Swatches: Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge

Hiyall~ I believe some of you might have seen my posts of the lastest Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge swatches on my Instagram.
This blogpost is no different from the posts I put up on Instagram except that I've labelled the lipstick numbers above the swatches I'd made. So you would be more clearer now which shade belongs to which.

So here I have, Artist Rouge Creme in C103 - C305 shades, number in sequence. And I skipped C403-C405 entirely because I'm bias. Lolx~ Neh... just cos my arm didn't had much space left for further swatches. I was a little surprised that C302 and C303 swatches do not look like the colours shown on the packaging.

Next I have Artist Rouge Mat in M100 - M501 and I added a C604 a black shade in creme at the last row.
Generally, I feel that the Creme in nudes are great to swatch and the colour pigments came out not bad except for the black C604. The black wasn't as pigmented as what I expected it would be.The texture differs a little from the other creme lipsticks. Maybe it contains more emollient ingredients?  hmm..
As for the Mat range, it's no doubt they're pigmented. I didn't go around too many times to get the level of colour I wanted. It merely took just 2 to 3 strokes before every corners of the rectangle block was filled.
If I opt to buy a couple lippies from these piles, I'll definitely go for both creme and mat nude shades like C103 and M100 (I need all nudes in my darn life!), as well as the natural shades like C106, C302, C305, M200 and slightly fun shades like C205 and M501. Ok... I should have named those that I would not buy. =_=" Dang it.


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