Review & Vids: Body Contour Premier 3D Gua Sha Facelift

For the past few weeks to a month I have been monitoring my skin after an awesome non-invasive facial which involved Traditional Chinese Therapy using modern technology. It took me quite a long while to collate my thoughts about the facial as well as edit my 62149063 photos. lolx~
Anyhoo, let's get started! ^o^

There I was sipping on warm water offered by Body Contour Premier staff upon my arrival. ^,^)

At the waiting area, I was seated beside this little table and noticed their GSS poster. Just gota love GSS.. everything's so worth buying!

The entrance (also waiting area) at Body Contour Premier @ Roxy Square Shopping Centre. Their spa interior is really nice and spacious.
About Body Contour
Incepted in 1997, Body Contour Premier has become one of the most recognized names in Singapore, providing a plethora of holistic beauty and wellness treatments to thousands of satisfied customers each year.
Understanding the importance of providing customers with an exceptional experience on every visit, Body Contour Premier is committed to continuously provide quality authentic spa services to our customers through on-going research and development, staying relevant by introducing the latest products and technologies in beauty and wellness to our loyal customers.
Today, being one of the largest spas in the country, we offer a comprehensive range of services which include facial treatments, slimming therapies, therapeutic massages and revitalizing spa sessions. Providing head to toe body wellness programmes, all of our spa treatments are carried out by experienced and dedicated therapists in conducive and serene spa settings that will tempt one to return for more.

About 3D Gua Sha Facelift
Gua Sha, a traditional detox technique regains your youthful facial appearance by reducing wrinkles, sagging skin and dark circles.
Gua Sha dates back to 3000 years in Eastern healing traditions. It includes the use of a small medicinal board tool to gently massage, manipulate and stimulate along the meridians of the face and body to promote “Qi” (energy) flow and remove accumulated toxins. Other than facial detox and energetic stimulation, gua sha is also ideal for facial contouring and lifting. Its beauty benefits include reducing the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, dark eye circles, puffy eyes, age spots, discolouration and an overall dull complexion.
With 18 acupressure facial points, Body Contour Premier's signature 3D Gua Sha Facelift using Murad's products consist of a series of treatments catered to different skin conditions (normal, oily, dry and combination skin, except acne and pimple skin, sensitive, sun burn, recent surgery, intensive peeling, and laser).
By removing excess toxins the natural way will make one feel healthier from the inside out. The skin's restoration function is stimulated, awakening its healing ability to regenerate, firm and lift the whole face. The inner vitality of the face is activated on many levels; the facial fascia, the facial muscle and the different skin levels. Multiple levels are stimulated to bring forth the youthful appearance of facial contours, smooth out wrinkles and lift sagging from neck and jaw line.
Body Contour Premier's techniques activate the acupuncture points too but without using needles. The health benefits include the promotion of lymph drainage, detoxing the channel system, restoring the normal “Qi” and blood flow of the facial area.
Our cells accumulate free radical damage over time, contributing to aging. The 3D Gua Sha Facelift is anti-free radical and aids in anti-aging prevention to the skin. It is not just a skin deep treatment for a temporary effect. Activating the energy flow, it promotes youth and balance from within, allowing you to look healthier from the inside out and improving overall health and well-being.

Body Contour Premier 3D Gua Sha Facelift
This is one of the many rooms that Body Contour Premier has.

The first thing I saw when I lay down was this big long beautiful lighting. Pretty awesome isn't it? ^_^

Here's my makeup face, a little matte yet oily.

Close-up where you can see the greasiness as well as the large pores.

Step 1: Skin Preparation
The skin is cleansed and exfoliated to prep for the facial. A pomegranate exfoliating mask is used to restore, revitalise and balance the skin.

My makeup is removed before skin is cleansed and exfoliated.

So here's my bare face with makeup removed and an exfoliating mask was applied.

After cleansing, an acupressure wood stick (or a massage stick) is used to act on multiple precise points on my face for improving blood circulation. Acupressure is often used as a healing art to stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities. After the acupressure, the therapist gave me a light facial massage using massage oil.

Step 2: Treat & Rejuvenate
In this phase, hydration and collagen levels are promoted by Murad's Hydrolyte Moisture Infusion and Rapid Collagen Infusion. Gua Sha is performed using an oil-free soothing massage cream by Murad, restoring the skin's suppleness and revealing a smoother silkier skin.

Following video shows the 3D Gua Sha done on my shoulder. As you can see, whenever the device goes up to the side of my neck, a big "vein" shows up. This is because of the high radio frequency wave from the device going through my body making my muscles moved involuntarily (kinda like spasm lolx~). As I regard myself having rather high pain tolerance when comes to facial (eg. extraction, etc), so I consider this treatment rather painless.

