Review: Ribena® Sparkling Cans

Ribena is a long-selling fruit juice brand that not only I but everyone else is familiar with. The one beverage that many drank it as a child.
I can still remember how I wanted my mum and my grandma to make me a cold icy drink of Ribena from the old school big glass bottle of concentrated blackcurrant juice. And now as an adult, I've moved on to drinking different kinds of beverage such as something that could perk me up during work (like Brand's) or exercise (like Lucozade) and ultimately forgotten about that special drink I used to love.

And so, Ribena made a comeback sometime ago this year with some fizzzzz! It's made for people like me who are always busy and running about, in and out of the home and offices or under the hot humid weather. Everything now is made simpler and easier to buy, to open, to consume. Just like these Ribena® Sparkling Cans.
Thanks to Suntory Beverage and Food Singapore (SBFS), I got to take a step back during my spring cleaning at home (not really Spring yet but yes, I'm doing major cleaning these couple weeks) and relish in the comfort of these Ribena® Sparkling Cans.

Amazing how they dressed up the can in a jar and nope it's not Christmas yet.. ^,^" Just look at the beautiful decorated jar with LEDs in it! It kind of made me wished it was X'mas.
- NEW sparkling blackcurrant beverage by Ribena®
- Contains 24mg of Vitamin C
- One of the lowest sugar levels as compared to other carbonated drinks
- High antioxidant
- Suitable for all age group, young and old alike 

Someone did this crochet handle for the jar! Amazing... *claps* I wonder what else can this thing hold? Perhaps... my cat? Lolx~

Close-up of the deco and the Ribena Sparkling Can inside it.

Ribena Sparkling Can is, yes, lightly sparkling. The fiizz is not too much that would make me burp non-stop. I like how they make it really light, exactly what's stated on the can. I've also served a can of Ribena Sparkling to my friend and he like the fizzy feel too! It's super easy to get, to open, to drink. Saves alot of my time from making a fresh cup of Ribena drink using concentrated squash, water and ice.
Ribena Sparkling Cans definitely have to go in the fridge since it's carbonated. Otherwise it wouldn't taste cooling and the fizz will drop.

About the taste, it is unlike the very sweetened blackcurrant drink that I used to prefer. (I love very sweet Ribena drinks when I was young but now I like less sweetened stuffs) It is not too sweet that would make me pucker. I would say the sweetness level is just nice for me, slightly below average sweetness. I'm now watching my daily sugar intake so I would usually look at the nutrition facts before drinking any bottled or can drinks.
If you want to know, here's the Nutritional Information of the Ribena Sparkling Can. Click to enlarge pic.

I've now got family members and a couple of friends who love drinking Ribena Sparkling Cans. Are you one of them too? ^_^

Where to buy?
Available at all leading supermarkets and convenience stores island-wide

Ribena® Sparkling Can (325ml) SGD$1.45/each can, SGD$6.20/6 cans in a pack


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