Review: Dr. Belter Intensa Line Shake-It! Mask Facial Treatment @ Annabelle Skin

If you had seen the photos I posted on my Instagram, you'd known that I'd just returned from my Korea trip. Way before the trip, I had actually went for a facial treament at Annabelle Skin to prep my skin so I could look my best during my selfies in Korea. ^,^
This time the treatment is somewhat different from the usual ones. It is the latest Dr. Belter [Intensa Line] Shake-It! Mask facial treatment. Like a juice cleanse for the skin, this detoxifying facial treatment deep cleanses by drawing out toxins from the skin and jump-starts its cellular renewal for a rejuvenated and glowing appearance.
Below shows the cup with a cap that has the measuring markings but instead of the mask, they put green apple juice for my consumption. I had to say, that green apple juice is reaaaaaaally tasty! Wished I could drink it again. ^,^ And besides that, there's also a pack of Dr. Belter's skincare samples for me to bring home to use after my treatment. More of that will be shown in later part of this post.

Dr. Belter Cosmetic [Intensa Line] Shake-It! Mask Facial Treatment
The Dr.Belter Shake-It! Mask is a detoxifying and moisture-binding double mask treatment that works like an effective anti-pollutant remedy and skin nourishment for the face, neck and décolleté, an area that is often neglected during beauty care. Developed with the signature GreenTec concept which combines natural and botanical plants with high-tech pro-medical active ingredients, the new treatment targets tired and aging skin by giving it a refreshing boost to energise the skin’s overall appearance.
Presented in the form of a powder, the Dr.Belter Cosmetic [Intensa Line] Shake-It! Mask transforms into a “ready-to-use” care product when mixed with water. The mask doubles up as a special massage medium with surprisingly soothing textures and light, fruity fragrances for a perfect summer treat.

Below shows all the products that were used during my Shake-It! Mask Facial Treatment.
The set shown above includes the following products.

Enzym Creme Peeling:

Benefits of Mask Peel Off Carbon D-Tox:
- detoxification
- special instant alginate mask with active carbon and detox complex properties from ivy and sunflower
- moisturise, binds pollutants on skin and absorb toxins from the skin’s surface
- free of fragrances, colourants and preservatives
- suitable for sensitive and impure skin
So here's how the mask is being mixed. shake shake shake!~

After detoxification, next step is by the layering of a nourishing mask to replenish lost nutrients to the skin.
Crystal clear Aqua-Mousse:
- contains Fucogel apple stem cells
- vitalizing, improves skin longevity
- strongly moisturizing polysaccharide
- oil-free, refreshing and suitable for oily skin.

Soft Cream-Mousse:
- comes in an airy, fluffy foam texture
- contains strawberry extracts and vitamin C with anti-oxidant properties
- suitable for dehydrated skin

Similar to my previous facial treatment at Annabelle, a skin consultation was conducted by Annabelle Skin’s dedicated therapists who assessed my skin condition before customising the treatment required.
Left column shows my skin texture and right column shows good skin texture from someone else's.
As you can see, my skin looks oily, the lines on my skin are fine and not as close as the ones shown on the right plus there are many raised bumps as well as clogged pores.

From above image, the last row, you see a skin with visible red veins and round whitish clogged pores is actually area around side of my nose. According to the therapist, I now have thin, sensitive yet oily skin with clogged pores. However they did mentioned that my skin was actually alot better than my first visit. I was rather happy but still quite irritated by those big red bumps and inflammation that keep popping up on my skin every few days. U_U")
It is said that environmental pollutants, dirt and cosmetic build-up can clog pores, while toxins from diet and daily stresses can cause the complexion to suffer from congestion, irritation and dullness. Thus after the consultation, I was given the Shake It! Mask & Massage AquaMousse (Apple Stem-Cell) treatment.

And so I'm back again to this sweet pink room~ ^_^

- undiluted Line »N« Cleansing Gel to cleanse
- cotton pads soaked and complement cleansing with Line »N « Lotion Orange

- »intensa®« Enzyme Cream Peeling applied with a mask brush, left for 10-15 min (with steam, as shown in below pic)
- extra »intensa®« Enzyme Cream Peeling removed and Line »N« Lotion Orange applied

The following shows the extra step whereby some extraction was done on my inflammation and closed comedones. After which the therapist ran a electrode over my skin to kill bacteria and calmed inflamed skin.

Detox and Anti-pollutant mask
- »intensa®« Shake it! Mask PeelOff – Carbon D-Tox applied on whole face (including eyes) and décolleté

- »intensa®« Ampoule 16 Hyaluronic Factor 5 was massaged onto my skin. The ampoule contains 5 elements of Hyaluronic Acids to increase both long-chain and short-chain hyaluronic acid which helps to provide hydration to epidermis and deeper skin tissue, to prevent TEWL – Trans-Epidermal Water Loss, as well as to enhance the production of hyaluronic acid). Massaging the ampoule activates the skin for absorption.

