Review: Pinkicon O-Lens Jenith Green Contact Lens

Recently I have been wearing coloured contact lens to some of the occasions and events I attended. These contact lens that I wore was sent from Pinkicon.
After wearing it several times over a period of 1-month, I finally collated my thoughts about this pair of lenses and decided to put up a full review today.

So here's the package I received from Pinkicon~ The package comes from Hong Kong~ ^_^
Pinkicon is the largest circle lenses distributor in Hong Kong. There are a lot of Japan and Korea lovely lenses on their site.

I chose O-Lens in Jenith Green among all other lens in Pinkicon website with the -1.25 power. This is a pair of 6-month disposable contact lens.
The specs for the contact lens are:
Diameter (D.I.A): 14.00mm
Coloured Diameter: 13.4mm
Base Curve (BC): 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%

The O-Lens are made in Korea. There's a mini instruction/manual slip at the back of the packaging in Korean.

And there are Korean words printed on the vials' packaging too.

Along with my lens, there's also a user instructions in English and Chinese provided by Pinkicon! Good service! ^o^ Click to enlarge pic

So here's a close up of the O-Lens in Jenith Green. In my pics they look like yellow but infact it is more like lime green with some yellows around the centre.

The metal parts ware pretty easy to open as they were a little soft and easily tear when I applied some force.

Once I got the lens out, I soaked them in my favourite saline solution (for sensitive eyes). I then put one len at a time into my palm, pour saline water and lightly rub it with my finger to wash it. When I did that, I realised that O-Lens did not feel smooth and slimy like all the other lens I'd used before. The lens also felt more rigid than other colour contact lens. These lens were entirely different in compare to other lens in terms of texture and lens flexibility.

So here's how the lens look like up-close. Do note that I get red eyes easily. However for these photos, I put on the lens right before I took the pics thus my eyes looked ok. The lens are not big eye lens but they still make my iris look slightly bigger.
At first use, it was really easy to get the lens onto my iris. The lens are rigid enough to remain its original curved state and did not bend or collapse at all (which happened to most of my other soft disposable lens). They continued to sit firmly on my index finger even when I poured saline on them.
I filled saline up to the edge of the lens and then put the lens onto my iris so I could get some lotion into my eyes for hydration.

In my instagram, I posted a LOTD with the O-Lens as shown below.I find that the colour of the lens compliment my skintone~ (♡▽♡) Woots! With some nice lighting focusing my eyes, the lens appeared really glossy and the colour stands out.

Here's another selfie pic of my LOTD with the O-lens, this time with a greenish EOTD. And like I said above, the lens look really shiny and could even reflect! You could probably spot my arms holding a phone in my eyes!... lolx~

The green eye makeup look makes the lens look really natural on me.
I had to say this pair of O-Lens are different from the other colour contact lens that I'd worn. But lens being lens, they still make my eyes turn red after awhile.
I can't 100% say that it's the lens problem because my eyes are sensitive and has visible long red veins  at the corners to begin with (most time due to fatigue). My eyes can't stand strong light such as daylight during the time of about 8am-1pm. They totally could not open and they hurt if I try to force myself to open and look at the bright surrounding.
My eyes also turn red too when I wear the most comfortable 1-day dispoable contact lens, usually the ones without colour. However they do not happen immediately, they turn slightly red after about 3-4 hours of wearing the lens.

As for O-Lens, the weirdest part was that my eyes only felt a little bit dry but they turned red fast (in about an hour or so).
Perhaps it was because of the lens' low water content at 38% that's why the lens did not feel overly dry. I read that high water content lens would make our eyes feel very hydrating and comfortable at the beginning but would feel really dry and discomfort at the end of the day. This is because the lens have lost a lot of moisture through evaporation. Low water content lens on the other side, lose lesser moisture (since they already do not have much water content to lose) thus our eyes would not feel the steep drop in moisture level and that results in lesser discomfort felt.

I was infact really loving the BC of the O-Lens because they fit my iris super perfectly. I mentioned 'super' because the lens did not move or slide even a tiny bit. I always have problem wearing colour lens because most of them do not fit the BC and DIA of my iris and they slided downwards almost every single time I blinked (maybe due to my eyes are prominent type). Every time I wore colour lens, my eyes would sting and feel prickly too for god knows why.

For O-Lens though, I was really amazed that I did not experience any of that except for feeling of slight dryness and the heat in my eyes (due to redness). I was ok to wear them for about 6-8 hours but I also had to walk around with red eyes which I dislike.
Every time I remove the lens, I would wash and rinse them extra long to make sure I get all the residue, bacteria and what not off from the lens so I could probably have non-red eyes the next time I wear them... but it seems like it's not gonna happen. (U,∧U,)*sad*
I now only wear this pair of lens for short period of time about 4-5 hours so my eyes wouldn't turn very red at the end of the day. I still find this pair quite comfy due to the fitting and I just need to eye drop it once if I feel it's slightly dry.
I would recommend these lens to those who have similar problems like mine -unable to find the right lens that fit your iris or your prominent/protruding eyes (only if you do not have sensitive reddish eyes like mine). Firstly, check the BC and DIA of these lens against the ones you usually use. That should allow you to understand more about your iris surface curvature and diameter and then decide if you should try Pinkicon lens that has specs like the ones I tried. If your current lens are already a good fit, then search for lens in Pinkicon website with the same specs as yours.

Happy Shopping! ^,~

Where to buy?
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