My First Hair Experience @ Kenjo Salon 살롱

Here I am, welcoming everyone with my silly face and messy hair... Lolx~
Alrighty, as I've mentioned in my blogpost subject, I'm gonna tell you about my experience at Kenjo Salon which happened about 2 weeks back. Prior to my trip to the salon, I tried to take a 'before' pic and BAM, the wind blew so hard from behind and there I got the most amazing 'before' pic. Kekkee~ ^▽^)

Anyhoo, there I was at Kenjo Salon which is located at Plaza Singapura, the New Wing on level 4.

At first I had a little problem trying to find the salon because I was searching at the other end of the level 4. When I finally spotted that glossy white & gold curved wall, I realised how big Kenjo Salon actually was! Was I blind or what? =_=")
 On one side of the wall has a TV that play Kpop MVs non-stop. ^,^♬~

 The interior of Kenjo Salon is really beautiful... so are all their hairstylists and staff! ()

The white interior makes everything looked so spacious.

The moment I sat down, I noticed this small note placed beside the mirror. Omo, it's a Drink Menu plus password to free Wifi! Nothing's better than free wifi nowadays~ ^_^ I happily surfed net and played videos during the whole session~ It's the best thing to give to customers while they sat there waiting for their hair to be done! *thumbs up*
Ok, so here's me in my black-blonde-bleached awful hair, awaiting for my hairstylist to perform magic trick on my tresses.

I'm wrapped with this white cape that carries the same logo as the display behind me. ^。^

My hairstylist started snipping off my very dry and damaged hair ends.

Guess who was my hairstylist? ^_,^

TADAH!~ He's none other than Kenjo Salon Director, Joseph! ^▽^)  Smile! You're on candid camera!

After he'd cut off the hair ends, I put on a bronze robe (like a tai tai lolx~), all ready for hair colouring session.

Before the hair colour process, they put these little elastic ear covers on me to prevent my ears from getting all the colouring.

This time I'm in for a new type of hair colouring experience, not the usual hair colour I'd done in other salons. This particular hair colouring product that Kenjo Salon uses is from davines. It has ammonia-free formulas and is gentle on both the hair and scalp. They have a whole lot of colours to choose from too. I was rather awed to see a wide range of colours on the chart that was shown to me.

So I'd picked a red with a brown undertone shade so as to cover up my yellow bleached hair and make them look healthier than before. During the application process, I didn't realise there wasn't any ammonia smell until it was almost done. I was too comfortably playing with my phone and taking photos and suddenly it striked me that there wasn't any pungent scent stinging my eyes and nose nor did not feel any prickly or itchiness on my scalp too during the hair colouring process.
Kudos to this new ammonia-free formula!~ ^o^/

After the colour was washed off, they did treatment on my hair to maintain its moisture and smoothness as well as repair my damaged hair ends.

Next, they used this special equipment that shoots steam in high pressure. It was said that this would help the treatment product to enter to the deep layers of my hair quickly and at the same time hydrate my dry hair.

Look, I'm doing steam bath. lolx~

After the treatment product was washed off, they blow dried my hair. Wonderful service.. getting 2 people to dry my hair. hahahx~

After it was dried, the colour came out so vibrant! More hair snipping done by Joseph to shape it up a little bit, as well as curling to create the look I wanted.

Do you like my Korean hairstyle done by Joseph? ^_^ I'm loving that ombre effect... black to faded burgundy.

If you'd like to know, here're some of the products they used on my hair. 
Below shows the Mucota Aire for Colour Hair. My hair ends are often dry and damaged so they used this to do the hair treatment on me.

Another product used on my hair was this davines Naturaltech Nourishing Living Enzyme Infusion which protected my dry, damaged hair before Joseph did the hair curling and styling for me.

The hair colouring products that they used on my tresses are from this brand, davines.

There are many other products that Kenjo salon carries, which includes full range Mucota products. They are top range products in Japan and Korea. So if you love Japanese and Korean hair salons, all the more you should like Mucota too~ ^_^

Finally a photo of me and Joseph! ^_^ Loving my awesome fluffeh hair! It's been so long since I have dark coloured hair like this.hahahx~

And this is me, taken on the next day! Without much styling of course. Lolx~ I'm holding the 2 makeup products because I want my brows and lips to complement my new hair colour!
In this photo, it is quite obvious that my hair looks burgundy. At some angles though, it's more of a reddish bronze or just dark bronze.

Red being red, as always they bleed everytime I wash my hair. So here's a close-up of my hair after several days to a week. As days go by, my hair dropped the red and what remained was the brown that had concealed my initial yellowish blonde hair. For everyone's info, the lower part of my hair was bleached multiple times from long ago thus whatever colour I put ontop of it, will look somewhat ashy and dull.

Last but not least, my hair still look brown-bronze now and at some angles or under certain light, appear slightly more red/orange-bronze. The top of my head where my original black hair is, has this slight red tint to it. To maintain the redness, usually one should use shampoo, treatment and conditioner for coloured hair. Best I supposed is to use hair care products that are made specially for red hair to keep the red on for longer period of time. However I do not have such products at home thus I only used normal colour shampoo, treatment and conditioner. My hair ends are still very dry, especially after I started curling them every single morning before work. I'm still waiting for my hair to grow longer so I can get rid of the hair ends soon and do more fun stuffs with the rest.

So that's about it for my first hair experience at Kenjo Salon. It was great to have finally cut off those dry ends but then, there are still more dry ends to cut off (those bleached areas)! 
Initially I was too ambitious. I wanted a short, volumnised, fluffy curled hair look with red-purple-pink shades (or maybe some playful colours yet not too loud since I had to wear it to office) but I was advised to do a colour to cover up my old hair colour first. I debated between having ash and browns and I took brown as I was afraid that ash would make my face look dull. I was also told to cut off some parts of the hair ends because they weren't able to take in new colours since they were way too over belached and damaged. Curling could only be done on healthy hair strands so no curling for me too until I cut off all those bleached hair. I accepted my fate since I've not only been told once but numerous times (by other people too) that I should get rid of my bleached hair before doing anything else. I'm just too stubborn. lolx~
The hair colouring session at Kenjo Salon was indeed much different from many other hair colour sessions that I'd done before. Aside from sitting comfortably on my chair without feeling that my hair stinked or having an itch on my scalp, the lady who applied colour on my hair was also really careful and ensured that no colour dripped onto my face or neck. There was once which the dye got onto my neck, she cleaned it off immediately for me. She also offered to top up my drink and asked if I wanted it hot since I was feeling rather cold after she washed my hair with room temperature water (water felt was cold because we were in air-conditioned room).
My hairstylist, Joseph cut and styled my hair made me look like some Korean star. (thick skin opps! lolx~) I could never be able to style my own hair like he did. I tried many times but all I got was wrist pain. lolx~
And with that, I'm ending my post here. I shall talk more about other treatments that I'm going to do at Kenjo Salon for the coming few months. Do keep a lookout for my posts! ^_~/

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Kenjo Salon
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