Travel: Lunch at Bornga & Staycation at Resorts World Sentosa Beach Villas

H'yall!~~~ Finally, I've got a decent holiday photo taken by none other than my man! Well, I'm happy, because he usually sux in photography. He do not know how to take good angles and understand the meaning of exposure and what not so.....He'd just leveled up! Hehehheex~  Yah, for this staycation I was quite happy he took at least like TWO good pics of me in our villa that I could use here~
Anyhoo 'nuf of me, let's dive deep into my staycation pics & vids now!

So apparently, my man wanted to give me a "surprise' but it later became not a surprise anymore because I asked him what we be doing over the weekend in Sentosa and what would I be able to see or do.. He accidentally said 'pool' so I brought along my newly bought "swimwear" which were actually more of a workout wear. ^_^"

Lunch at Bornga Restaurant @ Vivo City
Before we head to Sentosa, we had our lunch at Vivo City and my man wanted something cheap and good. I thought, food court maybe? And he said no. He pointed at Bornga when we walked near the restaurant and I said 'CHEAP?'.... hmmm.. Sometimes I really duno wat he's thinking about. Lolx~

It's both our first time entering Bornga and did not know what to expect from their menu since my man just stepped in without even finding out what's on their menu. The staff asked us if we wanted to be seated at their normal seats or the BBQ seats and so my man said BBQ.
Here's what was placed on our BBQ table....

I flipped through the menu and ordered 2 ala carte meat dishes, one being pork belly (my fav) and the other is Samgyup. Also accompanied with a seafood pancake too.
Before the main dishes arrived, they served a very looooong plate of veg and multiple sauces! Yum~ I was starting to get excited!

And more side dishes were placed infront of us like so.

Then came the meat which the staff BBQ-ed for us. I felt so pampered and a little shy... (^///^)~

My verdict for the lunch at Bornga is that the side dishes were really REALLY good. Both me and my man love them! There were so much to eat that we kind of regretted ordering the seafood pancake (which was kinda so-so but i love the sauce that came with it. Spicy!) The only thing I won't order again however is the pork belly. It was quite a disappointment when my favourite pork belly turned out to be very stiff. Again, both my man and I did not like the pork belly one bit but we really think their Samgyup was indeed yummy as advertised. Luckily I ordered that. hahax~
I remembered we paid quite a hefty price for this meal. But oh well, we were in a very good mood so we kinda close one eye for that "cannot-be-chewed" pork belly. ^_^" Also, they allowed us to Da-Bao (takeaway) the remaining seafood pancake we couldn't finish and gave us a fresh new sauce for it.

1-bedroom Beach Villa
Hoookay so there I was in our 1-bedroom beach villa for a good shot, facing the bridge my man stood on .
Before I continue, I wanna say that it's not my first time spending a night at RWS. I had stayed at Equarius Hotel before (not blogged) during the Universal Studios Halloween event kinda couple years back. It was a really awesome stay as it was really big, spacious and everything looked so clean and new.
Thus when I was brought to Equarius Hotel again this time round, I have no doubt that I'll be happy spending the night here. What I didn't know was that my man didn't actually book the room inside Equarius Hotel but was a room at the Beach Villas (just beside Equarius). The butler from Equarius took us on a buggy ride from the hotel entrance to our villa entrance. Thus, I had a confusion as to whether I'm still staying in Equarius or not. That's why the title in my first video 'Villa @ Equarius Hotel' and I changed the subsequent videos, posts and thumbnails to the correct name 'Beach Villas'.
Also, one funny incident happened before we checked in to our room. The staff asked my man if he wanted to be moved to the 2nd level beach villa (assume that they have alot of empty rooms). To that, he said no.
HE REGRETTED afterwards. HHAhahhahahx!~ (>∇<)
All the time he was ranting away about why he said no and looked up from our pool to the neighbouring 2-storey high villa. I LOLed at him so much. XD~ I wouldn't mind a 2-storey beach villa but I'm already pretty satisfied with the direct pool assess from our room and all the available necessities that I needed for the stay.

O'righty, here comes the full video of me entering the 1-bedroom villa and walking through it to reach the pool area. Also included a couple other video of us relaxing at the pool (some taken from IG insta story).

After exploring the room, we both made us a nespresso coffee and sat down infront of the pool to eat pancake and relax. kkekex~ If I remember correctly, there were about 6 nespresso capsules totally complimentary for the guests. Woots! I'm starting to love this villa!

The next thing that I love is their almost ceiling height mirrors. Mirrors after mirrors after mirrors. These I took was located near the doorway. There were more facing the basin area. These mirrors are actually also cabinets for clothes hanging.

Next awesome thing is that there's 1 jacuzzi to 1 villa. The button to activate it is located at side of the stone tile ledge at the left hand side of my man. The pumps were quite strong so we need to be carefully where we sit before we push the button. Sho shiok~ But what's even more shiok were those beach benches that I really love slacking on. We both laid there for a good 20 minutes doing nothing, just watching the surrounding and me taking alot of selfies and wefies... Hhehehex~ (>∇<)

In the evening, we went out of our villa to walk around and I spotted the minions theme Universal Studios.

After our dinner, we waited for the Crane Dance to start. At 7.30pm, we sat on the still scorching hot stone tile seats (they absorbed the heat from the sun for the whole morning to late noon..sigh~) to wait for the show to start. I thought there wouldn't be much people wanting to watch this free show but I was wrong. ^,^" It was packed with some standing at the back. Lucky thing we sat down early (and made hot cross bums).

I took a video of the Crane Dance from the start and stopped taking about 3mins later. All I could say is that the ending was pretty nice, indeed quite worth a watch. But the nice experience was somehow spoiled by my ouchy hot bums. lolx~

Upon our return at our villa, we noticed a complimentary brownie cake sitting on the side table! It was where the 2 huge sweet delicious Chinese pears were when we checked in during the noon.
Danggg their service's so awesome. And guess what? We finished the 2 big pears and I alone almost finished this rather big jar of brownie. For 2 persons who always avoid sweetened, carbo loaded food, we still couldn't resist the temptation of awesome dessert. It was sweet, yes but it was made with dark chocolate which is my favourite! My man had to scold me to get me stop digging into this brownie while watching Resident Evil on the TV, screened direct from his laptop. Hahhahax~ Opps. Xp~

Here comes the night view of the pool~ Sho beautiful! We decided to go for a dip at night to enjoy a different atmosphere. It was really cool... and very romantic too for couples to be staying at such villas. I was also cautious of insects and mosquitoes at night thus we either go into the pool with only shoulders exposed or we stay in the room with doors closed tight. Talking about insect, the only bug I saw was a millipede in the shower room. Luckily it wasn't a flying insect. heh heh. /(^∀^")\
Click pic to enlarge
After dipping in the pool, we utilised the big bathtub (was shown in the video). They included their own spa brand bath products and a few very decent body bath accessories. There were so much stuffs given that I don't even need to bring anything there.. except underwear skincare . hahax~ ^∂^

The next day before prepping to go off, I took a pic of the 2 LipHop sunblocks I was using (as posted here).
Can't miss the chance of taking nice product pics with such nice background & lighting can I? ^,~*

If you have any questions about my staycation at RWS Beach Villas, drop me a comment and I'll reply! ^_~

RWS Beach Villas


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