead of being those irritating big closed or open comedones that I couldn't get rid off, these small ones appeared and gone really fast within days without leaving a single scar. Skin has turned from very dehydrated to somewhat normal-oily with a tad dryness on the skin surface (dehydrated mainly I think is because of aging and also I do makeup everyday).

Following shows the side of my face- cheeks and jaw areas.
There were again few closed comedones (big ones infact, all under the skin surface) infront of my ears area. There was 1 spot that I often go back to try to get rid of the gunk from underneath the skin therefore causing this huge scar mark that couldn't fade for months.
To imagine that by only using Itsumi with almost zero pimple picking, I could get rid of all those inflammation and scar marks.... who could have thought about that?! I am extremely happy that the stubborn inflammation is gone and never came back! All those tiny dots of scar marks left behind from long time ago slowly took turns to fade off as well.. As we age, our metabolism rate slows down thus when there's scar, it would take months or even years to fade. That is why I often had to use at least medium coverage makeup to conceal them.
But with Itsumi... I think I can look forward to entirely clear and scar free marks soon? ^∀^ Heh Heh Heh...

Last but not least, my chin area. I had to say that, chin is one area where I also often get very big painful inflammation that either could not subside nor couldn't squeeze it out. (slaps own hand! Xp~)
The scars you see here are again, left behind because I had several inflammation before. Along with these scars, accompanied more small red spots (if you look at the pic closely).
After a month, previous red spots were all gone and scar marks faded by quite alot! Again, 1-2 little spots surfaced even when I was using Itsumi. As mentioned earlier, they subside really fast and leave no scar marks. ^_^ I'm not sure why, even when I see inflammation start popping up during my Itsumi skincare routine, I was still happy. That's probably because I know they will not get anymore bigger, not painful, subside really fast, and leave no scar at the end! Woots~

1357 Ritual and How to use?
Before I start the individual product review, let me explain the 1357 that you see on Itsumi packaging:
1357 is ITSUMI's unique ritual.
“1” pump from Anti-clock Cleanser is all you need to form a light foaming gel. Lather between palms with warm water. Massage over face, rinse thoroughly and pat skin dry. The unique formula helps to maintain the skin's moisture, leaving it velvety soft after use.
“3” sprays of Anti-clock Mist Toner every time you want to calm, sooth or hydrate your skin. It can be used throughout the day to refresh the skin. Use it routinely, your pores will become smaller and skin colour gradation becomes seamless to achieve an even skin tone.
Apply Anti-clock Face and Eye Gel Cream to “5” spots on your face and/or “7” spots if you include both bags under eyes.

So basically, here's how I use and my review of every individual product:

Itsumi Anti-Clock Cleanser
Every morning, I use only 1 pump like suggested, on damp hands. Yes, 1 fully pump from product is really enough to cover whole face and neck because it's really silky smooth and spreads out easily after it turns foamy. It cleanses off all the grease and sebum accumulated from previous night really well without leaving any taut feeling.
Every night, I use 2.5-3 pumps of cleanser because I require a lot more product to cleanse away the leftover makeup remover on my face as well as sebum and impurities. Like in the day, it also leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft, hydrated and not a bit taut at all. So far, I realised it work pretty well together with my current makeup remover. When I use both, my skin and pores look and feel so clean and clear.

Itsumi Anti-Clock Mist Toner
I use the toner as per suggested by pressing it 3 times, 1 on forehead and 2 on both cheeks.
I usually would not spread the product all over my face immediately after applying the mist spray. I prefer to apply the next product directly when my face is still wet with the toner.
For day time, I apply brightening essence along with the toner still wet on my face, then I start to spread everything out on my face and decollete. The toner helped made the serum get absorbed faster than it originally could. That is one main point I like about the toner. However every single time I spray the toner on my face, some product gets really near to my eyes could sting them pretty bad. I have quite many episodes of tearing from the product getting into my eyes. ^_^" (I'm really so darn not careful hahax~)
Thus at night, I would take out my favourite ultra thin cotton puffs (saves alot of product versus those conventional cotton pads), spray some thermale water to wet it first and then 3 sprays of Itsumi Mist Toner on it. Then I applied the wet cotton puff all over my face and decollete avoiding eye area.
Next I'll put a drop hyaluronic acid to the used but still damp cotton puff and apply it on my skin. The leftover thermale water and toner helps the hyaluronic acid to quickly get absorbed into the skin as well as prepare my skin for the next step.

