Review: 7 Day Brightening Challenge With Creme Simon Brightening Detox

Hiiiiiii~ Just so you know the person beside me is my man~ Lolx...
Anyhoo, I have just completed the 7 Day Brightening Challenge using 2 Creme Simon products from the Brightening Detox series.
As per posted in my instagram, I've recently completed the Creme Simon #7dayBrighteningChallenge. This post will be a more detailed review of the 2 products and better photo resolution for the image as well as additional image comparison of my skin.

Creme Simon Brightening Detox
Thanks to Creme Simon for sending me the Brightening Detox Gentle Double Exfoliation Scrub and Lymphatic Contouring & Lifting Gel along with a beautfiul note book in a nice big tin tray! ^_^ Gota keep all of them for my own use~

Creme Simon products are always packed in simple yet delicate boxes.

Product details shown on the back of the boxes.

Ingredients are also listed on the side of the boxes. Both products are suitable to be used for all climate & seasons.

Here shows the scrub and the gel. Sometimes I kind of hope the product packaging could look different so I can easily recognise them instead of having to hold them up and read the names everytime before using them.

Expiry date sticker is pasted on the actual product itself. On the back of the products also show how to use them.

Here shows the amount of Scrub + Gel. It is a little more than 1 part of scrub (about almost 2) with 3 parts of gel. After the first exfoliation, I reduced the amount of the scrub to 1 part.

How to use?
After mixing the scrub and gel together on my palm, I spread them around on my hand and then massage onto face in circular motion. I use them every alternate nights starting from a mix of a little more than 1 part of scrub with 3 parts of gel. Then changed to 1 part of scrub with 3 parts gel.

Before & After
Left Face
So here goes the post of my not-so-pretty skin over 1-week use of scrub & gel. (click image to enlarge)
Most left pic shows the my skin on the 1st night after exfoliating. 2nd pic shows my skin after exfoliation on the 3rd night. Next shows the 5th night and lastly the 7th night.
Clearly, you can see that my post acne scars looked slightly lightened (not totally removed as scars won't heal that fast) and the skin texture smoothened a lot on the last day of my 1-week DIY exfoliating treatment.
*Note: No filter or Photoshop (blurring) done on the skin pics except raising exposure and/or brightness + sharpness. 

Right Face
As my right face has lesser post acne scar marks so the before after pics do not show a big difference that is why I show the left face on my instagram.
But you can see that the smoothness and the radiance were increased while the uneven skintone reduced on this side of the face. It seems that the dark patches on my skin surface kind of evened out at the last day of the 1-week exfoliation treatment.

The exfoliating experience was pretty unique. The gel thickens the exfoliant, enables better maneuverability and reduces irritation that could cause by physical scrubbing alone or over-exfoliating, thus the reason why this could be done on alternate nights for a week.
As I have dull, oily combination skin (with tons of dead skin cells) so it was alright for me to exfoliate every other day. For those who maybe afraid of over-scrubbing or have sensitive skin, could try once every 3 days for a week instead.
I also did purifying and hydrating mask treatment on one of the days right after exfoliating. It was instant radiance & hydration boost for my skin!
Over the 7-day Brightening Challenge, I gained smoother, supple, radiant skin and spots were less visible that only require foundation (no concealer needed) to hide them.
To be frank, I have been using Brightening Detox Gentle Double Exfoliation Scrub for quite a long time and really loving it but it has never come across my mind that I can use it with the Lymphatic Contouring & Lifting Gel. When using the scrub alone, it could be a little harsh on my skin at times as the beads feel quite rough so the physical scrubbing must be done gently and I avoid over-scrubbing.
While for the gel, I've used it before but I did not really fancy the feel of the gel after massage, as it was oily on my skin. I'm kind of afraid that it might break me out, even though it could be wash off after use.
With the addition of the gel, the scrub really felt less scratchy against the skin and the oil from the gel did not stick to my skin (since my skin is damp as I do exfoliation during bathtime) thus I feel they are a really good combi. And they made me want to continue using them too. ^_^
Now I kind of wonder if I could continue using these 2 products on alternate nights even after the 1-week exfoliating treatment.. ^,^ Perhaps I could try twice a week for now just incase it could over-scrub my skin.

And lastly here goes a pic of me with my glowing smooth skin~ (minimum filter used. kekeke~ >∇<)


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