Next is 3D Gua Sha done on half of my face. Again, part of my my face twitched due to the high frequency waves and there was little jolt of electricity felt when the device touched my forehead. It wasn't anything painful, just a bit sore in the bones since the flesh around that area is thin. People who have sensitive skin or has low pain tolerance may want to inform the therapist so the treatment can begin with a lower frequency. I told my therapist that I have a sensitive patch on the right side of my mouth so she avoided doing the gua sha too many times over that area. However, I was told that this treatment is not adviced for customers who have sensitive skin. As for my skin, the sensitivity issue is mainly triggered only by acidic products or over-exfoliation (as mentioned in my previous blogpost) so I was willing to give this 3D Gua Sha a try.

Step 3: Setting (Mask)
A soothing cream mask is used to provide deep conditioning to calm and nurture the skin. After which, the firming treatment mask is used to increase firmness and hydration of the skin.

Right after the 3D Gua Sha, a soothing mask was applied to calm my skin and another mask applied to firm it.

Here's a close-up of the second mask. It is translucent white and has a thick gelish consistency. When applying, I was adviced to close my eyes because once the mask sets, it will slowly dry up and harden.

This mask took a while (about 15 mins or so) to turn dry and once dried, I could feel that my skin is a little bit tight and my eye lids couldn't open (not supposed to anyways. hhaax~ ^^"). The mask gave my skin a tightening firming effect after it was removed.

Step 4: Skin Hydration / Moisturisation
The skin is treated with a series of hydration and moisturising formula and serums to promote healthy collagen and hydration levels. Restoration of a more youthful appearance.

Step 5: Moisturise Skin
To wrap up the treatment, Murad's Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture is used to provide a lasting moisture for the skin. Along with Murad's Invisiblur Perfecting Shield to prime and provide a bright and radiant skin.
The 3D Gua Sha Facelift with Murad’s Age Reform and Resurgence treatment spans across 90 minutes. The treatment aids in promoting healthy skin and facial lifting look.

In the following pic you can see that my face look pretty shiny from all the hydration and also the skincare and sunscreen. It looked glossy to me and I would feel that it's quite greasy but to others they felt that my skin looked really radiant and rejuvenated after the treatment. Normally after any facial treatment I would still use a piece of dry tissue to lightly press against my skin to take away the shine because my skin being the combination oily type with overactive oil glands, could easily become very oily after a while if I didn't keep the skin surface dry (not the dry skin type of dry, just the not too glossy & greasy kind of dry ^,^").

After the facial treatment, I was asked to consume lots of liquid and also put on hydration mask and hydrating skin care products. That's because the skin will become dehydrated and very thirsty after the 3D Gua Sha Facelift treatment. And I was really obedient! hehex..^▽^)~ I put on the most hydrating face mask and applied hyrating products (I even used hydrating creams which usually are heavy and greasy on my type of skin on normal days) to quench that thirsty skin.

The very next day I woke up with a super duper 'toufu' smooth skin. It was so smooth that I couldn't make out if it was because I didn't cleanse off last night's skin care properly or my skin was really just super smooth. That morning I used a cleansing water (it's my daily morning skincare routine), washed off and tried touching my face. It felt smooth and somewhat.... slimy. I was puzzled so I tried using a little facial foam to cleanse my skin and the slimy 'tofu' smooth texture was still there. My skin did not look any smoother though, my old spots and scars were there but it just felt entirely different when I touched it. As I was going out that day, I put on makeup and I was amazed how long my makeup lasted. It did not look oily especially the T-zone, cheeks and areas down the nasolabial folds. I did not do any touch up and there was no need for me to even blend off any trapped foundation on my laugh lines. I was out from early morning til late night so it was about more than 10 hours. I was so so happy that I still look pretty good at the end of the day!

After 4 days
After a few days, my skin still feel silky smooth and started to LOOK smooth too. The pores are not as large as the ones before treatment, they are visibly smaller now. My spots however didn't leave me. One started popping up on the side of my cheek and and there were a couple hidden under the skin. Since the facelift treatment wasn't really meant for acne type skin (I only have mild adult acne so I'm ok to go for the treatment) therefore I did not expect my acne to go away, considering that I'm also going through that time of the month. Ok, nevermind those spots, I have good news to say. Infact many good news! Not only did my skin look smooth, pores refined, it also felt really supple, firm and my most concerned area - the redness at my nasolobial folds were reduced too! In the following photos you can clearly see that there's redness around corner of my nose due to broken capillaries and the redness extended downwards along the nasolabial folds (laugh lines). That's because of skin aging. Aging skin sags and I think that's why the skin around my laugh lines are red, because of the skin 'pulling' down. But I can assure you that the below pics are showing the mild version of my redness. It used to be really red that I would feel embarrassed going out without concealing those red lines. After the skin was lifted resulting in less skin "pulling", the red lines appeared less obvious.

