Review: Simple x Lazada Online Revolution 2017 - 12.12 Surprise Box

Another 1 week plus to 12.12! I bet many of you had seen the advertisements that Lazada had put up everywhere... like the MRT stations. ^,^ Most people remember 11.11 sale and kinda forgot there's also 12.12 sale!

Anyhoo, for the upcoming 12 December, there'll be 60+ brands of surprise boxes, each retailing at SGD$29 where they'll put in products worth SGD$100!
There's also up to 90% off many items and more than 120 Flash Deals available!
The mega sale will only be on 12 Dec ~ 14 Dec 2017.

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In this post, I'll show more about the products given by Lazada x Simple Surprise Box~
First up, the box! ^_^

The box is quite huge~ It was also pretty heavy. I had to lug this box home without a bag and it was tiring. Getting everything online sure has its benefit yah? Everything's mailed to your doorstep! So buy from Lazada and you won't become like me.. hahhax~ ^_^") *sweat*

Simple products in the Lazada surprise box reveal!!.... but not all! Hahhax~ There are MORE to this actually! I bet you can't believe it because the items shown in following photo is already quite alot!

Hereby revealing that the box actually contains some repeat products such as the Facial Toner. There's also cleansing water and eye makeup remover along with the 2 toners, which provides me a full face cleansing regimen for both day and night. The cleansing products are differentiated from the skincare products by colour, one being in white packaging, the other in green.

The back view of the 3 products shows one how to use the product and the ingredients.

The products has really plain, basic packaging with a flip on/off cap, just like it's brand name, simple. ^_^
I have been using the makeup remover and the cleansing water for sometime. I feel that it's a basic and pretty nice cleansing water, able to remove dirt, grease and even light base makeup. The makeup remover is capable of removing most of my makeup but has weaker removing power against very water resistant makeup like certain matte liquid lipsticks and waterproof mascaras. Simple cleansing range would be best recommended for users who put on light or not too heavy makeup.

So that's all for the products that I gonna reveal. You will only know the other half unrevealed products after buying this surprise box on 12.12! Hehex~ ^▽^/~

After emptying the Surprise Box, I gave the box to my cat Mimi and him being a rather large size cat (due to his breed), usually would not sit inside a box smaller than his size. BUT THIS. This box size suits him so well that until today.... he's still sitting and sleeping inside the box! Hahhax~ (>▽<)/~
I think I myself would try buying other Surprise Boxes from Lazada to gift myself and friends... and gift the boxes to Mimi. Lolllx~ If you do own a cat, remember to give the box to her! I bet most cats would love this huge box!

During the briefing event (which happened before 11.11 sale), I saw there were many more brands of surprise boxes... So yap, do stand by your fingers and mouse on 12.12 midnight for these!

Where to buy?
Lazada SG Online Revolution 12.12 2017


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