Review: Get Healthy Looking Skin With Bourjois Healthy Mix!

About 3 weeks ago, I was still suffering from very dehydrated looking skin due to prolong contact with strong air-conditioning in the office. The air there is so dry that even when I use the most hydrating and moisturising skincare (that do not clog my pores or make my skin oily) , I was still having troubles with dry looking makeup. The foundation got trapped along my smile lines (aka nasolabial folds) and within the fines lines under my eyes. I tried various techniques by switching primers, bases as well as combining different foundations, bb, cc creams to make my makeup look less drying but to my disappointment, they all did not work out.

So now, I have found THE ONE who could solve my worries. And THE ONE is Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundaton, along with it is the Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Concealer!

About Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix
The New Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation provides multiple skincare benefits, on top of flawless beauty.
Healthy Mix foundation promises long-lasting medium coverage up to 16 hours of coverage. It is a Semi-Matte Ultra-Lightweight formula. It provides all day 24 hour hydration for maximum comfort throughout the day and it gives 70% more radiance which gives you a natural healthy-looking glow.
Healthy Mix series contains a vitamin-infused complex that erases all signs of fatigue for a fresh and healthy-looking complexion.
The new blend of vitamins includes:
- Vitamin C for Anti-Fatigue Effect
- Vitamin E for Anti-Oxidant Action
- Vitamin B5 for Revitalising Action

The New Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Concealer brightens and energises your eyes in a single step. It contains spherical powders which blur and smooth for a silky finish. It has light-reflecting pigments for immediate radiance and undetectable finish.

The Healthy Mix Foundation comes in a pump and the concealer comes with a brush applicator.
Both are easy to use. Only problem is that sometimes I did not place back the foundation cap properly and when I hold it by the cap, the body will drop off from my hand. I need to make sure that the cap clicks when I push it down so that it's fully secured.

Side and back view of the Healthy Mix foundation and concealer. The shade that I chose from the range is No 52 Vanilla for foundation and 52 Medium for concealer. Easy for me to remember since both are 52! (^,^)v~ Both products are Made in France and they are good to use for 1 year (12 months) upon the time I start using them.

Here's a 1 dip (picked up by the brush applicator) of  concealer vs 1 pump of foundation.The moment I opened both the foundation cap and the concealer, I scent a citrusy sweet fragrance. Very very lovely! ^_^

Concealer in 52 Medium and Foundation in No52 Vanilla swatches.
Pls note that I tried to adjust the photos to match the shade in real life, however every monitor's colour callibration is different thus you might see it differently from what I see.
As you can see, the foundation No52 is in a lighter shade than the 52 Medium concealer. I purposely picked a darker shade concealer because it is meant for the undereyes. For undereye concealer, it is best to pick a darker if not a peacher shade to cover the dark circles before using a shade near to your skintone to layer over it. This works best than using a light concealer directly on the undereyes.

After blending the foundation and the concealer out, the concealer leaves a spread of golden shimmer on my skin! Can you spot those reflection made by the gold pigments? Awesome isn't it? (^_^)
I would totally love to have this kind of concealer on my dark circles! So they won't look so dark anymore, and these would make them look radiant!

Before & After
Alrighty, so here we go! Before and after applying Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation No52 Vanilla!
I guess it's pretty obvious that it isn't really a medium or full coverage foundation since the inflammation and scars I have around side of my face and jaw area are still quite visible. However the discolouration is gone!

Side note, my face originally looks darker than my neck and décolleté because of discolouration plus redness. Therefore, I require a foundation that is tad lighter and more yellowish for me to match it to my neck shade. Otherwise I will have different shade face vs the rest of my body.
Though the discolouration is gone, I feel that the foundation shade is kinda lighter than my neck shade so it appear rather grey/blue-ish on my skin (do you think so too?).

Here's an overview of my half applied face and undereyes with Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation & Concealer. If you compare the right side (with foundation) against my neck, you'll see that they kinda match pretty well, while the undone side of my face looks dull, discoloured and darker.

