Launch & Review: Experiencing ASTALIFT @ NEX & In-Focus Cellactive Serum

Sometime late last month, I visited ASTALIFT @ NEX with an invitation to also visit their Roadshow. It was my first time visiting ASTALIFT despite that I have been looking at their products from online and thought of trying out their products. Thus I find that it was a good chance for me to jump in and get to know more of their products. ^_^

ASTALIFT’s third and largest boutique recently opened in NEX, the largest mall in the Northeast region of Singapore. Spanning 688 square feet, this shop features the brand's signature red hue to signify the vibrancy and richness of ASTALIFT. At the store front, a poster of their newly launched product which is their In-Focus Cellactive Serum was put up. Some might know, since way back I'm a Japanese skincare & make up lover.. not forgetting to mention Japan anime and technology stuffs too! Lolx~ Hence with that, I was intrigued to find out more about ASTALIFT and trying out the new skincare product.

I learnt that ASTALIFT has over 80yrs of R&D and it started in Singapore since 2011. As most of you already knew, Fujifilm is a photography company. Today, it is so much more. It is now best known for their Fujifilm products such as photo imaging & digital products, data storage media, graphic arts, and also medical and life science products. Applying its propriety knowledge of nanotechnology for exposing and colour developing in film, Fujifilm created ASTALIFT, an award-winning brand that offers carefully research skincare and supplement products with proven efficacy.
Upon understand the brand ASTALIFT and how Fujifilm created the brand, I was even more excited to know more about their skincare products!
ASTALIFT In-focus Cellactive Serum
Fujifilm launches ASTALIFT's topline age-defying serum – the In-Focus Cellactive Serum that revitalises skin's stem cells by awakening skin’s innate healing power. Feel the texture of this unique gel melt into your skin, as it transform from a gel texture to a lightweight oil when dried to act as a barrier and lock in moisture. Relieve stress with each application as its therapeutic scent of bergamot, jasmine and sandalwood.
In-Focus Cellactive Serum contains Nano-Astaxanthin CP+ which consists of nano-dosages of Astaxanthin that provides stem cell anti-oxidation protection and Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Nicotinate) that protects stem cells from internal stress. It also contains nanosized Boswellia Serrata that activates the epidermal stem cell rejuvenation signal in skin. With the nano technology, these ingredients are absorbed into skin 1.3 times better.

At the store, I swatched In-Focus Cellactive Serum on back of my hand. it is a light orange gel which at one look, I thought it was like any other ordinary gel skincare. However after I spread it out, it immediately turned into liquid and almost water-like consistency. It has a floral-woody fragrance which I quite like. Since my hands are usually quite dry, the gel got absorbed into my skin almost immediately while I continue to spread out the rest of the product on my hand. It left no residues or any kind of greasiness feel on my skin. As the skin on my hand differs from my face, I'll be talking more of its texture on my oily-combi skin later in this post. (continue to scroll down for lot more pics and review! ^,^)

It is not the first time I've seen such pump, I've also seen the ball valve type pump in other Japanese skincare makeup products. Seems like Japan are using such air tight pump outlet which is so much better than the ordinary ones we used to have. With this, it could keep the product fresher and prevents degradation.

After In-Focus, I was introduced to ASTALIFT Jelly AquarySta which also look like a gel.
This is a very unique product whereby looking at the product, I wouldn't have guessed that it's actually used as a skin conditioner (after cleanser, before lotion) rather than a moisturiser (last skincare step).
The jelly orange gel feels slightly heavier than the In-Focus serum gel, and it spreads out just like a gel should without feeling that liquidy. It also absorbs pretty fast into my skin. It has a nice faint woody scent. This product is an essential skincare base, to be used before any other skincare be it anti-aging or whitening range.

Next up, introducing one of their popular product, also the most interesting one I've seen (you'll understand why in a min) - the ASTALIFT WHITE Perfect UV Clear Solution SPF50+ PA++++.

The sunblock belonging to the whitening range, when dispensed is white with a faint pink hue. It is lotion type with a slightly thicker consistency and spreads out to transparent with no white cast, even taken under flash (bottom right pic).

So, what's interesting about ASTALIFT sunblock, you say?
It's actually something to do with the product packaging. Notice that the cap is transparent with a white cone inside it? Believe me or not, the cap is designed to absorb UV rays and it will turn violet to show how much UV you are experiencing right now. The brighter the colour of the cap, the stronger the UV rays your skin are taking in.
Now, watch this video of Perfect UV Clear Solution which I posted in both Instagram and Facebook Page and learn how powerful sunblock is as well as how great they are to our skin. Like I've always said (to all my friends and fellow readers), do WEAR SUNBLOCK everyday!

So overall, here's the 3 products swatched together.


