Event & Review: New Products Featured @ Watsons Day Out

I've attended a few Watsons Day Out events but this time the venue is really special. Watsons Day Out event was held at a french expat's house! Because the theme for this round was "Home is where the heart is" thus holding an event inside a house made all of ourselves felt like we were at home. ^,^ Though it maybe pretty isolated since I don't drive but it was an eye-opener for me to enter a 2-storey house that looks like a mansion. It's huge and spacious.. I regret for not taking a photo of the house U_U" Sigh~

Anyhoo, hereby posting a silly picture of my face with one of the new products featured at the event. ^_,^ (As if you can see the house from this pic.. hahax.. ^_^")
Watsons Membership Card
Before I continue, do you know that you get more value out of your Watsons membership card now? They have partnered with new brands which include Bakerzin, Gong Cha, Foodpanda, Shaw Theatres, Gardens by the Bay and Chan Brothers Worldwide Cruise Centre. Remember to flash your card when you are there the next time! ^o^/~

Watsons Day Out Event
At the event, the Watsons team had put together a total of 9 brands with their new products and here are my shots.

From the same company that brought us Australis Cosmetics, here comes another brand - Byphasse! Exclusive to Watsons only, this brand was founded in Barcelona and is well known for their high quality products retailing at affordable prices.

Byphasse has launched their new Shower Cream in 3 different fragrances which is Milk Protein, (most right in the below pic), Rosehip (2nd from right) and Vanilla Extract (pic at bottom of this post). They come in 1L and 2L size options, are tolerance tested under dermatological control and contains a pH-neutral formula of 5.6 to avoid irritating the skin.
You can refer to the end of this post for my review on the Shower Cream~ ^_^

Byphasse produces products covering hair, face, body, hands, feet and baby. Here shows their shampoo as well as make-up remover wipes.

At the event, I was intrigued by this Solution Micellaire, a make-up remover solution that contains 0% alcohol. I like using such products as it does not make my face oily. Sometimes when I apply light makeup, I would use water-like solution to remove the makeup or use it every morning as face cleanser to remove last night's skincare as well as dirt and impurities. 

Naturals by Watsons
Many of you would have know that there are several beauty brands that were created by Watsons and are familiar with their brands such as Pure Beauty. This year, Watsons continues to launch a new body and hair care botanical line - Naturals by Watsons.
Formulated with essential minerals and quality plant extracts, the range draws from nature's energy and distills its essential goodness to promote cell generation to restore skin's radiant glow and hair's beautiful shrine. All Naturals by Watsons products do not contain parabens, mineral oils and silicones, making them suitable for use on all skin and hair types.

Here's Naturals by Watsons Argan Oil range that consists of luxurious body and hair range formulated with certified Organic Argan Oil from Morocco. The products contain Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, Avocado and Wheat Germ Oil to enhance rejuvenation for a suppler and younger-looking complexion. Suitable for dry skin and hair.

Beeswax body care range is produced using the finest beeswax sourced from UK that has anti-inflammatory action, Vitamin A and fatty acids that keep skin moisturised. It also contains Sweet Almond Oil which provides emollients to improve skin softness. Suitable for normal skin.
Marula Oil body and hair care range is made from African Marula Oil that is rich in Oleic Acid essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants. The range contains African Mafura Butter formula that effectively softens and moisturises. Suitable for dry and damaged skin and hair.
Olive body and hair care contains formula featuring Certified Organic Olive Oil from Italy, combined with Natural Grape Seed Oil, Shea Butter and Olive Seed Powder, it is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids which provide deep moisturising and ultra-nourishing treatment.
Suitable for the most sensitive as well as very dry skin and scalps/ hair.

L'Oréal Paris
At the event, L'Oreal Paris launched 2 new products and one of which was the one I'm holding in the first picture of this post - the Revitalift Filler [HA] Revolumnizing Cushion Cream.

