Win Party Passes, Bottles of Martini, F1 Race Tickets And Enjoy Martini Cocktails

Have you ever thought about getting up close to one of the Formula 1 cars, at least once in your lifetime?
Well now you can, with the Williams Martini Racing FW38 car replicas placed at iconic locations in the heart of the city! It's a lifetime opportunity to see one of these beautiful machines in all its glory so get down there and share photos taken with these FW38 car replicas on social media with #MartiniSG, and stand to win prizes such as bottles of Martini and passes to the hottest parties in town!
The countdown begins with every ladies night in the four weeks leading up to the race weekend at the three establishments - CÉ LA VI, 1-Altitude, and The Exchange. With actress Carla Dunareanu and Christabel Chua at CÉ LA VI; host Yvette King at 1-Altitude, and sexy connoisseur Victoria Cheng at The Exchange, your weekly ladies' night will be filled with fun and surprises.
Stand to win Martini cocktails, bottles of Martini and even tickets to the races, every Wednesday during ladies night at these 3 places! \(^,^

Martini Cocktails
While you watch the sun go down over the breathtaking Singapore skyline and urban race track, Martini and partners CÉ LA VI, 1-Altitude and The Exchange will present you with their Martini cocktails, with a unique Singaporean twist.

The 3 signature cocktail are Martini Rosso Spriz, Martini Negroni and Martini Parisian. They will be served to you at CÉ LA VI, The Exchange and 1-Altitude respectively.

If you have Martini at home, then here's some tips to making your own Martini cocktail.
Martini & Tonic
Make this cocktail with 2 parts Martini Bianco and 2 parts Tonic.
Steps to make this drink:
1. Pour all the ingredients in a Hi Ball Glass
2. Stir Contents
3. Garnish with lemon twist

Make this cocktail with 1 part Bombay Sapphire Gin, 1 part Martini Rosso and 1 part Bitters/Campari.
Steps to make this drink:
1. Pour all the ingredients into a short tumbler
2. Fill tumbler with ice
3. Stir contents
4. Garnish with orange slice and lime peel
5. Pour into short/rocks glass

Make this cocktail with 1 part Martini Rosso, 1 part - Bitters/Campari and 2 parts Spumante.
Steps to make this drink:
1. Pour all the ingredients in ice-filled Rocks glass
2. Stir contents
3. Garnish with orange slice

About Martini
Martini® is an authentic and expressive brand, founded by three Italian friends during the mid-19th century.
With a heritage of over 150 years, Martini® has been made, over generations, by families dedicated to the brand. Living by its motto, "Volere é Potere" - where there is a will there is a way; and drawing on its longstanding Italian heritage, Martini® possesses an innate sense of style and quintessential playfulness. It has since become a symbol of Italian glamour and sophistication.


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