Tips & Tricks For Your Bleached Dyed Dry Hair

I know that most people especially people like my 'kind' who always bleach and dye their hair have problems maintaining them. Well, I have my own worries too but I have learnt quite alot about hair from Japanese magazines, various beauty gurus and hairstylists so my worries about my hair has reduced by half. The solution for managing hair that are really difficult to manage, (I'm talking about dry/ bleached/ dyed hair not virgin or mildly dyed hair, those don't count. hehhex~), is, not to be lazy.
That is simple, isn't it?
I have heard many friends and colleagues complaining about having to use hair styling or moisturing products, blow drying it every day and night, treatment it every week, wasting alot of their time so on and so forth... Yes, I totally get it. Laziness is also my part-time job. I can get totally lazy and not do anything but if I want nice looking manageable hair, then I'll do it but I do it the lazy & fast way! ^,^

First of all and also the most important for me is to invest in good hair tools such as a good hair dryer. I personally prefer a higher voltage one with multiple heat settings which I can blow dry my somewhat voluminous hair in the shortest time. I said 'somewhat' because I do not have thick hair. It is thick because I bleached and dyed it many times so the middle part to the ends are thick and super dry, while the area near the roots are thinner and flatter. You can read more about my hair at the About section.
Hair Tools
As my hair gets longer, the ends get dryer because scalp's natural oil cannot reach far enough to the ends. By the time it travels til midway, the oil got entirely absorbed by the dry and damaged hair in the middle. So in order for me to tame my tresses, I gota also invest in good hair serum/oil as well as a good hair brush. I love using round boar bristles brush when blow drying the flat thin hair near the roots and entirely skip blow drying the middle to the hair ends because the more I blow dry them, the drier they'll become. Remember? Heat will damage hair too, so less blow dry less damage. The trick to keeping the hair ends look silky smooth and tangled-free is to apply hair serum/oil while the hair is damp. If the hair is already dried, make your hands damp first, then pump the serum into your hand, spread it out onto both hands and apply it to your hair ends (do not get serum onto scalp as it will clog hair follicle). After that, brush it with a detangling brush. I like to use nylon detangling brush for my hair ends. They detangle so well within split seconds! Again, the trick to detangle them isn't just by brushing them straight on. If you have long hair, use one hand to grab hold in the middle and brush through it at the bottom. Within a few brushes, you'll have smooth detangled-free hair!

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the main reason for me to use a high voltage hair dryer with multiple heat settings is that I actually blow dry my hair in room temperature. Using a fan takes a long time to achieve an entirely dried hair and most probably would end up dry at the outside and wet underneath (most people do this). With a wet or damp scalp, you can easily get bacteria growing in there. So what your mummy or grandma have always said, "Do not sleep with wet hair" is actually correct because it is not good for your hair and your scalp.
With a high voltage dryer, you can blow dry your hair in a shorter amount of time because the strong wind from the dryer focuses at one area. It dries even faster if you switch between different heat settings back and forth. I usually like to use the medium high heat for near my roots area (virgin hair) and then switch to room temperature for the rest of my hair and scalp (room temperature will not cause much damage to your hair), making sure that the scalp is entirely dry first, then the hair. As much as the hair is important, the scalp is most precious to me. No good scalp, no good hair.
Always remember that. ^_~


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