Review: Dr. Belter Cosmetic Derm-A-ReNew Facial Treatment @ Annabelle Skin

Sometime back, I suffered from several breakouts on my face and there are nodules formed under my skin. When I was getting all upset about the mild acne issue, I received an invite to try out a new facial treatment. After I'd went for the session, my skin healed quickly from those breakouts and skin returned back to normal. So today, I'm going to tell you how my skin benefited from this unique facial treatment! ^_^

I was introduced to a new German cult cosmetic brand namely Dr. Belter Cosmetic at Annabelle Skin which is located at The Adelphi. Annabelle Skin uses Dr. Belter Cosmetic for their facial treatments and below shows the new product line from Dr. Belter Cosmetic, the »intensa-med« Derm-A-ReNew. More about these new products later in this post. ^_~
Dr. Belter Cosmetic Derm-A-ReNew
Dr. Belter Cosmetic recently launched a new range of fruit acid products developed with its signature GreenTec concept reveals your skin’s best by treating skin problems like acne, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines, scarring and ageing due to sun exposure.

At Annabelle Skin Salon, they implement Derm-A-ReNew line of products into their facial treatment, namely the [Derm-A-ReNew] Facial Treatment. By leveraging on Dr.Belter Cosmetic’s signature GreenTec concept which combines natural and medicinal plants with high-tech pro-medical active ingredients, this unique facial treatment sets itself apart from others in the market with several notable features. While most peeling treatments in the market focus solely on peeling, the new [Derm-A ReNew] treatment is even more precise and targeted as it is developed with two key concepts – ‘SKIN RENEWAL’ through the use of Dr.Belter Cosmetic’s newly developed fruit acid concentrates and ‘SKIN NOURISHMENT’ through use of the brand’s line of ampoules and facial masks tailored to the skin’s needs.

Annabelle Skin

I like the interior at Annabelle as there's ample space for me to walk around and there's sofa and chairs for their clients to rest. Relaxing

Dr. Belter range of products on their shelves.

One of Dr. Belter Cosmetic' best seller, the After-Sun Face Treatment Concentrate. With the hot and humid weather in Singapore, it is a must for us to take care of our skin after getting baked for so long under the sun. hehex.. But of course the before-sun care is important too! ^,~ Sunblock sunblock sunblock!

Some of the active concentrates displayed at the counter. These are not the only ones.. they have more to cater every skin type! Wow! /(*0*)\

One of the product I tried at home was the sensi-bel. More about it later in this post! Keep scrolling~ ^_^

Before every facial treatment begins, there's always a 1 to 1 skin consultation with the beauty therapist.
And well, this is a nightmare for me because I know my skin isn't good and as much as I want to deny about my bad skin condition, there's something call the 'Technology' to tell me that I can't.

TADAH! Technology.

Skin analysis is no stranger to me. I have tried several types of skin analyzer and seen the horror side of my skin such as bacteria growth, sun spots, scars, wrinkles/ fine lines etc. Sometimes I just hope that I wouldn't be reminded once again of how much those stuffs are on my face... ^_^" hahax.. *sweat*
Anyways, skin analysis is to be done first before any facial treatment begins so that the therapists will be able to customise the treatment required.

Firstly, the therapist showed me how a normal skin looks like by running the scope over part of her hand to show her beautiful nice and fair skin texture like so...

And then the horror begun. The scope ran over my cheeks and jaw area, focusing on the parts where I have scars and breakouts.
The top 2 pics are microscopic images of the epidermis (surface) layer and the second row are the deeper layer of my skin. Scary much? Can you spot the big round reddish swollen spot and large pores on the top row as well as on the bottom pics?

What I'm told was that my skin is dry on the surface but underneath it's oily. It breakouts occasionally and the skin’s repair is slow, partly due to my very itchy hands picking those bumps which inturn forced them to go deeper into the skin instead of the other way around. My skin also has broken capillaries which I already knew because they are visible to the naked eye.
Adding one more of the microscopic view of the deeper layer of my skin. On the top right corner, there's a dark patch which is actually a scar unable to heal properly from a breakout.

Ok enough of the nightmare, it isn't even christmas yet... (get it? Nightmare before x'mas? lolx.. #troll)
Here I'm showing you how nice and comfy the beds at Annabelle Skin look like. ^_^

Dr. Belter products taken inside the treatment room.