The 2 products launched are Revitalift Filler [HA] Micro Volumnizing Essence and previously mentioned, Revitalift Filler [HA] Revolumnizing Cushion Cream.
Revitalift Filler [HA] is inspired by filler procedure to restore facial volume for a youthful look. The 'Water Radiance' Revitalift Filler [HA] Micro Volumizing Essence contains 50 times more Hyaluronic Acid concentration to replenish moisture, volumise the skin's surface layers and smoothen fine lines. 'Inject' 3 pumps of this revolutionary airless dropper design filler on 4 specific areas to plump up your cheeks and chin, smoothen forehead lines and fill up laugh lines.
The new Revolumizing Cushion Cream is infused with a high dose of micrometric Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to deliver a non-greasy, non-sticky formulation to the skin. 4 hours after application, skin is noticeably more firm and moisturised. The Revolumizing Cream continues hydrate the skin for up to 48 hrs, lessening the depth of fine lines and wrinkles with daily use.
Do remember to place cream on the back of hands and not the palm in order to avoid warming it and to preserve the efficacy of the active ingredients.

L'Oreal also showcased their relatively new UV Mist at their booth. UV or Sunblock Mist for face and body isn't new but what's pretty new is the formula that makes it totally non-greasy. As I like using all kinds of mists such as UV and hydrating mists hence I've noticed that there's a whole new revolution for sunblock mists. They no longer could only apply on body but on face too, have hydrating effect, can be sprayed on top of makeup and do not form any glossy and greasy film over the face.
I have actually seen this UV Mist at Watsons stores and was tempted to try it after I finish my current UV mist. ^_^ This UV Perfect Aqua Essence Face Mist is alcohol free and has SPF 50+ and PA++++.

At the Revlon booth, I was wowed by the bright colourful makeup display. Totally feel like touching and opening all of the makeup especially their foundations and matte lipcolor! ^_^

Revlon launched 4 new mascaras: Revlon Ultra Volume (Pink), Volume+ Length Magnified (Blue), Ultimate All-in-one (Red) and Super Length.(Turquoise).

If you have noticed, Revlon has also launched a new 2-in-1 makeup at Watsons stores. It is the ColorStay 2-in-1 Compact makeup & Concealer.

There are total of 4 shades available: Ivory, Sand Beige, Medium Beige and Natural Tan
Below shows swatches of all 4 shades, both the cream concealer and cream makeup side by side. Apologies for the bad picture as it was taken at a low-lit room (but very romantic.. lolx~) with my mobile phone. I done some filtering to make it look alot better than original.

Along with the 2-in-1 Compact Makeup & Concealer, Revlon brought us ColorStay Makeup liquid foundation too! Known for its delivery of flawless, all-day coverage to match every skin tone and type, America's number one foundation Revlon ColorStay Makeup now comes with a new pump packaging for an easier, mess-free application.

This liquid foundation uses comfortable & lightweight formula best for combination / oily skin (Yes! My kind of foundation! ^_^) and has SPF 15 protection.It is available in 5 shades: Sand Beige, Nude, Warm Golden, Early Tan and Toast.
And lastly, spot the nude Revlon Matte Lipcolor! Totally my kind of shade. ^▽^~ Gota go swatch it the next time I visit Watsons!

DHC booth showcased upcoming new launches which includes first ever mineral clay mask, a haircare range targeted at damaged manes and health supplements.
Below shows the new Repair & Moisturizing Hair Care Series EX, developed to thoroughly care for extremely damaged hair. It contains a damage repair ingredients such as shea butter, rice bran extract, aloe extract to strengthen the moisturising function of both the shampoo and conditioner, leaving hair comprehensively repaired and deeply hydrated.

The new rinse-type natural clay mask is formulated based on specifications of a beauty salon. Many would thought that clay masks are usually for oily skin type only but this one is actually highly effective in whitening and moisturising, recommended for those with dry and dull skin. Surprised right? I am too! ^,^ But this clay mask still does its main job by absorbing pore dirt and excessive sebum to provide skin clarity and brightness.
I was totally awed by what this mask can do! /*0*\ A mask that can remove gunk from my face and provide whitening and moisturising effect at the same time! It's my dream mask~ (♥,♥) Below shows a swatch of the mask~

Another new product from DHC is a low stimulus medicated facial scrub that can remove old dead skin cells which remains in pores and skin surface even after cleansing. It contains differently-sized apricot particles and is formulated to produce less foam to facilitate the attraction of particles onto skin surface. Below shows a swatch of the facial scrub as well (bottom right box in the below pic).

