Review: Beauty Hope Dermashine Treatment

Here I was at Beauty Hope again. This time round, I got "upgraded" to a bigger single room! Lolx~ Neh, just kidding.. It was just coincident that this room was empty so I got to do my treatment in here. When I mentioned about the room upgrade (like hotel room upgrade), my therapist Lol-ed at my joke too. hahhax.. ^▽^)~
Anyhoo, today I'm going to review another treatment from Beauty Hope. Same as last time, I'mma attaching videos to this blogpost for your watching! ^,~

Dermashine Treatment
Overall benefits of Dermashine:
1. Deep cleansing, sebum reduction and reduce pores
2. Improve skin clarity
3. Deeper penetration
4. Skin brightening and lighten skin pigmentation
5. Stimulate skin cell renewal
6. Skin firmness and reduce wrinkles
7. Water therapy treatment

Before I talk about the facial treatment steps, I would like to say that my skin has actually improved quite alot comparing to the previous time I had my first treatment at Beauty Hope. Of course my skin concerns remain the same which are oily, dehydrated, congested, aging and slightly sensitive, but this time they are better. Later in this post, you'll get to see the photos of my naked skin (not body ok. kekex.. ^▽^~) and you can compare them with the pics I posted in the PTD Magic Treatment review. 

Ok so on we go with my very naked face, blemishes, dark circles and all... >_<") Scroll down further for the treatment steps! (Photos sequence: Top left, Top right, Bottom left, Bottom right.)
1. MAGIC GLOW Cleansing Gel - After removing my base makeup, my therapist proceeded to cleanse my skin with this cleansing gel by gently massaging the gel onto my skin in circular movements for a few minutes. And then she rinsed my face thoroughly with water.
MAGIC GLOW Cleansing Gel removes the superficial layers of dead skin cells and eliminates sebum excess on the skin. Moisturizes and respect the natural skin's PH thanks the gentle ingredients. It is ideal for daily use that makes the skin illuminates and brightens.

2. MAGIC GLOW Enzyme Mask - After cleansing and rinsing off all makeup and impurities, the Enzyme Mask was applied onto my skin with a small brush, excluding lip and eye area. My therapist did a light massage and left the mask on my face for about 5-10 minutes and then rinsed off with water.
MAGIC GLOW Enzyme Mask contains highly activity ingredients that perfect for dull skin, pigmentation and uneven skin. The activity ingredients help to deep clean pores absorb excess skin oils and remove dull aging cells from the skin's surface. Benefits are numerous including promotion of new cell growth, leaving your skin brighter, glowing and smooth.
3. Cold Shower - So this step is where magic happens. (Since I'm not too sure of the actual term for this step so I call it the 'Cold Shower'. lolx~) From the above photos, you can see that the therapist placed a large thick pink sponge on the side of my face and then showered my face with icy cold water from a squeeze bottle through a long spout. The sponge was meant to soak up the water that ran down my face so it will not drench the towel, sheet and what not. 
This cold water therapy decreases skin temperature resulting in skin tightening and firming, minimising of large pores as well as reducing redness. Another objective of this therapy is to make the skin shines and glows by itself.

So here's a video of the Cold Shower Part I in Dermashine Treatment. This treatment is done on every part of the face so I would need to close my eyes and avoid blinking so the water would not get in.

4. Face Mask - After the cold shower, a rinse-off face mask was applied and while I sleeped, I mean waited (lolx~), my therapist gave me a shoulder massage.
This allows my skin to rest for a while from the cold therapy and prepare itself for the 2nd part.

5. Pro Skin Shine - After the mask was rinsed off, my therapist applied an essence onto my skin and left it on for about 5 minutes.
This shining essence helps to soften thickened skin and slough off dead skin cells, this will reveal new, fresher skin underneath and allow the face cream to better penetrate the skin. 

6. Cold Shower - After the essence was fully absorbed by my skin, it was back to Cold Shower again! ^o^/

Below shows part II of the cold shower right after the Pro Skin Shine step.

Video of Cold Shower Part II.