Ok so now I shall show you another nightmare. Here's how my skin looks like before the treatment.
You might not be able to see the areas that have bumps grown under the skin surface but I can tell you that there are several of them. My concerns are those ugly breakouts around chin and jawline areas. These got on my nerves so much that my itchy hands started picking them.. U_U") Overall, my skin looks dehydrated and oily at the same time.

Here's some of the pics I took during the treatment. Pls view from left-right, top-down order.
Read on to find out about the treatment procedure that was catered to my skin type and condition.
Objective of my customised Derm-A-Renew treatment:
To soothe and to rebalance the skin while promoting cell renewal.
My beauty therapist tailored the following treatment procedure according to my skin needs:
- »stimula« Nobless Cleansing Oil to remove makeup
- »Sensi-bel« Delicate Cleanser to cleanse face thoroughly
- »intensa-med« Derm-A-ReNew preparation cleansing toner to remove any remaining traces of makeup/cleanser left on the skin
- »ocula« nutritive eye balm applied around the lash line, the nostrils and lip contour to prevent skin sensitivity
Fruit Acid
- »intensa-med« Derm-A-ReNew skin renewal concentrate (20%) applied on my face and neck, left on for about 3-6 minutes
- Apply »intensa-med« Derm-A-ReNew neutralizing gel to remove any tingling or itchy feel left from the previous step
Active Concentrate
- No.1 Ginkgo Biloba ampoule applied and thoroughly massaged with »intensa« Massage balm – shea butter & baobab into the skin – The ampoule contains liquorice root extract and vitamins to stabilised blood capillaries and calm reactive skin, also promotes firming
- Pore refining : Cryogenic PhysioMarine Mask applied ontop of the ampoule to reduce redness and breakouts, rebalance the amount of oil secretion of the skin, contract the capillaries
Finishing Care
- Facial tonic lotion and moisturizer
- Line »A« Makeup No. 1 was applied onto whole face as it can slightly conceal the scars as well as promote healing for my acne spots

During the facial, I was asked if I had tried acid treatments and I said yes but was years ago. The therapist explained that the first Derm-A-ReNew facial treatment usually starts off with a 10% skin renewal concentrate but since I have tried before, she suggested me trying the 20% so I agreed. And wow, can I say that the 20% is pretty power~ More so than other acids I'd tried last time. After she applied it on my face, she asked if there's any tingly feel and I said nope. 1 minute passed and I began feeling itchy on some parts of my face that I wanted to just poke it with my fingernails so it would stop (but I didn't do that of course lolx~).
I told my therapist about it, she said it's natural to feel that way because the acid was taking effect so she suggested me to wait for a little while longer. Another few minutes passed and the moment she cleansed off the concentrate from my face I felt relief. But the feeling didn't go away until she applied the ampoule and massaged the balm did my face feel much more soothing.
In addition to the standard facial treatment procedures, my therapist also did a some extraction for me because the spots I had were 'opened' and there were pus in there that could not come out. After she did the extraction, she applied some astringent liquid and mask it over with some sort of tissue for a few minutes. She even 'zapped' over the areas that I often breakout with a high frequency pulse tool. I was happy she did that because psychologically I felt my bumps were dying already! lolx.. ^∇^)/~
And finally at the mask stage, I almost fell asleep. That's always the best part. hahhax... *shy*(^//^)

And here's my silly happy face after the treatment! hahax.. ^_,^) And well, this is not the end yet... More pics at bottom of this post!

The kind therapist also passed me a set of trial kit after the session so that I could continue to care for my skin for the next 2 weeks allowing the scars and spots to regenerate and heal properly (no more squeezing and picking those spots!). Thus I religiously used them everyday.

The Test Set includes the following:
1) »ocula« Make-up Remover - This remover works awesome as it dissolves and removes my most stubborn waterproof smudgeproof mascara and eyeliners. It tends to make my face look very oily after that.
2) Line »A« Cleansing Gel - At first I worry that a non-foaming cleanser might not cleanse well enough but I was wrong. Apparently this cleanses off the make-up remover and also all traces of other impurities thoroughly even though it doesn't foam.
3) Line »A« Lotion - A lotion that I like using as it has a cooling effect (great for our hot hot weather). I guess products that are made for acne skin users prone to have cooling effect ingredients in them, kinda like astringent. It felt a little 'slimy' when I applied it using my hands (no cotton pad as it will soak up too much lotion and will waste alot of product) so it spread out easily onto my face and neck.

