Review: Beauty Hope PTD Magic Treatment

A couple weeks back I was invited for a facial treatment at Beauty Hope. As always, I'll post before and after pics for this facial treatment and you'll get to see how much clearer my skin had become.
And now here's a photo of me as per posted in my Instagram. ^_^ I duno why I looked so shy in the pic.. lolx~

Beauty Hope @ Relaxing (AMK)
I'm pretty familiar with the streets at Ang Mo Kio central so I didn't find it difficult get to Beauty Hope. ^_^ Beauty Hope entrance is actually located at the back of the block. It was easy to spot when I walked towards the block from Ang Mo Kio MRT.

My road to flawless skin! lolx~

The stairway looked beautifully decorated. ^,^

At their main waiting area. I love the furnishing (the sofa!) as well as the ambience. ^.^

Check out their country chic style furniture and deco~ I am sho inlove with these furnishing! (♥▽♥) I too am getting country style furniture and deco for my own home and I'd updated my instagram with my purchases. Do check them out on my IG if you like this style too~ ^,~v

Awww.. Teddy bears ♡

Also, I spotted some interesting notices in their restroom. There's Beauty Hope mobileapp available for download in both Google Play & App Store. And there are notices to remind us not to give away our details and to let them know if their service isn't good. I consider this as a good service already if you ask me. ^_^

Alrighty, before I begin the journey to my clear skin, here's a photo of me with Joselyn from Gotideas along with Beauty Hope beauty therapists. Look at my silly shy pose again.. hahax..~

After my makeup was removed, my beauty therapist looked at my skin. She mentioned that I have congested skin and some of the products that I used, probably an eyecream, had caused my pores to clog under my eyes and cheek areas. Aside from congested skin, I also have dehyrated skin condition. I have already known that my skin is dry despite having oily combination skin type. Dehydrated skin maybe due to aging, not drinking enough water, uv rays and not hydrating my skin enough using the right skincare products. To me, aging skin is something that I can not control but I could make myself drink more water each day. I guess I need to remind myself to do that everyday as to prevent my skin from dehyrating even more.
As can see from above, there are small reddish clogged pores found on one of my cheeks plus a couple tiny minor skin tags. Saggy dry skin caused redness along my nasolabial fold (laugh lines). I'm very much concern of my laugh lines that are sunken thus most of the time I tend to apply heavier skincare products such as anti-aging and moisturising creams on them which may also cause clogged pores.

There are a couple of mild pigmentation found on my cheeks as well as post-acne scars and marks. Overall my skin looked dry and oily at the same time with some congestion and marks.
And so after examining my skin, my beauty therapist decided to do the PTD Magic Treatment on me.

PTD Magic Treatment
Newly launched PTD Magic Treatment originates from Japan which uses low energy UV-free light therapy that helps in increasing fibroblasts for collagen production.
Thanks to the advance cutting edge technology from Japan, your skin will look brighter and youthful as the light energy stimulates cellular renewal.
It also helps to reduce fine lines and calm the skin. Because of its astringent properties, it gives the skin a soothing effect and reduces sebum production.
PTD Magic Treatment has three different Light Therapy: Red, Blue and Purple.

My beauty therapist carried out the following treatment procedure according to my skin needs:
1. Cleansing to remove makeup - As mentioned earlier
2. Soft Peel - Remove impurities and dead skin cells. Skin immediately brightens and looks clearer, 1/2 face was done to show me the difference
3. D-Sonic Treatment (they call it Skin Scrubber) - Vibration helps loosen up impurities inside the pores and removes them from the pores. The scrubber removes superficial dead skin cells and provides deep cleansing effects to prepare skin for further treatments. This type of treatment wasn't my first as I had done it several times in the past. It was and still is one of my favourite treatment because all the gunk were lifted from my pores and could immediately felt my skin was super smooth and clear.

Below shows my skin after the D-Sonic Treatment and as you can see my skin had turned red. It was because I got so much gunk inside my pores especially around the corners of my nose that the beauty therapist had to go through a couple rounds to clear them off. (She told me, sorry it maybe painful but we gota get them. And in my mind, I went OH Yes Pls! Lolx~) Usually I consider myself having high pain tolerance so even though I may be already tearing during such treatment or from extraction, I can still go on for a long time. For this treatment step, if you do not have congested skin like I do, you may want to request your therapist to go light on you. ^_^

Opps, kinda feeling embarrassed showing my gunk on the Skin Scrubber device.. ^,^"

4. Eyebrow Shaping - Wow I didn't know there's eyebrow shaping service too! I was pretty awed by this additional service and was glad that my therapist asked if I want them plucked or shaved. I was happy that she seeked my permission before doing it because my brow hairs are far spaced thus I try my very best to save every single strand of hair (including hair on my scalp hahax~). I never pluck any of them unless they are grown way off. So I told my therapist to shave them. ^_^
5. Extraction - After the eyebrow shaping step (also a step to allow my skin to rest and calm down from the scrubbing), my therapist moved on to pore extraction. There are SOoooo many gunk in the pores on my nose. Sometimes I wonder how much of these icky substances can one human carry.. (u_u") Alright it sounds wrong, sorry shouldn't have said that. lolx~ Nonetheless, I'm again happy that the therapist had carried out a very detailed extraction and went all in to help me get rid of those gunk. Especially the few big white heads which had bothered me for a long time as they were stuck under my skin. In the next pic, you can see a tiny red dot on my nose and there's the exact place the white head was and now it's gone! ^o^

6. Gentle massage - After extraction, it's time for my skin to relax. Therapist did a face, neck and decollete massage on me using some kind of massage oil.

