Featured: My 5 Secrets To Achieving Acne & Pimple Free Skin

End last year, I was featured on SampleStore where I provided some insights of how I achieve acne & pimple free skin. I was supposed to upload a "fuller" version of what I wrote here on my blog but my comp went down and then I procrastinated this post like, forever... (as usual. lolx~)
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Anyhoo, long story short. Following are the photos I sent to them alongside the text that I typed. But you all know me, my English's bad so they made it more clearly and concisely ^,^ I'm sure you still get the idea reading through my post yah?

1. Less Carb, Sugar, Fried, Oily and Processed Food Diet
From the time I could remember until I was late twenties, I consumed all kinds of food just like everyone else. I love carb loaded food like rice and bread, processed food like nuggets and luncheon meat. I also love drinking carbonated drinks whenever I'm thirsty or when the weather's too hot. It was not until I started having very oily skin, recurring break outs and a slightly more serious skin infection that affected areas around my jaw, neck, décolleté and back, did I decide to do something about my diet. I later found out by myself that all these high carb, high sugar and nonsense eating habits were the culprit to my skin problem. Pimples, acne and skin infection were the signs of my imbalance gut bacteria. At early thirties I started changing my diet almost completely by reducing the amount of carbs, fried, oily food, skipped most of the processed food and carbonated/ sugary drinks and in replace, I took healthy protein-rich food, vegetables, drink tons of plain water and had fruits as snacks. The results from the change of my diet was significant as I witnessed that my acne and skin infection had subsided in a very short period of time.

2. Probiotic Supplements
In order to further balance my gut flora which could also help in building my overall body immunity, I pop 1 capsule of probiotic supplement containing 40 billion viable cells (good bacteria) every morning 15 minutes before breakfast. It is 6 times much higher in beneficial bacteria than the probiotic fermented milk drink which our parents often get us to drink since we were kids (eg, yogurt drink).

3. Anti-bacterial, Natural & Skin Friendly Skincare Products
Since I have combi skin that is towards the oily side, I would still experience pimples and mild acne on my face once in a while even with a healthier diet. Almost 10 years into skincare makeup blogging, I'd learned at least a thing or two from skin doctors and dermatologists. I got to know that the bacteria on my skin accumulates easily and through using certain skincare products that aid in reducing the growth of bacteria, would prevent and eliminate pimples and acne too. To combat my skin troubles, I introduced unrefined cold pressed pure oils into my daily skincare regimen. The most common anti-bacterial oils for oily, acne-prone skin is Rosehip-Oil or cosmetics infused with rose essential oil. 3 drops of oil in the morning and 6 drops at night with rose infused lotion and face cream helps prevent clogging of pores, heals acne and scars and moisturizes my skin all at the same time.

4. Cosmetics Shelf Life and Expiration Dates
Sometimes no matter what I did, I would still experience occasional break out on my cheeks or chin and if the inflammation keeps returning, there could be a possibility that something I used ain't right. One thing for sure is that I can't rule out the possibility of cosmetic products turning bad, be it skincare or makeup. Everyday I pile up lots of product on my face and to identify which ones are turning bad or have turned bad, is difficult. I would usually try to look at individual product manufacturing date, expiry date and recall the time I opened them. When products sat on my vanity for longer than a period of time (maximum 3-12 months depending on type of cosmetics), I would throw them away. The longer they are stored, the more bacteria would grow within the products, hence manufacturing dates are also as important as expiry dates. Just like buying groceries, getting the freshest one is always the best. I bet no one would want to pile a layer of bacteria over their face yah?

5. Change Your Pillow Case Frequently Or...
Everyday we spend at least 6-8 hours a day with our face on our pillow or perhaps, rolling around the pillow, like me. Hehe~ Imagine your face on a dirty pillow for that many hours, what happens? Again, bacteria would be all over your hair and face. Instead of changing my pillow case every other day, I actually have a hack for it. I use folded bath towel or a couple of face towels to lay over my pillow so every night I'll have a fresh new "pillow"! At least with this method, I know that the pillow isn't the reason that I experience breakouts.

And..... that's all folks!

My post is up at SampleStore, do visit them for other interesting skincare makeup tips~

Let me know what you think about these secrets of mine! ^_^ Share with me your secrets to a achieving a clear, acne free skin too!


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