How To: Clean Makeup Brushes, Spoolies & Puffs With Rice Spatula

Not long ago, I bought the rice spatulas at Daiso for only SGD$2 a pair. Then I cleaned many brushes and puffs with the spatula with much less effort than cleaning them on my palm. I was kinda too lazy to make a cleaning board because I'm lazy to buy a board and a glue gun. Lolx~

It is easier to just buy rice spatula/ scoops and use it to clean the brushes since both side of the spatula has little bumps already and it's wide enough to cover a bunch of small brushes or a couple of big brushes.
Most importantly, it has a handle easy for holding, better than holding onto a DIY cleaning board.
So try this method out! It only worth $2 + less than $2 soap = $4 easy brush cleaning method! ^,^


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