Review: Eau Thermale Avène Bright' Intense Skincare Series

Hey'al! Before I begin talking about this relatively new skincare, I need to say that it has been a very, very long time since I last used a skincare product that helps whiten or brighten my face without growing any pimple. This set of products get me really excited and I opened them up immediately to use them. Usually I would wait for a bit before I switch my skincare products because I need to allow my skin to rest awhile (from previous skincare review) by reducing my skincare steps to the minimum, usually only toner and moisturiser or facial oil.
However, Eau Thermale Avene new skincare products which target Asian skin and humid climate got me so excited. Skin on my face is known to be really yellowish (sometimes olive/mustard), duller (sometimes look darker) than other parts of my body and has mild discolouration. The more skincare I use on my face, they only made it a little bit fair or radiant if not worst. In no way can it go as fair as my neck and decollete.
After using Eau Thermale Bright Intense series, I was extremely satisfied with the results. Do scroll down and read more to find out what I think about the individual products.

Sensitive Skin Expertise Eau Thermale Avene, has launched a series of brightening skincare products catered specially for Asian sensitive skin.
They are Eau Thermale Avène Bright' Intense Cream Foaming Cleanser, Brightening Essence & Brightening Emulsion.

About Avene Bright' Intense
Bright Intense targets hyperpigmentation disorders and blocks protein carbonylation to revive your luminous complexion. Its key ingredient, the innovative C-Pearl complex is formulated with three ingredients, each targeting an essential quality for healthy, luminous skin:
- The Akoya Pearl is derived from Japan, a natural ode to beautiful and radiant skin, its extract acts on the origin of dull complexion. Thanks to its strong inhibitory effect on carbonylation, the Akoya Pearl extract makes skin transparent again.
- Vitamin C acts on color by reducing melanin production, while Wakamine extract works to hydrate and smooth skin texture so light is better reflected.
- Lastly, thanks to Avène Thermal Spring Water, it soothes and softens sensitive skin. 
What if you could have a brighter, naturally luminous skin and protect it day after day from the urban environment? Avène draws inspiration from the lotus defense mechanism to develop an “Anti-pollution Shield formula”. A lotus’ hydrophobic and rough surface prevent from adhesion of water, impurities or pollution particles, utilizing this mechanism in the formula, your skin is protected from external aggressions.  

Avene Bright Intense Cream Foaming Cleanser
Comes in a easily dispensable squeeze tube, the cleanser can be kept for a year from first use.
The cleanser gently cleanses and purifies the most sensitive skin. Effectively removes impurities, sebum and pollution particles while preserving skin comfort.  Leaves skin pure, bright and soft.
Product made in Japan.
How to use?
Using a small amount of cleanser and water, create a generous lather and cleanse gently with circular motions. Rinse well.

Avene Bright Intense Brightening Essence
Comes in a short pump type bottle, it didn't mention how long one could keep the product from the first use. However it does indicate the expiry date on the bottom of the bottle which is 10/2020. So I assume that the product can be kept longer than usual serum/essence as the dispense outlet is air-tight.
Corrects and brightens sensitive skin. This refreshing and pearly serum improves skin luminosity, evenness and reduces dark spots.
How to use?
Apply the serum in the morning to entire face and neck after using Cream Foaming Cleanser.

Avene Bright Intense Brightening Emulsion
Comes in the similar pump type bottle as the Essence but taller, is the same as the Essence where it does not indicate the shelf life from first use but there's expiry date.
Hydrates and illuminates sensitive skin (24H Hydration). Improves skin luminosity, evenness and reduces dark spots.
How to use?
Apply evening to entire face and neck after using Cream Foaming Cleanser. 

Recently, more and more skincare makeup bottles comes in ball valve type of pump dispenser (airless packaging). It is better than the conventional pumps as these keep the product much fresher by preventing the air from entering through the outlet. This ball valve totally blocks the opening of the dispense outlet therefore there's lesser to zero chance of content getting solidified. You guys know what I mean right? Try putting a product aside for couple weeks or month, then dispense the content and you get semi solid lotion/cream.. lolx~ Thus I'm totally loving this type of pump dispenser ever since I first came across it couple years back.

