Review: Pastel Hologram Peekaboo Highlights on Dark Hair @ Kenjo Salon 살롱 (& Olaplex Hair Perfector)

I bet you've seen my instagram posts about my new hair makeover. Yes, they are the currently trending PRAVANA hair dye, as used by the famous hair artist, Guy Tang.
Kenjo Salon just recently brought in the brand this month and so I was called to have my hair done with Pravana. ^_^

Below shows the various categories of Pravana Chroma Silk.
Click pic to enlarge

The range of colours that Kenjo Salon could do are all shown here! Wooo~~ On the right shows the pastels category.

There are unlimited possibilities for our hair now as colours from different categories can be mixed. I really love the Spring Green and Turqoise as well as the Amethyst. ♥▽♥)

Back to me, the girl with a head of dry grass.... I mean, bleached dry hair.. ^▽^" I've kept my hair including my fringe growing from last Dec til Aug this year which means I've grown 8 months of virgin hair. Hair on the crown area is pretty flat while the hair ends are poofy because of the dryness. I'm so glad I could get them cut off and re-dyed again!

Upon arriving Kenjo Salon, I was served with hot Nespresso coffee (I'm addicted to coffee~) and a nice yummy biscuit. It's always so nice to go to a salon with such nice treatment!

I was also given a big bag to hold my sling bag. Kenjo Salon always provide really good and considerate service. Aside from these, they also have free Wifi! Free wifi FTW~

Play the following video to watch how my hair turns into a nice dark ash brown with beautiful pastel hologram highlights underneath.

Adding more photos of the hair dye process here~
Click pic to enlarge

How beautiful are the colours and the curls?~
Click pic to enlarge

I love this part of my hair where I could see a beautiful gradient from violet to turquoise.
 Click pic to enlarge

At the end of the session, I received a bottle of Olaplex Hair Perfector N°.3 (For home use). I used once last week and immediately my hair feels so soft, smooth and it kinda feels a little lightweight and bouncy too. I had lesser fuss over blowdrying the hair ends because they no longer tangled up. Combing my hair becomes so easy.
I must say that Olaplex Hair Perfector is by far the best at-home hair treatment I've ever used. Take a look at my before hair pic (shown at top of post) which I'd already used tons of other brands' hair mask for months, and the hair still looked dry and frizzy. They really couldn't save my hair from falling and breaking unlike Olaplex.
I strongly recommend anyone who had done chemical treatments on their hair to try Olaplex, be it at the salon or at home (best to do both for maximum result). You would definitely feel the big difference after first try because for me, I did see the big difference! There were so much lesser hair fall caused by breakage. Lesser hair was seen at my bathroom drainage area ever since I tried Olaplex. The last time Olaplex was used on my hair at the salon (without at-home treatment), it lasted about 2 months before it loses its effectiveness. Now with this Take Home Olaplex, I guess I can prolong its efficacy for probably more than 2 months? ^,^v~

Next, presenting you a more detailed and close-up version of my hair. Click to play!

Last but not least, more still images of me with my new hair.... and trying to pin up the hair on my crown like my hair stylist did but kinda failed... lolx~
Click pic to enlarge

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Kenjo Salon
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