My Mini Watch Collection & Ted Baker Watches

I guess some of you might already know (through my Instagram) that I have been packing my home lately. And I gota say I got a drawer dedicated to watches and glasses now! (^_^♪ I used to place them everywhere til I couldn't find them. But now I display them side by side in a drawer so I can look and admire them everytime.

I wish I could wear some of them but most have stopped working because the batteries have run out. While thinking of getting their batteries changed, I've also thought about how often I actually put on watches. Frankly speaking I don't wear them often. I wear them mostly during special occasion or when I'm trying to find something to match my outfit. I treat watches like they are a part of fashion accessories.. I mean they are, aren't they?
I'm wondering what other watches I could add to my collection.. Well, my collection ain't huge and to be frank, all of them are gift from my man and friends! ^,^" That's why I thought perhaps it's time I should consider getting one myself? There is this particular pink watch with a cat on the dial that my friend, Sel, got me and I must say that I really enjoy wearing it. The slim strap makes my hand look feminine (cos my hand ain't that feminine lookin') so I'm thinking maybe I could have another of the similar design and colour.
I've always loved nude shades and when I think of such colour, I think of Ted Baker. The feminine yet cute shades of pink that is like a mix of soft coral, peach and beige... their nude shades are oh so lovely! (♡▽♡)
I checked out Ted Baker Singapore on Google and as usual my favourite shopping website, Zalora, came up in the search. I clicked in and a list of Ted Baker's watches appeared.

As usual, my habit is to sort the list by "Discount" to check out what are the sale items. kekex~ (>w<) Sadly there wasn't a design I liked.

I then saw this Ted Baker Floral Dial Gold/ Black Leather Strap Watch that has floral design on the dial, gold casing and Roman hour markings. It's really elegant and so... victorian and has this antique feel to it. I totally love it!

A close-up view of the dial. ♥ So lovely, isn't it?

Thisssss look not bad too~ A rose gold case with cream leather strap.. something that I would want to wear. Moreover it has 2 subdials which i believe are chronograph? I have always love what look like mini clocks on a dial although I do not know how they actually function. lolx..

Oooo how about one that has chronometer subdials?

This timepiece is lovely to look at because of the colour. A stone beige look with metallic bracelet. I like the dial, the casing but sadly the metal bracelet isn't what I'm looking for. Nonetheless, it was fun to "monitor shop" (instead of window shop.. get it? lolx~) these watches and could slowly take my time to view the details without anyone interrupting my personal online shopping time. ^_^

Do you have any fashion accessories that you like wearing? Or any that you are learning to wear, like how I'm learning to wear my watches? ^_^


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