Itsumi Anti-Clock Face & Eye Gel Cream
After first applying my eye essence, I then scoop out the gel cream and apply the product by spreading the product all over my palms and then press my hands all over my face and do the light upwards sweeping gesture on my decollete and laugh lines. Then lightly tap around my eyes with the remaining product. The gel cream doesn't sting my eyes even though I applied it really near to them.
At night, I will apply almost double amount of what I would use in the day so my skin could better hydrate itself with the help of the product during my sleeping time.
Immediately after using the gel cream, I can feel my very thirsty skin boosted with so much hydration. It felt as if my skin had not been absorbing any moisture for years and within a week, it was so plumped. The gel cream also helped relieve some minor irritation or sensitive area on my face.I finished the Gel Cream the fastest versus the rest of the products in this series.
One down point for the gel cream is that it has no spatula included. It is not a big issue for me because I have alot spare spatulas that I could use. However if anyone of you are first time using moisturiser in a tub, you may need to get your own spatula otherwise you will contaminate the product inside if you dig the product out with your fingers.
I wish all skincare could come in pump-type bottle. Much more convenient, less hassle, save alot of time trying to pry open that lid (it closes really tight, but that should be the pro rather than con? lolx~) and most importantly, prevent contamination and bacteria growth. I personally do not like using tub type moisturisers. If I do not finish it within 2-3 months, I would usually stop using it altogether as it would most likely be very contaminated by then and could cause my skin to grow pimples because of bacteria.

My experiences using the full Anti-Clock series are:
- First few days, my skin felt even more taut than before, especially right after cleansing.
- First 1-2 weeks, my skin suddenly don't feel taut at all. In addition, the skin became quite hydrated. All inflammation that I had before I started Itsumi became larger and more inflamed. My skin was in process of purging.
- 2nd-3rd week, the purging is at the very last stage. The gunk in open comedones got purged out, while the closed comedones subsided naturally after it got inflamed for awhile.
3rd-4th week, basically overall skin texture becomes refined, VERY smooth, zero bumps, no obvious inflammation (not counting those tiny red inflammation that subsided really quickly)., >50% scars faded, less oily face, less fine lines and wrinkly skin surface. Basically the skin became more of a normal-oily combi skin instead of dry-oily combi.

If I were asked which product I love the most in this series, I would say that I'm torn between the Cleanser and the Gel Cream. Currently, both are my holy grail cleanser and gel cream moisturiser. I wouldn't trade them for anything. They both feel SOOOO good on my skin! I saw an ingredient "Castor Oil" in gel cream and I initially thought that this oil could be comedogenic but infact it helps in skin purging and it is good for people who has acne skin. So I definitely recommend both dry skin and oily skin users to try Itsumi Gel Cream! My skin benefited both ways by becoming more hydrated than ever and becoming more clear and ultra smooth than ever!
Itsumi is by far the best skincare I've used for this year... or maybe even in these 3 years. No joke, it helped heal my skin so much that no other products could. I'm happy that now I could even skip concealing my face and just go out bare face without having to hide the sides of my face with my hair to camo those scars.
I will definitely buy them, probably stock up every year to keep it as my backup in case my face got screwed up using other products. (^p^")\

Itsumi Anti-Clock Cleanser SGD$29.90
Itsumi Anti-Clock Mist Toner SGD$49.90
Itsumi Anti-Clock Face & Eye Gel Cream SGD$69.90

Where to buy?
Itsumi @ Qoo10

Itsumi Skincare Instagram
Itsumi Skincare FB Page


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