Fashion & Hair: Recent OOTDs & KMS Workshop

It's been a long time since I last posted OOTDs on my blog. Sometimes I don't even know what's the purpose of doing it anymore since many people are often on social media platforms like FB, Twitter, Instagram. I do post over those platforms too but it's hard to type much words since they have limited no. of words that I can tdo so. =\
Ok no more complains, here goes my post which is a collage of photos taken weeks back. ^_^

Here's one of my outfit, wearing my fresh new socks bought from Rose Bullet. I actually have a drawer full of new stockings and socks that I bought.. Not sure when I can clear them off.. hahax~ (^▽^") 
Totally love this blue-red checkers design~Matching so well with my Carlo Rino ribbon strap heels!

And here's my OOTD which I wore to Candela Cosmetics event. I will blog about the event soon in coming next few posts. ^_^
My cropped top is from NastyGal which I love to wear as US S size fits me really well. Their clothes are suitable for tall gals like me. And the washed denim pencil skirt is from TEMT. Totally loving the skirt design, fitting and the strong blue shade! This season is all about denims!

Mimi joins me in my OOTD. ^_^

Frankly speaking, I only get to "show off" my flat tummy after I religiously exercise by hula hooping and playing badminton. Also, I diet by eating more lean meat, more fibre and less carbo, less fried. I avoid snacking at all costs by replacing them with fruits and plain water. I'm so glad I got to the desired weight within half a year or less. Infact, I slimmed down more than I expected. My usual for the past 10 years was actually 54~55kg, then I bloated til about 59~60kg from a M to L size. And now, I am at 52~53kg! (I reckon the reason being I'm aging so there's lack of collagen thus weight loss.)
Sometimes I will still balloon back a little when I get lazy for few weeks to months but eventually I will get my motivation back and then slim down again. ^.^ I feel so much healthier and lighter. *boing boing*

Blue red blue red ♥ totally love this matching outfit and hosiery! ^_^
Oh and look at my messy hair.. Next you'll see me in a total different hair style!

In this pic, I'm showing my before and after bleached and dyed hair using 2 bottles of Gatsby bleach and Hoyu BeautyLabo Hair Colour. Though Gatsby is a bleach but its ammonia smell is not as strong and stinging as Hoyu's. I find it weird that Hoyu BeautyLabo Hair Colour gave out such strong smell even when I'm standing few metres away from my man. Anyways, BeautyLabo hair colour didn't work on my bleached hair. It didn't turn medium brown, it made my hair look more yellowish. Maybe next time I'll try Gatsby hair colour instead.
(Pls, ignore my super big forehead. lolx)

Day after I bleached and dyed my hair, I went to KMS Haircut workshop as their model. And I met +Autumn Candy Wang ! ^_^ It's been shooo long since I met her! Still as pretty as always~

I'm kinda missing my long hair... But I don't miss the hassle it had given me. lolx~ 
BTW, funny thing happened at the workshop. After my dear friend Beng Lee (the guy in black back facing me in below pic) knew that I'm gonna cut my hair short, he requested his team mate to keep my hair for training purpose! And I said, pls do not put any curse on me using my hair! lolx~ Actually this ain't the first time I 'sponsored' my hair to centres, I did it few times already. ^_^

And TADAH! Here's my short hair! I loveeeeeee it! Do you too?

Love love love the perm! ARGH... too bad these are just temporary curls. I seeked several hairstylists' advice for hair perms and all of them said that such dry and bleached hair cannot go through digital perm. It will not stay and will go back to straight hair again. I was so sad to hear that and the truth hurts me.... >m<)....

My hairstylist for the workshop was Joseph from Kenjo Hair Salon. He said that he and his team do many hair perms for customers everyday. So much so that they already got used to the high number of hair perm requests. So if you want permanent curls kinda like mine (but mine's temporary), do look for Joseph or any hairstylists from Kenjo! They are located at Plaza Sing. ^,^

On the very day, I walked in the rain after the workshop and see what happened to my hair after an hour... Lolx~ Temporary curls sux... (>_<;)

Last but not least, my most recent OOTD when going out with Selphie. Selphie and I selfied. Lolx~

Nothing much of an OOTD as I was lazy to think of what to wear but I just realised we both were in blue... It's a blue blue day~ As my hair began growing longer, my fringe kind of automatically did that wave thing by itself (as seen below). After all these hair dye and hair cut stuffs, I experienced something weird while I was shopping with Selphie. Maybe bcause of my hair colour and my height, a caucasian I walked passed said I had nice hair and asked if I'm local. I raised an eyebrow and said yap! with a smile.... then a question mark appeared in my mind. Do I not look asian enough for people to have asked that question? Moreover that wasn't the first time I got questioned if I'm Singaporean. *scratches head*
Alright, so basically, I'm so loving my hair now..(♥o♥) Have been wanting to do this kind of hairstyle since last year! This hairstyle may be difficult to maintain at times as it would appear bad on some days when it's untamed but if I'm going out, I would usually blow or curl it well enough to look decent. Overall, it's taking 683514649082 minutes less of my time everyday to wash, blow and style my short hair now in compare to my previous hairstyle. Time is precious so yap, short hair for at least a year now I guess. ^,^


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