DHC definitely would not miss out supplements to go with their skincare products so they've released 2 new ones which are Virgin Coconut Oil Supplement and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Supplement.
Virgin Coconut Oil Supplement is known for its easily digestible properties. Ketones produced by the coconut oil can reduce symptoms of Alzheimer's by providing an alternative energy source for malfunctioning cells of glucose usually found in Alzheimer patients.
While Extra Virgin Olive Oil Supplement has oleic acid that can decrease the bad cholesterol and increase the good ones. It can clear the intestinal wall to facilitate bowel movement, promoting an all-rounded digestional health. The capsules on the hand shown in the below pic are the extra virgin olive oil supplement.

Labo Labo (produced by Dr.Ci:Labo)
Sometime ago, Labo Labo launched a new range of skincare for women in their 20-30s who have pore-related problems. (After writing the first sentence, in my mind I've already went "it's me, it's me!" hahax~ ^o^...)
Super-Keana Washing (2nd from left in below pic) is a new product under this Super-Keana range. It is a soft creamy cleanser that helps to clear pores and brighten dark skin and it harnesses 100%-plant derived ingredients including artichoke leaf extract, which is known for its pore-refining properties and royal jelly acid. There's also sodium hyaluronate and water-soluble collagen to hydrate the skin.

Alongside Super-Keana range, Labo Labo showcased the Super-Moist 5Hx5C (5 Hyaluronic & 5 Collagen) range too. Have you tried this range yet? I'm glad I was given a couple of these product so I could try them out. Hope I could hydrate & firm my skin well with them. ^_^

When I was there at the event, I was very excited when I went into a room with everything BioNike! My eyes went sparkly lookin' at every single range and product. (>▽<) Why I'm like that was because I had used BioNike products and I'm a total convert since years ago! Every BioNike product that I've used before work very well on my skin. You can read my reviews on my blog about BioNike products if you have not tried them before. ^_^

This time, I not only can find BioNike at spa salon but also can find it at Watsons! Horray for that! \^o^/
Besides introducing BioNike brand to everyone (I think I wasn't really listening much as I was going around staring at the products with sparkly eyes ☆▽☆ lolx~), they also presented us this new addition, the BioNike Defence Rebalancing Cleansing Gel.
This gel is soap-free, has a gentle formulation that is ideal for purifying skin and clearing excess sebum from pores. It contains pistacia lentiscus resin, a plant-derived gum that absorbs excess oil secreted from glands and chemicals derived from Norway spruce bark that contains anti-oxidant properties with anti-inflammatory effect. It also has mint essential oil that leaves face feeling fresh after each wash.
I was given this product to use so do scroll down further to read my review! ^_^

As I was slowly introduced to the range of products one by one, I noticed there were many new things added and changes to some of the products such as their makeup range.

If I can remember correctly, their packaging has changed.

I have wanting to get their foundation but their shades were too dark for me when I swatched them the last time. This time round, they have brought in the lighter shades! Yippe! I shall swatch them when I see them at Watsons the next time! ^o^ I really really wanted to get them~

I'm also intrigued to try out their eye products. Lifting, Anti-wrinkles, anti-dark circles are what I realllly need for my eyes right now. @_@

There's a range specially for teens or rather people who have acne-prone skin. Even if you are an adult but has acne-prone skin, you can try this range too!

When I saw this display, I already decided that I want to try their makeup made specially for acne-prone skin! I always find it's hard to keep my skin from growing new spots even when I use skincare that's for congested or oily-combi skin type and I've heard of makeup made for acne skin so I thought perhaps I could try that too. And tahdah~ BioNike has it!

BioNike has products for babies too which is the TriDerm Baby & Kid range. Defence Hair Pro range is targeted to hair loss. And TriDerm Intimate is for sensitive and intolerant skin.

There's also Defence Body Anticellulite and Skin Xerosis range.

