Review + Swatch: Lazada X Etude House Surprise Box Reveal (Unboxing) + Video

As some of you might have already know, Lazada is celebrating their 6th birthday this year. As such, they have released some of their surprise boxes early for us to review and put up some teaser pics & vids for all of you guys! *tease tease!* eh~? eh????? ;D ok not funny. ^.^"

As you can see, I received the Lazada X Etude House surprise box. When I opened it, I saw more than 2 products (can't tell you how many exactly in total cos we wan you to see it for yourself! ^▽^).

Hereby showing 2 of the ?? products given. They are:
- Etude House Play 101 Stick (#21 Oil Balm)
- Etude House Personal Color Palette (Cool Tone Lips)

The Oil Balm can be used before or after makeup, thus I decide to do a test using one of my foundation that I deem quite drying when applied on my skin.
As shown below, I swatched the foundation (left) and then the oil balm on top of foundation (middle). Most right side is the oil balm swatch which appears to be colourlesss on my skin.
I was amazed that the oil balm somehow changes the shade of my foundation by a few shades fairer, while my original foundation swatch appears slightly darker as time goes by due to of oxidation.
I was curious as to why the shade change and I applied the oil balm again on top of the first foundation swatch and it also turned lighter in shade.
It was so cool that I begun thinking of ways to use this oil balm. This maybe solution to my darker  foundations.. and I was thinking of using it to highlight T & U zones so they look lighter than the other areas of the face. By doing that, it would look like as if I contoured my face? lolx.. Will be playing with this Play 101 Stick Oil Balm as soon as I have some free time! ^_^

Next is the Personal Color Lips Palette in Cool Tone.
Frankly speaking, I'm not a lip palette person because one, I'm lazy to use a lip brush, two, it doesn't seem as convenient to bring it out with me because I would need to bring along a lipbrush too, three, I usually don't fancy the lighter shades in a palette as they are usually can't cover my pigmented greyish lips. However........ I gota take back the 3rd point. You'll understand why later!

C1 to C9 shade names in the Cool Tone Lips palette
By looking at the palette without touching the product, it is hard to see which is pigmented which is not, which is matte and which is sheer/gloss. Thus....

..... I've swatched them all for you guys! ^_^
Note that I'm just stating the finish as Gloss/ Matte. I'm not saying that the lip product is actually a gloss yah? ^,~
In this palette, the matte lip products are actually not as matte as the liquid lipsticks which I often use. They are more like velvety-matte-satin?.. Alrite well, we'll just refer them as matte from hereon. ^_^"

Close-up of the products on my lips. After I put on a clear lipblam, I applied the lip products directly on my lips.
It is obvious that C4 Baby Girl is a very pastel light shade yet it is more pigmented than I expected. It also look a wee bit dry because it's matte.
C6 Deep Berry is matte yet kinda sheer thus the shade isn't as deep as I thought it would be.
C 9 Dark Burgundy is matte, pigmented and has high viscosity thus it's very easy to pick up a lot of product at one go but may have uneven spread of the product on lips. 
C7 Dull Pink is sheer. Too sheer to cover my grey pigmented lips thus I picked another shade C3 Deco Rose to mix with it. Deco Rose is much more pigmented, somewhat semi-sheer, has gloss finish.

After swatching some of them on my lips, I blended the darker shades together and then the lighter shades together to make a gradient lips look here! Total of 5 shades on my lips!~ Not bad yah? ^3^/~

There's all for my review and swatches for the two products!
If you are interested to get some goodies from Lazada's Surprise Boxes, then standby to snatch them starting from Tuesday, 24th April! They sold out super fast, like ALWAYS!

Surprise Boxes will be available for sale from 24 ~ 26 Apr 2018. Each box priced @ SGD$29 (worth $100 of products).
Also, there'll  be 4 exclusive premium beauty boxes going at SGD$50 too!
Aside from surprise boxes, there'll also be:
- items up to 90% off
- more than 600 Flash Deals
- up to $120 vouchers for grabs

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Lastly, here's a video of the Surprise Box Reveal with additional video of myself wearing the lip product. ^3^

Thanks all for reading! Remember to drop a like here and on Youtube!~~


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