Review: Yakiniku Lunch @ The Gyu Bar (Best A4 Grade Wagyu In Singapore?)

Last week, I was invited to have lunch at The Gyu Bar. I have not had grilled beef in the longest time, and it was definitely the first time to taste a premium wagyu beef too.

While I entered The Gyu Bar and looked over dishes, I recalled tasting the best wagyu in Japan which was a restaurant at the airport I randomly walked in and the meal cost me about S$50++ back then. I am one who usually would not go much into details when comes to food thus I wasn't so sure if I was eating a premium Japanese beef (usually I judge by how the food made me feel). Nonetheless it tasted real good and that one experience made me remembered it for years.

At The Gyu Bar, I've learnt to know more about different grades as well as different cuts of beef.
Perhaps from here onwards, I would be able to appreciate the different kinds of wagyu beef more.

The Gyu Bar was situated slightly away from the town area, along 30 Stevens Road, right outside Mercure Hotel. I like the fact that apart from the traffic, the area was pretty quiet in the afternoon. I immediately felt like I'm at a staycation because of its serene atmosphere.

Look at me and @everbluec in the reflection.. lolx~

So here comes the full video of what I had seen, touched and ate at The Gyu Bar. Do give the video a like after watching~~
Oh I almost forgot to mention, after I finished my meal at The Gyu Bar, I left the restaurant without the need to use Febreze! Why? As shown in the video above, ventilation system is installed throughout the restaurant which ensures that all smoke produced is immediately filtered through the individual table grills. Awesome isn't it? ^-^

After trying out the food at The Gyu Bar, I already have in mind where to go for my birthday, anniversary, X'mas gathering, family reunion dinner etc etc... lolx~ Well, maybe not all but still, I'm definitely dragging someone to go back with me.
What I find interesting is that it offers the first cup of sake on the house and patrons are invited to pick their preferred sake cup at the "Sake Glass Wall". Those cups I've shown were actually bought from all over the world by co-founder Karen Cheng during her travels and some were gifts from friends.
Believe it or not, The Gyu Bar had just made my palate addicted to their wagyu... In my opinion, it's the best wagyu I've had in far.(Maybe I'm going to try out more wagyu in the future?) It probably has also surpassed the one I had in Japan.

I'm still drooling while looking at the video today...

Where to eat?
30 Steven Road, #01-08 Singapore 257840
Tel: 6732 0702 / 9150 3164

Opening hours
Tue-Sun (Closed on Monday)
Lunch 12pm - 3PM, Dinner 6PM - 11PM
(Last seating at 10:00PM, Last order 10:30PM)

The Gyu Bar Website
The Gyu Bar FB Page

If you have been to The Gyu Bar before, do let me know your thoughts too! Do you think they offer the best Wagyu in Singapore? If not, which restaurant do you think offers the best Wagyu in your experience?


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