The Healthy Mix Concealer in 52 Medium doesn't look very peachy under my eyes, in fact it looked like I just applied a light foundation under my eyes. These photos were taken before I powder my face, thus you could see the creases under my eyes. When I'm under a white spot light, the foundation reflects light and made my face looked rather greasy. Once I powder my face, the greasy effect and the creases would be gone.

Below shows my full makeup face without using any spot concealer on my scars or inflammation. I could still spot a couple of scars underneath the foundation. For this day, I wore both Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer for a round of vigorous exercise. I wanted to test how well the makeup could hold with all the sweating and stuffs. Now that I have tested and gotten the results, below are my thoughts about Bourjois Healthy Mix.
I feel that the Healthy Mix Foundation...
- shade No52 Vanilla is in light pink-beige shade and kinda has a grey tone to it
- is not exactly my shade because I would prefer one that is not so light and has a yellow tone (No53 Light Beige is darker beige and also has a grey tone to it which makes it even more dull on my skin, thus I can't pick that)
- shade is not perfect for my skin tone but I could easily correct by using a yellow tone compact/loose powder on top of it
- is pretty liquidy, very lightweight
- has light coverage but buildable to near medium coverage (I uses about 2 full pumps for whole face, using damp latex-free sponge)
- can be mixed with other liquid foundations/bb/cc creams (I did only when I need higher coverage)
- is a little on the greasy side but once powdered, the glossy look is gone
- gives a very natural, a little dewy (not too matte or not too glossy) look
- gives me a fresh and healthy look even without much point makeup (I only did my lips and brows)
- did not shift or transfer much once I powdered it
- gives me almost zero trapped foundation along nasolabial folds (so happy! ^∇^)
- lasts me up to about 10 hours in an air-conditioned room
- around T-zone areas still oils up at about the 5th hour and were slightly melted off at 10th hour
- starts to appear translucent at the 8th hour thus coverage was reduced
- can withstand a good 2-hr heavy sweating, only foundation around T-zone areas are almost gone
- is totally non-cakey, even after my natural sebum has melted off the foundation on some parts of my face
- can be layered over by any kind of compact/ 2-way foundation, after which makeup could last even longer than 10 hours
- provides hydration to my skin after prolonged use

I feel that the Healthy Mix Concealer...
- shade No52 Medium is a tad lighter than what I need for my undereyes (I prefer orangey-peachy shades)
- could still conceal my dark circles and brightens up my eyes without making them look greyish
- is lightweight and liquidy, a good consistency for undereyes
- can be mixed with other concealers (I did only when I need higher coverage)
- is not matte or drying
- doesn't crease much or gets trap within the lines when I make any expression
- lasts as long as the foundation
- is non-cakey

All in all, I am very amazed that the Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer did not cake even ONE bit on my face! They are really very good bases for people who always like to touch up with a compact or 2-way cake foundation. I always experience cakey makeup when I want to touch up my face and it frustrates me so, so much! But with Bourjois Healthy Mix, I could touch up my whole face including undereyes at the 10th hour (where some parts of my face had melted the foundation) and not see any bit of cakiness! For that, I shall bow down to their awesome vitamin infused formula.

All Swatches
Next is the swatches for all the available foundation and concealer shades. Do note that these are taken with my mobile phone thus the colour isn't perfect. I have again, adjusted the colours to try and match them to the shades in real life.
Healthy Mix Foundation is available in 6 shades:
No51 Light Vanilla, No52 Vanilla, No53 Light Beige, No54 Beige, No55 Dark Beige, No56 Light Bronze.

Healthy Mix Concealer is available in 3 shades:
51 Light, 52 Medium, 53 Dark

I am holding shade No52 Vanilla foundation.

Here's the rest of the swatches! Enjoy! ^_^

Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation (30ml) $29.90
Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Anti Fatigue Concealer (7.8ml) $17.50

Where to buy?
Available at Major Watsons & Departmental Stores



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