Review: Lucozade Sport Orange Isotonic Drink

UK’s Number 1 Isotonic Drink, Lucozade Sport sponsored recent few races. One of them is the world's best obstacle course race, the Spartan Race. They also sponsored the TRI-Factor Series as well as The Performance Series powered by PAssion Card.

And so, to fuel me for these 3 endurance races (lolx~), I received a nice gift from Lucozade Sport, Suntory Beverage & Food Singapore! Love the packaging, it looks totally like a parcel sent from UK~ ♥_♥)

Tadah~ Here I have the Lucozade Sport Orange Isotonic Drinks and also a lovely personalised gift, the power bank! Fuel = Power. Such an awesome idea~ ^,^

Inside the gift, there's also a cute note attached to it. I couldn't agree more that both I and my mobile phone needs to recharge! It's like phone dead, I dead. (X⌂X")

About Lucozade Sport
Lucozade Sport has fuelled many acclaimed UK sportsment such as professional UK footballers Steven Gerrard, Gareth Bale, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, sports associations, and sports events. Sports enthusiasts in Singapore can now enjoy the benefits of Lucozade Sport via its partnership with the three upcoming race series - Spartan Race, TRI-Factor Series and The Performance Series . Lucozade Sport motivates the race participants of the race series via its unique Lucozade Motivation Zone which is situated at the last leg of the race, by providing the final boost that the participants require to finish strong.
Lucozade Sport provides the expeditious benefits of hydration, as well as replaces the sodium lost in sweat thus helps one to achieve optimal performance, whenever, wherever. The carbohydrate-electrolyte liquid fuel allows one to be the best, be it on land, or in water.

So here's the Lucozade Sport Orange Isotonic Drink in 500ml.

And here's the nutrition information.
This drink is meant to hydrate and fuel us so that we can challenge ourselves to the finishing line regardless how tough the race can be. Hence this is a drink that I need after an intensive workout such as zumba or a badminton activity that could make me sweat like hell and become really exhausted.

Lucozade Sport Isotonic Drink tasted sweet, slightly salty (becos sodium) and pretty sour too!
Usually when I play 2 hours non-stop intensive sports, I would be drained inbetween the matches and need to rest for 10 mins or so while someone replaces me.
For my last week's activity with my badminton pals, I switched from drinking plain water to Lucozade but still mixed with drinking water. 1 bottle of 500ml liquid wasn't enough to hydrate me throughout the whole match since I sweat even more due to the hot and humid weather nowadays. While I thought 2 bottles would be too much since there's sugar in the drink and I need to control my daily sugar intake.
The result of drinking Isotonic Drink was of course, I got charged and energised and I rested less than 5 mins, so much shorter than my usual! In addition, there was lack of players so we all went up to play non-stop and there's no one to replace if any one of us was down. Amazingly, I did not feel the need to sit and rest for long and got up right away after wiping off my sweat.
I joked with my friend that the 'sourness' from the orange flavour actually was the one that perked me up immediately when I felt a little drained during the match. *SOOOOOOUR UP!!* \\(^o^)// Lolx~
Actually I felt that the energy came after awhile, say about half way through drinking that bottle. Then I got much more hyper and alert. At the end of the 2-hr game, I still wanted to play!
Though I may not want to consume too much isotonic drinks but I guess it would be fine for me to consume when I go for my weekly activity or a once in a while intensive workout.
I understand that when there's exercise, it's ok for a body to take in more high-energy foods than usual. Otherwise the body will feel weak without enough energy to boost it back up after a tiring workout.

While hydrating and energising me, the other wonderful fuel from Lucozade does the same to my phone too! There are times I would be using and looking at my mobile til I have forgotten to charge it. With this lightweight powerbank as well as Lucozade Sport, I'm not afraid that my phone and I would go dead at the same time! (^◊^)/ hohoho!~

Where to buy?
Available in all major retailer stores islandwide

Lucozade Sport Orange Isotonic Drink 500ml SGD$1.40



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