Event & Promo: SOTHYS Premium Salon @ Bishan Opening Celebration

A week ago, I've visited SOTHYS Premium Salon @ Bishan for a re-opening celebration after their reno. Even though I lived pretty near Bishan last time and am quite familiar with the blocks around Junction 8, it was still my first time visiting the salon.
Before I begin showing photos I took during the visit, here's what you would be expecting from this post. As mentioned in my Instagram, SOTHYS is having promotion for one of their products and also facial treatments. If you have not seen it, you can read it at the end of this blogpost. Also, I will be showing some detailed shots of the ampoules, not yet a review as I'm waiting for the right time to use them. ^_^

So at the event, I was pampered by SOTHYS people with good food and confectionery. Chocolate yum yum.. I had recently cut down on sweet stuffs plus I wasn't in the right mood (prob cos lack of sleep) when they presented me with this tray of nice chocolatey stuffs so I only had 2 macarons. =\ Anyhow, it was great that they gave me that because I have not had macaron for a long time! After I ate this, I think my cravings for confections vanished. ^,^

SOTHYS Premium Salon @ Bishan
SOTHYS Premium Salon is located at the ground floor at Blk 513, immediately spotted the signage before I cross the road from Bishan Bus Interchange.

The premium salon is a combination of a retail outlet and a beauty salon where one can go in for a skin consultation, enjoy a facial/ body treatment as well as buy the products off from the shelves. Here shows SOTHYS products displayed in the premium salon that are available for sale.

Products are categorised into such: Luxuries for less, Age management, Body pampering, Must-haves, Skin personality and Skin illuminator.

The testers placed in the center for all to try before purchasing.

In SOTHYS Premium Salon there are a few facial treatment rooms and one body treatment room.

There's also lockers for customers to lock up their belongings before their treatments.

I was given a complimentary Paraffin Hand Spa and again, it was my first time doing wax hand treatment. ^_^" (I am such a mountain tortoise!) I must say the wax was kinda hot so it took me sometime to get used to the temperature by feeling it with fingertips before I dip my hands into the wax. After the wax turns solid (but still soft, like shown in the below left pic), the therapist removed them and sprayed on the Nourishing Body Elixir in Cherry Blossom and Lotus Escape scent. This Body Elixir is a dry oil that absorbs quickly into the skin. After the session, my hands feel soooo smooth and silky! Really made me wana try this Elixir on my very dry legs too!
There are total of 5 Body Elixirs available:
Cherry Blossom & Lotus Escape Nourishing Body Elixir   
Cinnamon & Ginger Escape Nourishing Body Elixir   
Lemon & Petitgrain Escape Nourishing Body Elixir   
Orange Blossom & Cedar Wood Escape Nourishing Body Elixir

Lily & Bamboo Escape Nourishing Body Elixir
Above photos taken by +everblue c
Paraffin wax treatment is also available for feet. If you experience dry skin on your feet, request for a Paraffin feet spa from SOTHYS! ^_^

While I was there, I came to know that SOTHYS actually provides additional service too such as helping their customers to order SOTHYS products that they wish to purchase. Great isn't it?! ^_^ If you wish to buy SOTHYS product/s and if they are currently not available in Singapore, just approach any of their staff to place your order.

SOTHYS Essential Ampoules
The new series of Essential Ampoules, containing concentrated beauty serums for targeted skin concerns is packed with high concentration of active ingredients to provide specific and remarkable after-facial results. You can enjoy the mini facial treatments anytime, anywhere at your convenience; while chilling at home or traveling around the continents. Enjoy the immediate and long-term after-facial efftects whenever needed just by Breaking it, Dabbing it and that's it!

When to use?
SOTHYS Expertise recommends using these ampoules before your regular serum and moisturiser daily in the morning and evening. As an intense treatment, it is recommended that you use for continuous 7-days. After 7-days intense treatment, you can confidently unveil your bare face, looking gorgeous and glowing. You can also visit SOTHYS Salons for a full facial treatment care once per month. There is a promotion right now for SOTHYS facial treatment, scroll down to bottom of page to view! ^_^

At the event, I took photos of one of the 4 ampoules available, the Hydrating Essential Ampoules. The other 3 types of ampoules were not available that time when I was there. So if you would like to purchase them, do ask first by giving the salon a call (contact number at bottom of this blog post).

4 ampoules are developed to target 4 main objectives for simple mini facial treatment at home, enhancing your daily skincare regime and they are:
Anti-Ageing Essential Ampoules - Contains a combination of Argan Tree Polyphenols, Ellagic Acid to fight against harmful effects of oxidative stress and High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid for a hydrating-smoothing effect on surface
Brightening Essential Ampoules - Contains a synergetic complex of 6 botanicals to limit the appearance of pigmentation spots, Grafted Glycolic Acid and Prickly Pear Extract for gently peeling and for a more even complexion.
Oxygenating Essential Ampoules - Contains biotechnological complex of Soy Extract and vitamin B8 to optimise skin cell function, softening Hamamelis Extract.
Hydrating Essential Ampoules - Contains Hyaluronic Acid, Alow Vera Extract that optimise skin hydration

Here's complimentary from SOTHYS, the Hydrating Essential Ampoules, Aqua Optima Water Bottle with filter (Wow! This is interesting! *0*/) and an Intensive Facial Treatment Gift Certificate. Thank you SOTHYS! ^_^ I am aiming to go for the facial treatment sometime end of this month or early next month and probably drop a few photos here in my blog to talk about my experience at the facial.

How to use?
Each concentrated serum is sealed in a vacuum sterile recyclable PP vial to maintain its freshness. After cleansing, apply half ampoule in the morning and reseal the balance ampoule with its cap for evening application. Apply to entire face and neck and lightly pat the skin to ensure it is fully absorbed. Then follow with usual SOTHYS serum(s) and cream.
As mentioned earlier in this post, I am waiting for the right time to use these ampoules. It has been about 2 weeks after my last facial treatment (I will be blogging about it soon) and the after-facial effects lasted pretty long thus I might not be able to measure the efficacy and effectiveness of both the treatment and the ampoules if I start using them now.
When I do use these ampoules, I'll give it a mention on my Instagram! ^_~ So keep a lookout for my mention and review~

And finally, here's what you are waiting for, the promotion code to the ampoules as well as SOTHYS facial treatment. ^_^
Quote AMPVB0616  to enjoy the following promotion:
1. Bring your friend to enjoy 1-for-1 SOTHYS Intensive Treatment (must be accompanied by a companion in the same facial slot)
2. 2-weeks Essential Ampoule Set @ S$119 (U.P.$178)
Promotion ends on 31 July 2016

SOTHYS Essential Ampoule S$89 /set of 7-day ampoules

SOTHYS Premium Salon @ Bishan
513 Bishan Street 13 #01-500 Singapore 570513
Tel: 62506575 / 62537225

Sothys FB Page


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