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Well I think some of you kinda know, after I did peekaboo streaks on my hair, I went back to Kenjo Salon again for a hair treatment to make my hair less frizzy and smoothen the dry hair ends. The treatment system is the best and most popular haircare treatment in Japan, named the Tokio Inkarami Treatment.
After which, I was given a series of home-care hair care products to maintain my hair looking lustrous and feeling silky smooth.

Following video shows the relatively new Tokio Inkarami Salon System Hair Treatment done on my hair. It looks simple but it was a rather long process of infusing my hair with lots of treatments.
Tokio Inkarami treatment has 40% recovery in hair strength, gives most wanted shine, weightless & soft and most importantly, it can give you a desired hairstyle.

After my hair's done with the treatment (and enduring hours of sitting and waiting ^▽^")....

Before and After!
As my hair is already quite flat and straight (frizzy only at dry damaged areas), I was actually quite unwillingly to do any form of hair treatment because my idea of hair treatment is having my hair look even flatter and appear like I have just rebonded it which is, not exactly what I want.
I was amazed though that this treatment however could still give some fluff to my hair especially the crown and top to middle part of my hair where they were usually quite flat and lifeless. At the same time making the ends look lustrous, shiny, super silky smooth to touch when there were originally dry and damaged.
Read more of my thoughts right after the treatment if you are curious!

After I returned home, I started to use the Tokio IE Inkarami Shampoo, Treatment and Tokio IE Outkarami Oil Treatment.

Tokio IE Inkarami Shampoo reacts with the treatment that I did in Salon, hence it helps to preserve the Inkarami effect. The Treatment (kinda like treatment-conditioner-in-1) reacts with the Shampoo to also preserve the Inkarami effect as well as repair damaged hair with 3 types of Keratin.
Lastly, the Tokio IE Outkarami Oil Treatment interlocks with the Treatment for Outkarami effect, giving outstanding luster of lightness and moisture.
By using all of these three products, I could feel and also visibly see the results. They all have amazing repair power, able to help me achieve weightless feel and dynamic hair.

When I use these 3 products everyday, my hair remained very smooth and quite shiny yet feeling weightless. (As you can see from my photoshoot and many many days after the treatment with no hair curling or straightening done to it)
I intended to stop using the Oil Treatment for a couple of days to see the differences and I noticed that my hair ends only felt a little dry after about 3 days of not using the oil treatment. Therefore I concluded that I only need to use the Oil Treatment (1 full pump) every other day (alternate days).
Sometime later, I then stopped using both the Shampoo and Treatment but I continued using the Oil Treatment. I felt that my hair felt more coarse, dry and tangled more frequently, except for my hair ends because I'm still using the oil treatment on them. The ends felt silky but looks a tad frizzy.
The moment I went back using all 3 products again, my hair felt soooo very smooth and the ends felt like it's been quenched with lots of moisture. I can easily comb through my hair with my fingers without having much tangling issues.
One thing though for using hair care products like Tokio Inkarami on oily scalp users like me is that they don't really have oil control ability, nor do they have anti-hair loss properties. My hair still fall as per normal (not intensively though) however breakage was reduced by at least half of what I experienced before.

Overall, I'm liking how my hair even as it grows longer, still feels really smooth, soft to touch and most importantly, tangled and frizz free!

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