Summer Nourishing Mask
- »intensa®« Shake it! Mask & Massage AquaMousse (Apple Stem-Cell) was generously applied on face, massage for 15 minutes, and then the rest of the mask was added on to the face for another 10 minutes. After which, it was rinsed off with water.

Eye and Lips Care
- »ocula« Eye Lid lotion was applied on eyes and lip area after applying the mask on the face, followed by pampering shoulder and chest massage with Dr.Belter Cosmetic’s Massage poducts and essence
Finishing care
- Toning the skin with Line »N« Lotion Orange
- Finishing the treatment with Line »N« Cream Vitagel C/E
- Last skincare product »intensa®« Multibenefit CB colorbalm 15 was applied

During the consultation, I mentioned that I had a sensitive dry patch on my skin on the right side of my mouth and chin. Whenever I over-exfoliate, use an acidic ingredient or use a face mask that's made in Taiwan, that sensitive area would grow to become a very itchy, dry, red patch. This reaction will last for about 1 week, if worst, 2 weeks. So I was recommended to try the Mask Peel Off Carbon D-Tox since it is made suitable for sensitive skin. Wherelse for the nourishing mask, I was introduced to the Aqua-Mousse as it contains more moisturising properties and is suitable for my oily skin and clogged pores condition. Although I was told that Cream-Mousse (Strawberry Extract) is a popular treatment and the before-after effect is more obvious, but Aqua-Mousse is slightly better for my skin condition at that time. I was actually quite afraid that the peeling cream step as well as the several layers of mask and massages would aggravate my sensitive patch of skin which just got healed from using a Taiwan mask that very week. However on the other hand, I told myself that the previous Dr. Belter treatment as well as the products used had did nothing else but benefited my skin greatly.
And, I was right.
After the treatment and after I'd returned home and monitored my skin on the next day, I did not feel any itchiness or redness on the sensitive area nor any other parts of my face. I was relieved. ^,^ The facial treatment really made me believe in their products and trust that they would calm my skin and help combat the skin problems that I have.

I was given a set of trial kit after the session so that I could continue to care for my skin for the next 2 weeks allowing the scars and spots as well as my sensitive skin to regenerate and heal properly.

The Test Set includes the following:
1) »sensi-bel« Couperosis Serum - This serum is lightweight and has a lotion-cream consistency. It is easily absorbed into the skin after I spread it out. I use it mostly on the areas that are red like my nasolabial fold and the sensitive skin patch. I also used it on sides of my nose where there's red visible veins. It was said that the couperosis products could be used to reduce appearance of varicose/spider red veins.
2) »sensi-bel«Couperosis Hydro-protective Cream - Feels like the usual cream but not thick and has a gloss, greasy kind of texture after applied. I use this on top of the Couperosis Serum or sometimes alone on the skin at the same areas mentioned above. When I use both the serum and the cream together or alone by itself on my sensitive skin, the red patch and dry texture disappeared very quickly within 2-3 days. The serum and cream also immediately soothe the itchiness the moment I massage them over the area.

3) Bio-Classica Anti-Wrinkle Hydro Gel - I used this in the morning on my face and felt that it had a silicon texture and finish. I later used this at night as I find that it kinda slides when I use it during the day with my makeup on top.
4) Bio-Classica Hydra Dayshield - It feels like a normal lotion type moisturiser and I use it last during the day after my usual skincare regiment. This also made my face looked pretty glossy/shiny so I would dab the extras off with tissue to make my face look slighly less shiny.
What I like about Dr. Belter products is that even their sample/ travel size products provide full list of ingredients on them. So professional!

After 1 Day & 5 Days
And so I took some photos of my skin after couple of days.
Prior to the facial treatment, there were already quite a few closed comedones, some raised bumps that do not have inflammation and some that are inflamed.
After the treatment, it seemed that some of the spots started to purge (since the treatment helps to deep cleanse and draw out toxins) wherelse those inflamed ones healed by themselves. Obviously from the photos, you can see some of the scars started to fade and lighten and my skin looked less oily.

The skin texture looked slightly more refined and brighter after treatment.

After using the sample products for sensitive skin, the redness on my asolabial fold has minimised a little.
After the treatment, my skin wasn't as smooth as I expected and I did not understand why. Since I have done cream peeling, detox as well as hydrating ampoule and mask it should feel smooth and silky. After few days I did a light surface scrub with exfoliating gel and realised I shouldn't had done it. I found out that my skin was actually dry after all the peeling and detox treatment and the skin cell renewal stage had begun thus when I run my hand over my face, it felt clean, clear yet slightly dehydrated. So I learned my lesson, after that I kept applying moisturing mask over my skin every night for few days and finally, my skin felt smooth and supple while maintaining the clear and blemish-free look.^-^v~

Dr.Belter Cosmetic Intensa Line Shake-It! Mask treatment (75mins) S$238
Suitable for both male and females, and all skin types.

Annabelle Skin
1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi, #02-42
(Nearest MRT: City Hall)
TEL: 6336 8975


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