Review: Mamonde Firming Mask & Lipsticks + Short Video Clip

Sometime ago, I received a few items from the newly launched Korean cosmetics brand in Singapore, Mamonde. They have their first counter up at Tangs VivoCity. To celebrate their launch, Mamonde sent me some nice beauty products for me to try.
I have already started using them about a month back so I'll do a review for all them in this post. Also, I've included an item from another cosmetic brand in this post. Scroll further to view it~ ^,~

Along with the beautiful Mamonde shopping bag, was a lovely note from them. The handwriting is beauutiful~ (♥▽♥)~ Inside the bag is one pack of Mamonde First Energy Firming Mask Set.

The other 2 products are makeup items:
Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense
Mamonde True Color Lip Stick

First Energy Firming Mask Set (Honeysuckle) contains total of 4 sheet masks in a box. Each mask is embossed with expiry date at the bottom of the packaging.

The first Mamonde mask I opened surprised me a little as their sheet mask felt quite different from the other Korean masks I've used. Instead of the usual ultra stretchy & thin or slightly stiff paper-like material, this one comes in a rather thick yet silky smooth fabric-like mask. Why do I find it look funny on I'm some weird super heroine with a funny mask.. lolx~ I have a rather flat nose bridge thus masks often don't adhere to that area properly.

The instructions from the sheet mask packaging suggests user to pull the mask up and outwards for more firming effect. The mask is quite long even for my big long face so small faces should find the mask be able to adhere down to around mid neck area I guess.

It's only the first mask-ing and I already felt it's a REALLY good mask. I'll tell you why in a moment, while you look at my dewy damp face, taken right after removing off the mask! ^,^
I like how my skin look hydrated, soft, and rejuvenated.

Shiny, not glossy or greasy. Really loving the after effects of using the mask!
My thoughts about Mamonde First Energy Firming Mask:
- mask has a really nice sweet honeysuckle scent but not overwhelming
- the mask when taken out of the packaging feels rather heavy (mask is really wet with the lotion and much excess in the package)
- content on the mask is milky-lotion with rather thick consistency
- lotion texture feels really smooth and slimy
- feels cooling and calming on my face
- the mask did not dry out, still felt pretty damp after 20 mins
After 20 mins of leaving the mask on, my skin felt:
- very hydrated and soft
- brightened up slightly
- a little firming effect on lower part of my cheeks (which reduced a little redness on my nasolabial folds)
- forehead lines and wrinkles below my eyes appear less visible
- skin appeared ultra dewy and nice to look at
- after lightly patting the lotion into my skin for it to absorb, skin felt rejuvenated
- totally did not cause any sensitivity issues on my skin
- no greasiness or heavy feel on my skin
It was really great that Mamonde allowed me to try their masks. I now rate it better than many of my other used-to-love Korean masks. There are certain Korean brands' mask that I would buy when I visit Korea but now.... I love Mamonde's mask more. Sometimes it's really a good thing to be able to try new brands so that I can compare them against my other favourite products.
Overall, I would say that Mamonde First Energy Mask worked well on my combination skin by not introducing more oil to my already oily T-zone but instead provided a lot of hydration to both my dehydrated areas and the oily T-zone. Basically my skin loves the product a lot, it remained looking dewy til the next day. The skin was prepped so well that the fine lines and wrinkles on my face didn't get enhanced by my foundation when I wore my makeup. New love for face mask! (♥▽♥)/~

Next review is makeup!~
True Color Lip Stick in shade 11 Happiness & Creamy Tine Color Balm Intense in shade 05 Blooming Rose.
I truely like Mamonde's makeup packaging as it's actually made with hologram paper material. Sad that it did not show up in the photos.. ^_^"
The back of each packaging shows the details of the companies in Asia and when top layer is peeled off, it shows the product ingredient.

Each product's expiry date is printed onto the product itself.

Liking the colours so far? ^_^ Both lippies look so cute~

Introducing a new guest... the Son & Park Two Way Lip Chalk in shade 03 Woony. I happened to open this lippie too at the same time so I thought I'd do a swatch together with Mamonde's lipsticks since all of them are from Korea!~ By the way I got Son & Park cosmetics from our neighbouring country - Malaysia. I bought most of that brand's makeup from the Sasa outlet at Resorts World Genting Highland.

Sorry for my lousy drawing of lips.. ^▽^;)
Let me review Mamonde lipsticks first. I'll do a comparison between the 2 lipsticks as well.
True Color Lip Stick in 11 Happiness:
- bright red with a tiny bit of orange in it
- a little creamy yet gives a pretty matte finish
- pretty pigmented, able to cover my pigmented lips in a single application
- more layers applied shows better coverage
- glides on smooth on my slightly dry lips and doesn't accentuate the dryness
- doesn't bleed
- sometimes stain onto my front teeth but not so much in compare to my other bold red lipsticks
- last quite long, still good after a few drinks and a meal
- requires a little touch up after a meal to get the red look bright again

Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense in 05 Blooming Rose:
- medium to almost a bold deep fuchsia pink
- just like its name, it has a balm-like texture but gives a slight matte finish
- as it is the intense version thus it is very pigmented for a balm, it also can cover my pigmented lips with 1-2 layers of application
- a wee less pigmented than True Color Lip Stick

- glides on easily on my lips and also on lips that already applied with matte liquid lipstick
- gives good moisture to my dry lips and prevent lips from drying out at the end of the day
- doesn't bleed
- stains only a tiny bit onto my front teeth when I applied it too much on my inner lip
- last quite long, still good after a few drinks
- requires touch up at least once after a few drinks or a meal as it transfers quite easily
I guess lately all the matte finish lip trend have also caught up in Korea thus most of their lipsticks were made with matte finish.

Son & Park Two Way Lip Chalk in shade 03 Woony:
- slightly warm light to almost medium pink
- matte finish for both crayon-pencil end and powered end
- pencil side glides on fine with a little friction against my lips while powder side doesn't apply well on my lips (it applies better on smooth surface like on my arm during swatch)
- pencil gives pretty decent coverage but need time to fill up the lips as it pulls the skin
- powder gives only a little coverage and it appears slightly flaky on my dry lips
- once fully applied on lips, it lasts the whole day but it also makes the lips look drier by end of day
- colour will look a little patchy after drinks or meals so requires touch-up
- feels that it requires clear balm application before and after the lip chalk to make it look nice on my lips
This two way lip chalk makes me think twice sometimes before I decide to use it. Most times I'll just go for the pencil end and forego the powder as it's difficult to apply on lips. However, the other Son & Park makeup I've used are awesome,especially the concealers!

Alrighty, so here I shall end the post with a short clip of me using Mamonde True Color Lip Stick~ hhehex~

How much?
Mamonde First Energy Firming Mask (5 sheets) SGD$20
Mamonde True Color Lip Stick - Enquiry at counter
Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense SGD$16
Son & Park Two Way Lip Chalk RM$79

Where to buy?
Mamonde @ Tangs VivoCity
Mamonde Online @ Lazada

Mamonde Singapore FB Page
Mamonde Singapore Instagram


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