Pastel Rainbow Peekaboo Hair Dye Experience @ Kenjo Salon 살롱

Hey all~
Today I'm gonna show all of you my first ever REINBOW HEHRRRR!~  ^∇^ Yas, I was really this excited during the hairdye process! I hope you are as excited too~ ^,^

This was how my hair looked like before the session began. It had grown to a slightly longer length after my 2nd session @ Kenjo.

Before I continue, I wanna say that I was using the Davines NaturalTech shampoo and hair pak as mentioned in my previous post. Besides the Olaplex, these also helped keep my hair looking healthy and feeling smooth, even for the bleached areas and hair ends. It helped alot during my latest hair dye session my hair was still healthy enough to undergo yet another round of bleach and dye. Usually hair that constantly undergo chemical treatments would subject to breakage easily therefore I was really happy that both Olaplex and Davines products managed to prevent that.

Alrighty, so here goes my first round of bleaching for this session~

The sides were picked up for bleaching and the rest of my hair was dyed in medium brown.

After 2 rounds of bleaching. My hair needed to be as white or at least less yellow as possible to be able to show pastel colours on them.

Hello there~ (◎_,◎)

Hair Stylist Joseph presented me this and asked me to pick the colours. So I chose 4 colours on the right, picking the lightest shade for each colour. What they use for my hair are premium quality Ammonia Free Davines hair dye.

Here's the hair colouring process done by Joseph and his assistant. The video also includes a short before and after hair dye process. If you prefer to view photos instead of video, continue to scroll down.

After having the colour dye on, I waited... Here's how they leave the layers of coloured hair on my head. ^.^

After sometime, the colour grew intense and they looked so beautiful before wash!

Here's me after washing off all the hair dye~ together with my hairstylist Joseph!

Finally, the Pastel Rainbow Peekaboo Hair Dye is all done! Now you see it, now you don't! ^,^v~

Close-up of my Pastel Rainbow Peekaboo Hair as shown below.
Under certain lightings, the overall brown hair look ashy and even for the rainbow hair too. I feel happy that not many people realise I have pastel rainbow hair hidden under my brown hair and when they did happen to see it, they all comment that it was really pretty and unique! \(♥▽♥)/

Under strong lighting, the pastel rainbow peekaboo hair looks pretty vibrant! Gota love love all the pastel shades. When put together, they look sho beautiful. I like how the yellow blends to the green and pink blends to the purple.
For this round's hair dye, Olaplex was also applied on to my hair to restore hair strength and prevent breakage. (Read about Olaplex under Read More section below)
After having bleached and dyed my hair in such unique colours, I had to take care of them really carefully and diligently use colour shampoo and conditioner at home. Also, not forgetting hair treatment or mask for coloured hair to prevent the bleached hair from dryness, split ends, breakage and keeping it smooth and tangle-free. I admit that it ain't an easy job without professional help. I would recommend those who did dye their hair like how I did to seek salon professional hair stylist's advice on how to care for your hair at home and prolong the hair colour. ^_^

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