Small red spots can be seen at bottom of my chin, they are small inflammation building up under the skin. Aside from that, I kind of thought that those "dimples" (aka chin dimpling/ peach pit/ peau d'orange) on my chin looked less visible too when I smile. Actually they appear even when my mouth is closed and not doing any expression. You can refer to my bare face taken during treatment where you will spot some dots and lines of shadow on lower part of my chin. The uneven skin texture you saw is mostly a result of repeated contractions of the mentalis (chin muscle). The treatment has indeed helped to smooth out the region and minimise the appearance of chin dimples too.

After 6 days
Since the acne spots did not subside, I decided to start using an acne gel on the targeted areas. These spots might look abit nasty but I was not irritated by them because as the days passed, the after-effects from the facial treatment became stronger. I felt my skin became more plumped and rounded than saggy and boney looking.
I took the following photos after putting on skincare thus the difference from the photos shown above. When I touch my skin, the skin that's already red will turn redder which explains why the area around my nose and laugh lines were red.
Comparing the below pic with the previous, my nasolabial folds look obviously more plumped making the fold or the shadow at my laugh lines less visible.

The inflammation under my chin started to become obvious bumps. I continued using acne gel on my chin to prevent them from growing any bigger and also prevent new ones from popping up.
Ignore the redness under my mouth... lower part of my chin appeared smoother than previous yes? ^_^

After 7 days
Following pic shows my skin with light foundation (CC Cream) on. Look at the smooth texture and the shine! With makeup, my skin looked really luminous, glowy, and even.

As I have mentioned at the beginning of my post, I monitored my skin for almost a month and I found out that the smooth and even skin texture actually lasted as long as 3-4 weeks! But of course, skin could not maintain at its tip top condition without the daily skincare routine and the weekly skin exfoliation. I did my skin exfoliation about once to twice a week plus purifying and hydrating mask once a week. With a basic hydrating skincare regimen, I can still achieve really smooth skin up til today. And not forgetting, after using acne gel on my blemishes, my skin appeared even smoother after they have subsided. ^_^
Like I always say, I'm very concerned of my nasolabial folds getting deeper and deeper. My laugh lines would often extend til below the corner of my mouth and about half way down towards my jaw and when I laugh, it is very obvious. More often than not, it would trap foundation after I laughed which I would need to use my fingers to blend it off. This happens almost every single time I laugh. With the facelift treatment, I hardly ever had this problem! Which is why I really love the treatment because of the awesome lifting firming effect. I had about a full month of younger looking skin just after one treatment and that also made me look alot fresher with or without make up.
I was really amazed with the results that the 3D Gua Sha gave. There's no need to go under the knife or endure painful and costly injections for a younger looking skin actually, since technology nowadays are so  advanced.

Body Contour Premier's Interior
My review's over and now for a tour around Body Contour! ^.^p/ The place is pretty huge, includes indoor and outdoor space.
Their outdoor facilities mainly include bathrooms, spa room (as shown above), steam bath and resting area (shown below). These facilities are available only for female customers.

Body Contour Premier carries several products. One of which is the well-known brand, Murad.

Body Contour Premier provides not only facial treatments but many other services too, like slimming and hormonal management. There are also products available for customers' purchase after such treatments, like these Traditional Chinese Treatment for pelvic care.

Body Contour Premier
50 East Coast Road Roxy Square Shopping Centre #03-14 S428769 (Opposite Parkway Parade)
Contact: 6841 1141
View here for their Operating Hours 
It was my first time going to Roxy Square so I wasn't sure how to get to Body Contour. But luckily I wasn't lost as I entered the building from an overhead bridge (opposite the road) and walked all the way straight into the mall, then following the signage to enter into Roxy Square II where Body Contour is at.

Other outlets:
30 Hill Street #01-30 S179360 (Near City Hall MRT)
22 Malacca Street Level 5 RB Capital Building S048980 (Near Raffles Place MRT)
1 Plymouth Avenue Raffles Town Club S297753 (Open to Public)

Body Contour Premier's 3D Gua Sha Facelift is available at all Body Contour Premier outlets at SGD$380 for the 90 minutes treatment. First trial is available at SGD$48.

Other treatment and therapy available:


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