Lastly is Defence Elixage in a total new packaging. Previously I have used and reviewed the older version of Defence Elixage. It's interesting to know that they have changed the packaging to this pretty hot pink. So lovely~ ^_^

AFC Japan
One supplement that got me jumping at the event was this newly launched AFC Japan's CHŌ Renew. I'm a probiotics believer and I consume them every day at least 15mins before first meal so when I saw this new product, I was 'high' (lolx~). I probably could write an essay about probiotics but I'm not going to do it here so let me just convey a short message to all of you in layman's term (or rather my own term hahax.. ^-^"). Our body need probiotics, even a baby needs it. All the commercial about the good bacteria killing bad bacteria inside your gut and intestine which you have watched on TV since you were a kid, yes, they are actually probiotics too in fermented milk form. Whether or not they come in drinks, pills or powder, probiotics are definitely a good thing and will not do any harm to your body even when you take more. As you grow older, you feed your body everyday with more and more junk food, fats, sugar and many unhealthy stuffs. These causes your organs to work very hard without any one's help trying to purge out those bad bacteria formed by the junk food. That's also the reason why you constantly have random stomachache (not the daily bowel movement kind of pain), discomfort feeling in your gut, nausea, lethargic etc. So by consuming probiotics, you are creating an army of soldiers to help your organs easily fight those bad bacteria. With good clean healthy gut and intestines, your whole body will feel very different. Not just digestive system but would also positively impact your mental function, immune system and overall health. Don't believe me? Try it then. ^_~ (Or read research articles about them)
Ok that's not a short message yah? ^.^" Opsie~

Well after reading the above, you learnt how probiotics work inside your body. Let's now understand more about AFC Japan's new product. CHŌ Renew contains 170 billion of good bacteria and these patented bacteria strains are highly resilient to withstand stomach acids and the FK23 bacteria strain is heat-resistant for a more effective impact on the body. CHŌ Renew is also enhanced with pure silk peptides to promote skin firmness, hydration and is free from laxatives, preservatives, colouring and gluten. It comes in tropical yoghurt flavour too, can be consumed by itself, interspersed with sips of water in between each mouthful.
Do remember, take CHŌ Renew probiotics before your first meal everyday not after meals! ^_~

In recent years, I've learnt alot about food and nutrition (not that I like to cook, I have 0 interest in it but food nutrition is a whole new topic altogether). If I were to give a ratio of my current against previous knowledge about nutrition, it would be 8:1. I may not be able to explain it well with the limited words in my dictionary but I know what I should eat and what I should avoid eating, whether or not the food would give me ultimate benefit or it would give me problems like stomachache, acne, gut discomfort, constipation etc. Reasons why I had learnt things that I wasn't even interested in the first place were because I got fat, I got acne lookin oil spots all over my body and my man's blood sugar was high.
After learning what were the good and bad food, I combat all these issues. I'm now the nutritionist for my man, teaching him what he should and shouldn't eat. The term "you are what you eat" is definitely true.
Anyhoo back to the topic of the newly launched product from Kinohimitsu. The moment I saw the word "No Sugar", "No Trans Fat", "Lactose Free", "Prebiotic" and contains brown rice, wheat grains, oat and many other healthy ingredients, immediately I knew this was it. Superfood+ is exactly what my man need because it is recommended for diabetics.
Superfood+ is a nutritional beverage that is made with 22 types of multigrain and whole plant-based ingredients from all 7 recommended coloured food groups. Fortified with prebiotic and vitamin lutein, Superfood+ lowers cholesterol levels, boost body's immunity and strengthen bone and teeth.
At Kinohimitsu's booth, I tried the mini pancakes that they made with the Superfood+ powder and it didn't taste sweet so I decided to let my man eat this everyday! ^_^
Later in this post, you will get to see my review of Superfood+ too!~

Aside from introducing us the Superfood+, Kinohimitsu also showcased Sky Grass Super Green Food is 100% organic and contains 17 amino acids.

Complimentary from Watsons and the brands
Thanks to Watsons and the brands, here are the things I received at the event:
(top - bottom, left - right)
- Kinohimitsu Superfood+
- L'Oreal Paris Hydrafresh Genius Multi-Action Essence Cream
- AFC Japan CHŌ Renew
- Byphasse Shower Cream (Vanilla Extract)
- Labo Labo Super-Moist 5Hx5C Gel
- Byphasse Shower Cream (Milk Protein)
- Labo Labo Super-Moist 5Hx5C Washing
- BioNike Defence Rebalancing Cleansing Gel

Labo Labo Super-Moist 5Hx5C
I have yet to try out Labo Labo Super-Moist 5Hx5C products, nevertheless I'm posting some closeup pictures of them to show you all.
Here I have the Gel and the Face Wash. Aside from these 2 products, this range also carries the Lotion as well as the UV Cream.

