Nautical Style Clothing For Fall 2016

It's been quite long since I've done any online shopping to expand my wardrobe. Not that I have much space to expand further anyway (it's getting so packed that I gota take some clothing out before I can choose the one I wana wear lolx~), I'm thinking of donating my old clothes and replacing that empty space with new ones! ^_^
Since it's year end now, I thought of getting jackets, coats, long sleeves, sweaters and long pants. And that brought me viewing Tommy Hilfiger clothing line at Zalora~ Just check out this beautiful thing! Who won't want dat? ^,^

At Zalora Tommy Hilfiger page, items shown are a mixed of men's and women's.

From the women's clothing category, there are both casual and smart outfits. They include bags and shoes as well.

Back to the first image I shown earlier, it was tagged #TommyxGigi because Tommy Hilfiger collaborated with Gigi Hadid to create this collection. I just couldn't shift my eyes away from this awesome sweater! And the next thing I stared at is none other than the military nautical inspired pants she's wearing to match that top!
You JUSTTTTTT gota look at it for the 10th time (of course, looking at beautiful legs is therapeutic too lolx)... I've always love double breasted buttons sewn on any kind of clothes, especially coats, skirts and pants. It was a wonderful idea that they used these buttons on their skinny pants. The way the buttons were laid out in a slanted manner and the size & colour of the buttons picked were just perfect for this skinny pants.
These 2 pieces match perfectly and could make whoever the wearer is, like a sexeh female sailor! ^o^/ As well as a smart lookin' OL, if worn to work. ^_^

Aside from their TommyxGigi collection I was also attracted by this pair of Jada Pants. They have a promotion going on whereby I could buy 2 or more Tommy Hilfiger clothes, I'll get 10% off!
Anyhoo, I guess this pastel blue shade pants matches quite well with Gigi Hadid Technical Striped Sweater too. It could work well with any other kind of white/blue top or blouse too.

I'm glad that for some of the clothes, there are videos that could allow me to look at them in a 360 degrees view. And I could also gauge the actual length of the sleeves and pants from the videos so to know if they are long enough for my long limbs.^,^ All the blue and white got me #triggered! I'm thinking which blues and which whites should I pick now... *rubs chin*

Do you like Nautical, Sailor or Military inspired outfits like me too? ^_^ I'm hoping there'll be steampunk, victorian, gothic inspired outfits coming from popular brands in future so that I could wear all of them out to work as well as to the streets! x(^_~)x *cross fingers*


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