Comfy Footwear For Work & Party? Get Clarks

I found out that age has taken its toll on my body and it wasn't just recently, it started way back. I'm constantly having random body aches and pain from almost every single activity I did. One of it actually comes from wearing heels and sometimes even flats.
You probably don't know yet because you are still young. This could start happening at around mid or late twenties. Beginning from fine lines on your face, loose and dry skin to flabby arms and thighs and finally... painful feet.
If you begin to experience pain on the underside of your feet from wearing cerain heels or shoes you used to always wear for the past few years, it might not just be your shoes problem. You could have lost your feet fatty pads.
As you age, the paddings under the balls of the feet reduce so there'll come a day where you would need a pair of comfy shoes that provide cushions or paddings to minimise your pain.

And speaking of comfy shoes, I guess most of you guys and girls could think of a couple of brands yes?
Out of a few brands I know, I personally like Clarks better. One main reason for choosing Clarks is because of the workmanship and secondly, the design. Initially when I learnt about or rather, first seen Clarks, I didn't know that they are actually comfortable to wear.

Today I'm showing Clarks Singapore @ Zalora and you'll get a better idea of why I say they are good for.. uh hum, aging feet. (lolx~ ^,^")
Below shows some of Clarks' mens and women shoes & heels.

Their range isn't that little so there're probably at least a couple of pairs that one might like to get.

I'll show some of my few favourites out of the lot. When comes to shoes, I always aim for heels but not too high (since I'm already so tall hahax..^^"), and will always pick something that only shows a couple of toes (lolx~) as well as a nice ankle wrap. So this pair of Image Jewel Peep Toe Block Heels is the best match for my style. ^_^

I like this pair since there's a little details like the mini studs and nice silver chunky buckle which I could match with some of my sub-culture dark clothings! But of course, they can also be worn for work, along with a knee length skirt or a pair of pants.

Next I aimed for a pair of ankle boots and what could look better than camel shade boots? ^_^ The design really makes me think that they are super comfy!

I also spotted something brighter and could use for partying, which is the Image Dazzle Block Heel Sandals.Not sure if you realised, most Clarks design for sandals has wide straps. Usually straps that are wide provide more support thus give more comfort to the wearer too. Same wide strap is used for the first pair of heels I mentioned earlier.

This pair of Always Chic Pointed Toe Heels just look super cool! Take a look at the smooth shiny leather texture and reptile print! Sho sho pretty! (♥▽♥)
Last but not least, something that suits my office wear best,the Hotel Secret Loafers. I like the loafers shape, the sides kinda flows smoothly and has this curve that makes me think they look really comfortable to wear. The dark purple/plum shade also appear really unique and lovely.

Whether it is for work or for play, Clarks is great for both. One can wear them for long hours without much discomfort. Do you have any pair in mind that you like? ^_~


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