Ingredients and the steps on how to apply the products.

Super-Moist Washing and Gel product. Looking at the gel, I really feel like splatting it onto my face! I love watery gelish cream, always feel so light and hydrating! ^_^ The Super-Moist Gel also acts as an essence/serum + moisturiser.

Byphass Body Shower Cream (Vanilla)
I have started to use Byphasse Shower Cream in Vanilla Extract but yet to touch the Milk Protein yet.
I've heard that the Milk fragrance is the more popular one but when I was there to smell all 3 fragrances, Vanilla came in first on my list because maybe.. I was hungry at that time? Lolx.. Totally made me want to eat it!
Below shows the 2 Body Shower Creams in 1 litre capacity as well as the list of ingredients.
When I use this body cream shower for the first time, I was pretty overwhelmed by the vanilla scent. Never did I expect that the scent was strong enough to engulfed the whole shower room. I continued to use it nonetheless and after about a week, I suddenly thought to myself, "Hmm? Where's the vanilla scent?" then I realised I got so used to it that I didn't even notice the strong fragrance anymore. ^o^" hahahx~
Because Singapore is a hot and humid country, I sweat so much that sometimes I used more than 3 full pumps of the product to bathe. Without a shower pouf the shower cream could not foam much by rubbing it inbetween the hands and I used only 2-3 pumps. The product is in liquidy milk cream texture that has a slimy texture to it so it could easily spread all over my body. With a shower pouf plus 3-4 pumps of product, it foams pretty well but not as much like other body wash.

The shower cream cleanses off the sweat, grease and dirt on my body well without leaving my skin feeling taut and dry right after bath. Plus the fragrance lingers on my body for sometime. Totally liking it! ^-^ I always love body wash products to be in pump type bottle because it saves me time to open caps and dispense the product. And I like the fact that they even come in 2 litre form as I use body wash products real fast. I mean, who don't right? It's a everyday thing. ^-^

Below's the pic I took with the shower cream in my own bathroom and it was posted on my Instagram too. Next I'll try out the Milk Protein when I'm done with the Vanilla one. ^_~

BioNike Defence Pore Refiner
As I've mentioned earlier, I really love using BioNike products as they work really well on my skin. So I couldn't resist and went ahead to use this cleansing gel right away!
Let me just recap, BioNike products are developed by pharaceutical company in Milan. Their products are made with no preservatives, artificial fragrance or gluten to provide relief and prevent contact allergies. These are also the reasons why I love using BioNike because with less of those ingredients and more of high quality good ingredients, it will not make our skin sensitive as time goes by.

Here shows the ingredients as well as the usage instructions.

The cleansing gel is like what I expected, a translucent gel however it's not a smooth type gel that flows out from the tube easily like a lotion. The product do not dispense easily, I need to use a little more strength than usual to squeeze about a fifty cents amount out (like shown below). When I lather it, the gel doesn't foam up. It only creates a creamy white texture on my hands.
The pore refiner cleansing gel makes my face feeling pretty cool and minty as it contains mint essential oil. Particularly because of the hot weather nowadays, I super love the refreshing mint feel as it could somehow cool me down after washing my face with it. After rinsing the cleanser off, it did not give me any tight taut feeling at all too.
I use the cleanser once daily at night after removing my makeup. Even though there's no foam, it still can remove the remaining makeup, dirt and impurties easily and I could see that my pores are slightly smaller now. Previously I experienced bumps growing on my chin and jaw areas and they were usually big and inflamed but after using the cleanser the bumps subsided. Even though these bad guys still visit my skin but I find that with the pore refiner cleanser, the bumps did not get inflamed like it used to and after a couple of days, they got smaller and smaller.. provided that my itchy fingers did not pick them too. ^,^" hahhax~
This cleanser is one that I would fall back on if I ever experience new bumps growing on my skin. It really helped keep those bad stuffs at bay, not entirely but at least I did see some difference before and after using the pore refiner gel cleanser.

