Travel: Weekend Family Trip to Montigo Resorts Nongsa, Batam (2-Bedroom Villa)

H'all you guys! Yes I'm back again to blog about my recent trip once more! ^0^/~
Lately my man has been crazily booking villas so he could play water swim in his own pool... The recent staycation to Sentosa RWS Beach Villas was only 2 weeks before this Batam trip. I guess when you have many leave to clear at the work place, that's the way to do it? Taking offs on Monday so you can continue to slack at home after returning from the trip. hahahax~

Ok so, this isn't my first time visiting Batam. I've went to Turi Beach before (again, not blogged ^.^") with my man for a romantic getaway. It was pretty nice too, although kinda different since they are of a different type of villa (single storey) but I still like it.

Before reaching Montigo Resorts, we took a shuttle bus from the port. Upon our arrival, they sound a gong. After we checked-in, we looked around and saw the layout of Montigo Resorts villas.

Click image to enlarge

While we waited for our villa to be ready, we kept hearing the gong going off which means there were more guests coming in. The reception area was crowded with guests and we decided to have lunch first at the restaurant below it while we wait.
As my parents wanted vegetable meal, I made special requests for individual dish to be changed to all veg and no meat. The crew was really patient and helpful as I slowly explained each dish's request. It's no wonder my man kept saying that Montigo Resorts' service is the best.
And so were the meal too. I absolutely love their very fresh vegetables (my mum loves them too). Also to my surprise, although the fried chicken looked dry. it actually tasted real good! hahahx~ Coconut water was not sweet but the flesh within it was really silky soft and yummy~

After our meal, we waited a little while more (it was almost 3pm Batam time), a service staff from the reception came down to the restaurant to look for us and told us that we could proceed to our villa. He then arranged for someone to drive us there on a buggy. Yeah~ I love buggys! lolx~

So here goes my buggy ride to the villa. The video also include walkthrough of the villa (all 3 floors) and the view around the villa and the pool! Enjoy the vid~ ^,~

After unpacking and a quick dip in the pool, we proceeded to explore the surroundings. My parents were kinda bored to be stuck in a villa doing nothing and wanted to get out of the place but my man and I insisted to stay.. hahhax~ parents, parents... they are not like us from this generation where we would love to just rest and relax...kekex~

Here's a view from the jetty extended out from Montigo Resorts main building area.
And following are pics of us walking along the beach. My mum picked up something from the sand and she said 'this can be eaten'. I don't doubt her since she lives on an island when she was young...though I am not too sure what's the name of that 'thing'..  ^_^"

Crab prints... so cute... yet the hole makes my hair stand... ^,^"

As always, I had to take a nice selfie at the jetty... I think Turi Beach have nicer jetty as theirs seem to stretch further into the sea hence created a more beautiful view taking from the same angle.

As always, my man LOVES to photobomb me with silly stunts whenever I selfie. I can't even tell how many times he did that to me already.. I still keep all of the photobombed pics but I dun post them. hahax~

We returned to our villa before sunset and I decided to go for a quick dip. Here's me in the pool while watching the sun set.
Amazing how the sun sets within seconds! From bright orange to red and then it's gone.

At night, we went for buffet dinner (scroll down for video and more info of the buffet dinner) and then went for a walk.
Back to the jetty, we stood there to look at fishes trapped at the shore as it was low tide at night. Then we raised our heads up and were Wow-ed by so many stars in the sky. We stayed in Singapore for too long sometimes we would forget that there were actually that many stars in the sky...

Near to bedtime, we decided to buy some drinks and a couple of Indo instant noodle to try (but actually we didn't even eat them as we were tired after that. lolx~). FYI, the items sold at this convenience store is rather expensive so I would rather not buy there but to boil water at the villa for my own consumption.

O'righty, here comes a video of both the buffet dinner, and the buffet breakfast we had on the following morning.
Buffet dinner is paid at the end of the meal and buffet breakfast is complimentary. For dinner, there is a 10% service charge and another 10% tax on top of it. Other details of the buffet are included in the video.
My verdict for both the dinner and breakfast is, I can't wait to go back to try them again! I am actually going there again later TODAY (19 Aug 2017) and I'm so looking forward to try different food from the buffet spread this time!
From the buffet, what I can recommend are:
Zhi char (dinner, pick your own ingredients and get them cook for you on the spot) - both my dad and me love it very much because there's a wok smell and taste to it. The chilli added in makes the taste even better! It's so good that my dad insisted us to tip the cook when we finished our dinner.. lolx~
Layered dark chocolate mousse cake in a cup (dinner) - I personally love dark chocolate and that cake made me wow-ed. Because it wasn't too sweet, there's a true dark chocolate taste to it and I kept on wanting to eat it even though I was already super full.
BBQ prawns (dinner) - I LOVE prawns. To be fair, I must say that they do not have all prawns bbq perfectly. Some were charred with insides overly cooked, but some were slightly charred with insides cooked fine. Their prawns are not tiny, not huge, kinda medium in size but I still like them. It's the only seafood that I would eat alot.
Orange juice, Nasi Lemak, Porridge, Eggs/ Omelette (breakfast) - I likey their orange juice as it tasted fresh. It freshened me up after all the rather greasy food I had. And the rest of the food I mentioned, you JUST HADDA try them. With chilli always, if they have. ^_^

After breakfast, we rested awhile and checked out, returning back to the port where we had our lunch there. The small 'coffee shop' at the port is really cheap and has quite nice food too so you guys could try that as well.
Alrite guys, there's the end of my Batam trip post and I hope you guys enjoyed watching and reading it!
Last but not least, an instagram video of me acting cute in the pool HERE.

If you have any questions, comment and I'll reply you~ ^_~


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