Below shows swatches of all 3 products.
There has been a wrong labeling of the products for this particular pic in my IG account.
I apologise for that. The labels in above pic is accurate.

After using the Cream Foaming Cleanser, I feel that it:
- has a smooth liquidy cream consistency instead of the standard semi solid consistency in most foam cleansers
- flows when I tilt the product in my hand
- turns into a rich lather quickly with a little water
- has a very subtle fragrance which is unnoticeable during cleansing
- cleanses very well, including removing the remains of the oil cleanser (which I use most often to remove full face makeup) and doesn't leave skin feeling tight
- leaves a clean, silky smooth skin surface after washing away the foam
- leaves my skin looking a little bit brighter as the impurities are washed away
I used the cleanser both morning and night. Lesser amount in the morning and a little more at night.
Right after I cleansed, washed and walked out of bathroom, I did not feel my skin tight or pulling. I feel that the skin is really clean, and just a tad dehydrated so I need to quickly apply my skincare.

After using the Brightening Essence, I feel that it:
- has very tiny pinkish mica in it which gives instant radiant to the skin when applied on
- is lightweight and has lotion-like consistency
- spreads easily and smoothly
- provides instant absorption to the skin
- leaves non-sticky feel on my skin
- makes my skin a tad glowy and glossy
- doesn't cause any skin allergy
- doesn't has any scent at all
I used only 1 pump of Essence on whole face avoiding eyes area and used it on both day and night. It is one of the most lightweight essence I've used in a long time. I really like this essence a lot and still use it even after I have stopped using the other products from this series.

After using the Brightening Emulsion, I feel that it:
- has also has very tiny pinkish mica like the essence
- is a really lightweight matte gel, feels like silicon
- spreads easily and smoothly
- provides almost instant absorption to the skin
- leaves non-sticky feel on my skin
- makes my skin look a little matte however still has some glow
- doesn't cause any skin allergy
- doesn't has any scent at all
I used 1 to 1.5 pumps of emulsion for whole face avoiding eyes area and used it on both day and night too right after the essence. Together with the essence, the products make my skin look immediately more glowy due to the pinkish reflective mica in the content. When looked real close up, the skin actually looks shimmery.

After using Avene Bright Intense range products for 3 weeks, I feel that:
- skin yellowness reduced by at least 50%
- skin appear alot more fairer and brighter
- most sensitive area on my face did not flare up
- cleansing foam did not make my skin feel taut
- both essence & emulsion get absorbed into my skin real fast without leaving any greasiness, slight matte finish
- my pores appear smaller than usual
- absolutely suits my oily combi skin, only after half a day my face starts to oil up
- helps reduce oxidation by abt 70%
- most importantly, it did not cause even a pimple or inflammation of any kind! I'm so happy!
For everybody's info, I love using Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray. I use the spray as 'toner' after the cleanser and before the essence. The result that these products gave, is absolutely what I was looking for as I always have yellowish, olive skintone due to bad diet and sleeping pattern. I feel that this range is made specially for me... (feel so honoured lolx~)
Overall, the 2 products that I applied on my face feels light, not stressing my skin or whatsoever. It gives enough hydration to not make my face look dry after long hours of me with makeup. It is one that I would definitely purchase again and again. If you have skin condition like mine; oily, a little sensitive, very dull, yellowish or olive than other parts of your body then you need Avene Bright Intense.

Bright Intense Cream Foaming Cleanser S$49.90 (125ml)
Bright Intense Brightening Essence S$99.90 (30ml)
Bright Intense Brightening Emulsion S$89.90 (40ml)

Where to buy?
Available at Watsons, Guardian, Unity and National Skin Center

Eau Thermale Avene Website
Eau Thermale Avene  FB Page
Eau Thermale Avene Instagram


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