7. Bio Treatment - Electricity triggers cellular renewal to enhance skin's ability for better absorption of products and increasing penetration of products into deeper layer of skin.
To prepare for the Bio Treatment, the therapist prep my skin by applying a layer of mask and then put on a a soaked mask sheet. She proceeded to place a white cover with pockets to hold the electrodes. At first I didn't feel any different when she asked if it felt heavy. Then one by one came the electrodes inserted into the pockets and I was still fine with the slightly heavy equipment. Not until a few mintues later, I begun feeling the weight on my face. Check out my alien face with those electrodes! lolx~

8. LED Treatment - Low energy UV-free light therapy in Red helps in skin brightening and stimulates fibre cells to increase skin elasticity and reduce fine lines.

So, do I look like an alien or, a predator? lolx.. With those electrode cables stretching out from my face, I totally look like some predator yah? You know, their hair really resembles the cables on my head. kekkee...
Ok joke aside, for this treatment, I actually felt okay and I could breathe normally despite what looked like 10kg stuffs placed on my face. Every few minutes past, my face could feel the equipment getting a little heavier but again, still breathable. ^_^

9. Calming & Soothing Mask - After about 15 minutes or so (I wasn't counting time), finally my therapist relieved me of the equipment. The moment she pulled them off, I went "Ooooohu~". (shiok! ^▽^) Then I was left with a calming & soothing mask for sometime.

10. Moisturise - Treatment ends with a simple moisturiser applied on my face.

My experience at Beauty Hope was welcoming, fun, and I was totally at ease because the therapists there didn't rush me through the treatment. Infact they did not rush me from the moment I stepped in. My beauty therapist asked if I was in a hurry and I replied that I wasn't then she requested to have the masks left on slightly longer. I was totally fine with that as I prefer to spend longer time during facial (so I could sleep. hehex~).
To me, it was a slow (not sloth slow if you know what I mean.. ^-^"), steady, detailed facial treatment. My therapist was focused and did a really good job especially the extraction part. I did not expect her to have extracted every single spots that had annoyed me for the past few months or maybe a year. I knew it was difficult for her because some were hidden under the skin surface. It was one of the steps that made me add so much points to this treatment.
Besides that, the treatment was soothing, somewhat magical (because of the predator head thingy.. lolx~), and rejuvenating. When I stepped out of the room and looked at the mirror, my skin looked so bright and clear! Redness however could still be seen on my cheeks and my laugh lines mainly due to the extraction.
When I got home, some parts of my skin still appeared reddish. It took roughly half a day to a day for the redness to subside. The next day I woke up with the same clear skin and less the redness. There was a small patch near my chin area where I felt slight itchiness though.
I seldom have skin sensitivity issues except for times like when I used certain facial mask sheets which were not suitable for my skin, over-exfoliated my skin using acids and used of hair dye powder (on my hair not face, obviously). I would then get a dry itchy patch near my chin & mouth area. This time, it happened at the exact same place again.
To be fair, I need to say that I actually did my daily skincare regimen that very night after the treatment. And as many would know, I use quite alot of products on my skin each time, some of which contains mild amount of acids. It could possibly be caused by over-exfoliating because I had already gone through multiple deep cleansing steps during the treatment. Besides, I totally did not feel any itichiness right after the treatment. Based on my past few experiences, this skin sensitive issue would usually hit me right away if the product or ingredients did not suit my skin. I should have known better not to use too much products after a treatment as my skin was already so plumped up with all the good stuffs.
Nonetheless, overall my skin still looked good. Much more radiant, supple and very, VERY clear. ^_^

After 2 days
Here's a pic of my skin after 2 days. The redness from those clogged pores (inflammation + white heads) were gone (try spotting those under my eyes in my 'before pic' and compare with this 'after' pic) and what's left were couple of skin tags. My post-acne scars appeared less visible now (They looked almost gone in compare to 2 months ago). There was 1 small inflammed spot near my jaw area but I did not worry about it as it looked like it's gonna popped out by itself soon. What's important is that the pores on my skin though visible in these pics, are actually clear from gunk. Did you see any clogged pores? Nope I didn't. ^,^

After 3 days
And the next day, the tiny spot began to subside. Still, the skin looks pretty flawless from this view. ^_^v~ I'm so happy that the post-acne scars did not look obvious anymore (near jawline area if you can't spot them) so less concealer for me when I do my makeup! ^_^

Last but not least, there is one thing I must say about the treatment that made a huge difference to my skin (besides the clear skin that I'm now proud of). That is, my skin felt a lot more hydrated and my laugh lines totally did not trap any foundation when I laughed! Ok.. that's actually 2 things. hahax~
I realised it when I went out with makeup the next day. The whole day I was laughing and smiling and I'm usually very concious of my laugh lines which made me wana check them every hour making sure my foundation powder did not get trapped in those areas. Who knows.... no trapped foundation was found on my nasolabial folds. Aside from less wrinkles and plumped skin, my skin felt much more hydrated too as my sebum production (T-zone area) was much in control. It did not oil up like nobody business. ^_^
I hope anyone who goes for PTD Magic Treatment would experience the wonders of this treatment like I did. But of course, one treatment does not do the magic trick for whole life. I believe by religiously going for treatments every now and then would definitely make it even better and the benefits your skin gets will be prolonged.

PTD Magic Treatment SGD$380

Promo Price by Quote
Quote "JONES" and enjoy this state-of-art beauty treatment at only SGD$68. * T&C Apply
Contact Beauty Concierge at +65 96477571 to find out more on Beauty Hope's latest promotion!

Beauty Hope @ Relaxing (AMK)
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Contact: +65 64582293

Alternatively, there's also the Bugis outlet if you prefer town area. ^_^
Beauty Hope @ Relaxing (Bugis)
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Contact: +65 68832293

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