7. Aqua Brightening Paper Mask (Brightening and Hydrating) - After the cold shower was done, my therapist put on a paper mask on my face and left it on for about 15-20 minutes.
Aqua Brightening Paper Mask contains Vitamins A & C which helps reduce the signs of premature aging by enhancing the skin’s natural repair process. Hyaluronic Acid and a concentrated system of plant extracts to promote skin hydration. Rich in several choice plant extract essence. It penetrates the skin rapidly and replenish with numerous water and nutrition. It whitens and replenishes water for your skin, fades the pigmentation, reinvigorate the cell, adjust the adaptability of skin, and improve the skin quality to reinvigorate, whiten and smooth your skin.
- To Balance uneven pigmentation and brighten the skin
- Defend skin against free radicals
- Increases skin elasticity and firmness
- Protects against moisture loss
- Ideal for damaged and photo-aged skin
8. MAGIC GLOW Hydra Intensive Toner, Ultralift Essence & Hydrating Repair Cream - So the Dermashine treatment ended with the basic skincare regimen which was to apply toner, essence and cream.
MAGIC GLOW Hydra Intensive Toner, Essence & Cream helps condition the skin and prepare for proper moisture absorption, and improve the five skin disorder: spots are less visible, appearance of wrinkles is reduced, refining pores, an immediate lifting effect, and brightening up the skin.
MAGIC GLOW has trace element and organic acids found in plants, gently exfoliates the face and helps moderate the skin surface renewal cycle.

During the treatment, my skin tightened quite alot at the cold shower step and after the facial mask and the essence steps, my skin started to turn shiny. The 2nd cold shower did make a big difference to my skin whereby I experienced slight problem trying to smile/laugh because the skin was really tight! Lolx! When my therapist gave me a mirror to allow me to observe the difference during the cold shower, I was really amazed that one side of my face was so shiny and the pores tightened immediately under the running cold water.
But of course, without the help of the products used, my skin would not appear hydrated, dewy and glowy after the treatment. Cold shower alone did alot of work but it might cause the skin to turn dry so the products used during the treatment come into play by helping to remove dead skin cells, balance sebum production level, lighten pigmentation and provide skin hydration.

Right after I returned home from the facial treatment, I saw in the mirror that my face was literally SHINING.
My skin was so reflective that I could probably see myself in my own skin through the mirror! Lolx~ (Well yes I'm kidding about seeing myself in my own skin but definitely not kidding when I said it was super shiny!)

Just look at the shine on my nose... compare this pic with all other pics in this post. So much difference yah?

And nope, my skin is NOT oily! I have actually dabbed the grease off from the skin surface with tissue twice, once at the spa right after my treatment (I always do that because my face will appear kinda greasy after cream is applied on it) and once before I took these pics (as I'd been out for hours so skin started to produce sebum).
My face looked really dewy which reminded me of Korean artists whereby their face are always so shiny and dewy... like this!

After 1 day
Below shows my face with light translucent powder on. My skin felt hydrated, bright and had little shine still, but the glow was muted by the translucent powder.

After 3 days
Below shows my bare skin. The shine, glow and hydrated skin appear more obvious when I'm not wearing any makeup. My skin appeared clear from blemishes.

Only a few tiny spots were seen on my forehead but they weren't much of a big deal as compared to those slightly bigger bumps as seen here.

After 6 days
This time I took photos of my skin with almost full makeup on. I had on my usual base foundation which includes liquid and powder foundation. Through the makeup, my skin still glows pretty well.

Especially those protruding areas like my cheek bones and brow bones, they shine and reflect light.

Lastly, a photo of my face under natural light from the sun.
I was happy that at least once, my skin could shine (like a diamond) which almost blinded my own eyes when I looked in the mirror. lolx~ I was extremely awed with Dermashine's result because never did it came across my mind that I would walk out of the spa with such dewy, glowy.... bare face. To be frank, I was kinda embarrased that it shine so much because I thought my big face would catch everyone's attention and get stared at. hahhax~ ^▽^")
Aside from the extremely glowy skin I got on the very day of the treatment, my skin was also cleared from blemishes. I actually did have a couple closed comedones with slight inflammation before the treatment but they never did surface after that. I guess that the treatment had actually helped clear the bacteria from my skin and calmed it, hence no new acne spots were formed after the treatment.
My skin always have post acne scars which I got either from long ago or from recent acne spots. This treatment has helped in lightening the scars as they have appeared less visible and easily covered up without the use of concealer. Lastly, my skin continued feeling slightly firm after the treatment.

If you are one who yearns for shiny, dewy, glowing skin just like the Korean artists, then you should try Dermashine. Although the super shiny glowing skin is rather short-lived, but you will still get subtle shine after that and also experience firmer, brighter and hydrated skin.

Dermashine Treatment SGD$389

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