Spotted: It's Skin Flagship Store @ Bugis Junction

Recently I spotted It's Skin has their first store opened in Singapore! It is at Bugis Junction first floor, near BHG entrance. It's been some time since I shopped at Bugis and when I was there the last time, I didn't walk past the passage infront of It's Skin store so I didn't know they were already here in Singapore.

Here's a couple of pictures I took at the store. I think their brand image has kinda changed since the last time I visited It's Skin store at KL Malaysia few years ago. The image is much more cleaner now and the logo kinda makes me think that their products are all clinical or dermatologic.

I saw that It's Skin is giving away Free Signature GOT7 Poster! I think it's given upon purchases up to a certain amount as I bought $20-ish but didn't receive one. If you wana know about GOT7, visit their youtube channel under JYP Entertainment! I followed them awhile back when they released "Just Right". Love that song so much I listened a hundred times. ^o^/~

 The store is pretty wide with lots more skincare products than makeup.

I was swatching around their lipsticks and here are some of the shades I randomly picked. ^_^ They feel pretty moisturising, glossy and quite pigmented. I saw that they have lipsticks, lipgloss and lip liners but do not have lip colours (pigmented liquid lip colour in form of lip gloss packaging).

I also bought some makeup, mostly eyeliners which I didn't show here because those are for a friend. If I did buy anything for myself in future, I'll show it to you guys! ^_^

Bugis Junction #01-102/103



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