Kinohimitsu Superfood+
This Superfood comes in one big tin can at 500grams. So big so colourful, I bet you won't miss it at the Watsons because I spot them right away when I entered one of the stores. ^-^

It contains many good stuffs that even a non-diabetic person should also consume this. Just check out the nutrition facts of this product, there are many minerals and vitamins with 0 transfat and cholesterol. Though there's carbohydrates and sugar recorded in the nutrition facts (diabetics should avoid both of these as much possible) but they are actually natural carbo from healthy rice such as brown rice (if you see the ingredients, there are many different types of rice) as well as fruits (a mix of berries) such as blueberries. Blueberries are actually diabetes superfood, even my man knows about it and he has been taking blueberries inbetween meals.

This tin can is firmly sealed so the product will not degrade fast even when it's on the shelf for sometime. Pull off the lid only when you want to start consuming Superfood+.

Inside the tin, there's a vacuum sealed pack which is the product. Along with it is a scoop that measures up to 20 grams. I like scoops that indicate the grams so I can also use them to scoop other things like cereal, rice etc... lolx~
Check out the powder, it's really fine, so fine that I was kind of scared it'll fly all over in the air if I happen to sneeze while scooping it out. Hahhaax.. ^∇^")
Anyhoo, since I don't make pancakes, bake or cook (have no interest in any of it) so I tried consuming it by making it into a drink. Pardon me that I did not take a photo of it as I totally forgotten but I just gota say that......... my taste buds ain't like it. (◑▫◑") *sweats* It doesn't taste sweet. It's a little grainy, grassy, has a pretty raw taste to it.
Well, as many people always say, healthy food don't taste nice. This, I have to totally agree with both hands up. As much as I want to try to like them, my tastebuds still rejects them. For example, brown rice. I have eaten the type of brown rice that taste almost like white rice which I love eating. They are also slightly more healthier than white rice. However this kind of brown rice cannot beat the other type which appears to be harder and doesn't taste much like rice. To me, they look and taste more like beans. I've eaten them before and I dislike (>_<) but they are much higher in fibre, vitamins and minerals and are very good for diabetics.
To avoid myself from going back to eating unhealthy food, I try my best to work around with whatever healthy food I have on hand. If this Superfood+ doesn't taste nice to me, I have to think of other ways to make it taste good.
So I have thought of adding it to my tea, while my man did a funnier thing. He adds them into his coffee. He said, "I have a coffee taste like grass with coffee". Hahhahax~ I gota laugh at him but at the same time, I'm happy that at least he drinks it.
The pancake that Kinohimitsu made with Superfood+ taste so good though. If only I can cook, then perhaps I could make a meal with this! Let me think of more ways to use Superfood+ (using my Philips Airfryer perhaps? hehex~) and I'll share more of them in future on my Instagram! ^,~

Thanks all for reading this super long post! I hope you have learnt more about the new products that were launched at Watsons. ^_~

Byphasse Shower Cream (3 fragrances available - Milk Protein, Vanilla Extract, Rosehip) SGD$9.90
Naturals by Watsons from SGD$4.90 ~ $12.90
L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler [HA] Micro Volumizing Essence SGD$49.90
L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler [HA] Revolumizing Cushion Cream SGD$45.90
Revlon ColorStay Makeup SGD$33.90
Revlon ColorStay 2-in-1 Compact Makeup & Concealer SGD$30.90
DHC Mineral Mask 100g SGD$59.90
DHC Facial Scrub 100g SGD$24.90
DHC Repair & Moisturizing Hair Care Series EX 480ml $21.90
DHC Virgin Coconut Oil Supplement 150 tabs SGD$29.90
DHC Extra Virgin Olive Oil Supplement 120 tabs SGD$29.90
Labo Labo Super-Keana Washing SGD$24.90
BioNike Defence Rebalancing Cleansing Gel SGD$59
AFC Japan CHŌ Renew 15 sachets/box SGD$44.30 (Promotion price SGD$39.90 until end May 2016)
Kinohimitsu Superfood+ SGD$39.90 (Promotion price SGD$29.90 from 1 April 2016)

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