4) »intensa-med« Derm-A-ReNew Skin Renewal Fluid (10%) - The only one in a pump. Contains AHA 10% but no stinging or itchy feel after using. The product got absorbed by my skin real quick and did not leave any oily greasy feel at all. It just felt like there's nothing being applied on my face. I only use it once daily at night.
5) »Sensi-bel« Delicate Day Care / 24 - I used this as my morning moisturiser all over my face and neck and I like that it wasn't greasy at all but I could still feel that there's a layer of light moisturiser there.
6) »Sensi-bel« Couperosis Compact Cream - I used this as my night moisturiser because this one makes my face look glossy and after sometime my face look pretty oily. I like that the moisturiser has green pigments in them to kinda conceal my broken capillaries as well as the redness on my skin especially on the nasolabial folds.
7) Line »A« Cream - I love this to bits as this is a cream that is totally not oily and did not leave my face looking greasy too. After applied, it would just get absorbed quickly kinda like the Skin Renewal Fluid. This and the fluid is the best combination, one act as the 'serum' and another act as the moisturiser. I can also use this as a 'serum' when I want to apply a more hydrating moisturiser on top. This makes my skin free from spots for the whole time!
8) Line »A« Make-up No. 1 - I would probably love this to bits too if the shade wasn't that dark but nonetheless I still use it til today because it also helped keeping the spots at bay. I used it like a makeup base by applying it onto the whole face right after the moisturiser step. And then I put on a lighter powder ontop of this Make-up cream and Viola! It ain't thick and oily and most importantly it works good even when I layer other makeup on top of it. So far I had yet to try makeup for acne skin so this is the first! I believe it is non-comodegenic too so my pores would not get clog easily.

After 1 week 
So here shows my skin 1 week after the facial treatment. While waiting for the skin to heal after the treatment I also applied the skincare products that was given to me.

After 2 weeks
The spots healed and dried up. I refrained myself from picking any more spots on my face and the dried patches fell off by themselves leaving me with clear smooth skin.

Actually I brought some of the products from the test kit along for my Taiwan trip and continued using them. I was surprised that I have zero breakouts even after returning back from the trip. Though the cold weather could be one of the reasons but I had alot of sweet sugary and fatty food there so I thought it would make me breakout somehow. (It usually would if I did the same when I'm back in Singapore)

After only one facial treatment, my skin improved tremendously, but of course with the help of the products that they had given me too. I'm glad that I was also given a chance to try out Dr. Belter Cosmetic products and those small tubes can even last me more than 2 weeks! I like »intensa-med« Derm-A-ReNew and Line »A« range best. They are the ones that helped my skin regenerate and rejuvenate quickly within 2 weeks after the facial treatment. Infact, all of the Dr. Belter products did prevent my skin from growing another pimple! ^_^

[Derm-A-ReNew] Skin Renewal Homecare
For those who want to enjoy the plentiful benefits of fruit acid products in the comfort of their own home, Dr.Belter Cosmetic’s range of [Derm-A ReNew] homecare products promises consistently renewed skin even in between treatments.
A light, night care emulsion that promotes dermal regeneration to maintain the refined pore profile and also helps to diminish the appearance of undesired pigmentation and wrinkles. Available in fluid 10% (for acne and black-heads prone skin) and Oleo serum 10% (for more mature, dry and prematurely aged skin). Apply with soft massaging motions, for effective skin rejuvenation.

[Derm-A-ReNew] Skin Renewal Fluid 10%, 30ml S$88
[Derm-A-ReNew] Skin Renewal Oleo Serum 10%, 30ml S$108
[Derm-A-ReNew] Facial Treatment (60 mins) S$238
Suitable for skins with large pores, flat scars, skin suffering from acne and blackheads, prematurely aged or wrinkled skin, sun-damaged, blemished skin.

Annabelle Skin
1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi, #02-42
(Nearest MRT: City Hall)


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