Review & Videos: Wet Brush-Pro Pop Fold Detangling Brush

I am so slow in putting up my review for this Wet Brush which I had already mentioned in my Instagram since couple weeks back! Either I've been busy if not I've been sleepy... lolx~ I feel exhausted everyday after work, and I'm so packed with activities every weekend. Phew~
Anyhoo complaints aside, today I'mma show you this wonderful Wet Brush that I received. How wonderful can this brush be? Well.. all I can say is that it is meant for COSPLAYERS. Lolx~ Neh.. It is for everybody but it can also be used by people who cosplay characters with darn long wigs! *stares at my Sailor Pluto wig* (⌐_⌐")

About Wet Brush
The IntelliFlex® Make The Difference For Healthier And Beautiful Hair.
Meet the first and only professional full size folding brush
Brush out tangles easily, with no pulling, tugging or pain. Thin and strong yet flexible, our IntelliFlex
® bristles glide through hair effortlessly gently detangling hair. Our exclusive ultra-soft polytips, SofTips® help to protect the hair and are ideal for sensitive scalps.
The result: healthier hair with no tangles, no split ends and less breakage.

Here's the compact Wet Brush-Pro in its packaging~ I received the one in black-grey.

Details of the brush laid out on the packaging.

How To Use?
1. Push button on the back to open for superior detangling.
2. Extend the handle
3. Press the button on the bottom of the brush head to “pop” out the bristles.
4. To close, gently press the button in the center of the cushion to retract the bristles, fold handle.

Before popping the bristles, it looks like this.

So here comes my videos! ^o^ I took so long to put them up because my darn old computer is really darn old... graphic card couldn't support the 4k resolution video which I took with my mobile phone so the motion was super slow when I edited these vids. (Mobile phone > laptop) I basically slept through the video editing process...hahahax... ^,^""

Anyhoo, enjoy my videos! ^o^/

Here's a close-up of Wet Brush-Pro Pop Fold and then 2nd part shows me using the brush for my newly dyed bed hair. My hair was entirely not combed prior to this video taking.
I like the idea that it is compact as I do have some worries everytime I throw my hairbrush in my luggage bag when I travel. The bristles would get stuck on something if not, they would get flattened and bent out of shape. To tell you the truth, I usually would abuse my belongings. Lolx~ Thus with this Wet Brush Pop Fold, I can easily store it without worrying that the bristles would get broken or anything. Pop, fold and throw it in! hahahx.. just kidding, I meant put in my luggage bag. ^o^~
Since I have short hair now, this Wet Brush works super good on me with absolutely zero tangle and no hairbrush stuck in hair kinda situation during the brushing process. If I have tried this on my previous long blonde and very dry hair, I could have given a better review of this Wet Brush.
And of course, by the name Wet Brush, you should know that it is also meant to be used on wet hair... or rather on damp hair. You know how much hair brush would get stuck in wet hair? Try googling for a video of this brush used on long wet hair and you'll see why I said it is good. The bristles are so soft and flexible so I guess that's the reason to brushing on wet hair with no pain. I seriously dislike brushes that pull my hair and give me pain on the scalp (Also do not like people using their nails to scrape my scalp when washing my hair... same 'pain' theory. kekex~). With this Wet Brush, I would not have to go through the pain again.

Next video shows me using the Wet Brush-Pro Pop Fold on a long wig, without using any hair serum/ conditioner/ fabric softener prior to brushing it. You might think that brushing a wig is a simple job... oh noooo you are WRONG. It IS simple if the wig is of a very good quality plus you use a good or compatible wig brush/comb. I used to always brush my long wigs for at least 2 hours to first, detangle, second, straighten it, and lastly put on all sorts of serum and lotion to smoothen it so it won't tangle easily when wind blows on it.
In this following video, you will see that I have the wig sitting on a flimsy wig stand. Frankly speaking I have never tried brushing wig on this stand because it couldn't withstand any wig that is longer than about 30cm. It would topple if I lightly push it from the sides. So basically, the moment I brush this wig without holding it firmly, it falls. And it is super hard to even brush long wigs sitting on this skinny stand (as skinny as me). I would usually use more force to brush wigs thus I need a sturdy stand. I normally would use 2 'S' hooks to hook my long wigs onto my steel room divider (because it is tall) and brush the wig fibre downwards as it's so much easier than brushing it like this as shown below. BUTTTTTtttt! With this Wet Brush, I only need to use a fraction of that force to brush through this tangled wig!
During initial part of this video, I did not know if I could really brush it straight from the top with the wig sitting on this flimsy stand. So I thought, how about brushing it starting from the hair ends? (It works better like that when I brush my long wigs with a normal wooden or metal bristle brushes. I felt that starting from the ends would detangle faster and would not get stuck half way compare to brushing from top down.) But later decide to do it from the top again.
So as you can see, this brush allows me to brush all the way from the top of the wig til the ends smoothly without pulling the fibre much. I used to always sweep about 50 or more strands of wig fibres off from the floor after every wig brushing. This one? I think you can only see less than 5 strands? *claps*claps*claps*
This was my first try of Wet Brush on wig and believe me, I'm so gonna use this brush on every single wig starting from now. Heheheex~

And so, here ends my review! ^_^ After this week, I'm gonna travel overseas for 2 weeks and I've prep some of the things to bring along. Aside from bringing this foldable Wet Brush, I'm also taking this refill perfume spray with me. These can be bought at Suzanni Beaute website. I got so much stuffs from that website including CALA latex-free sponges too! Super love those sponges, works just as amazing as the Beauty Blender but less than half of the price~ Do check them out yox! ^,~/

Halloween Edition: Wet Brush Sugar Skulls
Red Rose, Purple Rose and White Rose Sugar Skull give you hair to die for.

Wet Brush-Pro Pop Fold & Wet Brush Sugar Skulls SGD$19.90/each (UP $21.90)

Where to buy?
Available at selected BHG, Metro, Guardian, Sasa and Watsons stores


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