After understand about ASTALIFT and experiencing their new and also best-selling products, I got to hang out at their Roadshow. While I was there, there were some game activities going on at the dart station. It looked fun but I was kinda busy swatching products and taking photos so I didn't take part. Lolx~

At the roadshow, I also saw a promotional board. The sets are pretty worth getting! ^_^

ASTALIFT NEX outlet actually carries a skin analyser machine,where customers' skin condition is analysed, so that relevant products can be recommended accordingly. On that event day, the machine was brought to the roadshow where the ASTALIFT trainer did a demonstration on models' face by applying the Perfect UV Clear onto half of her face.
Later, she was brought to the skin analyser machine where her skin was analysed and shown on the big screen for everyone to see. I was really awed by the half white face which was actually the area the sunblock was applied on. By using only about a pea size product, it could provide such high UV protection. I'm really amazed! It's no wonder their sunblock is one of their popular items!

At the roadshow, I queued up to get my skin analysed too. Before scanning my face, I actually took half of my face base makeup off (only the point makeup still intact) using one of ASTALIFT's cleansing product. The side I removed is my right half (your left) and weirdly enough, the machine could still detect that I've had my sunblock on my whole face. I was told that the sunblock I put on was evenly spread out as seen in the blue screen where the areas outside my eyes appeared whitish but less intense than the model's.
Other than little wrinkles and fine lines under my eyes and visible pores as well as oily T-zone, there wasn't much additional issue that I do not know of. This analyser machine could scan faces with or without makeup, it's really awesome! ^_^ But of course, without makeup would still be best.
I would recommend all to try this out at ASTALIFT outlets (Only at NEX & JEM)!
(click to enlarge pic)

At the end of the session, I received complimentary sample size of the new ASTALIFT In-Focus Cellactive Serum x 2 & a jar of Jelly Aquarysta for me to experience their skincare at home.

Even though these samples are small, they are enough for me to use for a week as I usually use the recommended amount or slightly lesser if required, due to my oily-combi skin. It would be too heavy for my skin if I apply more or layer too much skincare products on my face.

Product on Face Swatch
As I've mentioned earlier, products swatched on my hand vs on my face could differ quite alot due to my face is so much more oilier than the skin on my hand is.
In-Focus Cellactive Serum on my face feels:
- very lightweight
- absorbs very quickly
- non-greasy, not-sticky
- after full absorption, my skin feels a little tacky (has tiny bit of friction when I run my fingers over the skin) yet feeling somewhat velvety at the same time
- leaves a very light protective veil on face
- appear glowy and a little bit reflective
Jelly Aquarysta on my face feels:
- lightweight
- absorbs a little slower than the serum
- leaves my skin looking a little glossy
- a tad greasy
- feels a little sticky but still smooth to touch
- gives my skin a light orange hue

I must say, this jelly is quite amazing. Today I dig up some amount of the product and it looks like this, the next day I open the jar, I would see the jelly bounce back to an even surface, as shown in the earlier pic. Lolx~

Before, After & Review
After using ASTALIFT In-Focus Cellactive Serum, I feel that my skin:
- appears alot more glowy and brighter, most of the times seen right after I cleansed away the overnight skincare products from my face in the morning
- heals pretty quickly from new inflammations, old scars and spots
- lightens some of the smaller pigmentation
- pore size reduced
- fine lines and wrinkles appear less deeper
- feels a little firmer than before
- nasolabial folds looks a tad plumped up, not that sagging and the redness on those folds are reduced
- feels very smooth and soft to touch despite that I still have some inflammations & closed comedones underneath it
I feel that the Ion Sensing Technology which allows immediate penetration of serum as it glides on the skin, makes this additional skincare step short and sweet. I already have many skincare products to put on everyday and night and by introducing this serum into my daily skincare regimen, it didn't really make much difference. Reason is because I really love the water like texture and my skin even though oily, absorbs it real fast.
As I was using other skincare products that could cause some purging on my skin prior to using In-Focus serum, hence there were visible small inflammations here and there but every 3 days or so, they subsided and healed really quickly.
In-Focus Serum has the ability to delay ageing and restore skin youth most effectively through stem cell and is able to re-energise them to combat skin ageing like wrinkles and loss of elasticity while improving skin tone, radiance and softness. Thus I could both see (from mirror and photos I took) and feel that my skin look slightly better than before in terms of skin texture and radiance.
The serum also protects stem cells from stresses that cause skin damage and ageing and activates them to repair and regenerate. Therefore, my skin appear a little less aged, less tired and look slightly more youthful (probably 1 yr younger? lolx~). When I'm using In-Focus Cellactive Serum, I actually feel happy to apply it on and waiting for my skin to absorb because I understand that my skin would greatly benefit from the product. The more I use, the more product I wanted to squeeze it out from the tube! hahax~
And of course needless to say, to see better results than mine, one should use the serum for at least 3-4 weeks.

Receive Free Sample
Quote "miwitch" to receive a 3-day sample at any of the 3 outlets mentioned below

ASTALIFT In-Focus Cellactive Serum (30ml) SGD$222

Where to buy?
ASTALIFT @ Wisma Atria #03-30
Contact: (+65) 6238-6386

Contact: (+65) 6734-8860

Contact: (+65) 6481-3937


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