Swatches & Review: TRICK MODE Eyeshadow Palette, Beauty People Brow Pencil & Leanani Eyeliner

It's been awhile since I last blogged about my haul and swatches of makeup products that I own... Well, with instagram and many other social media platforms available now, it's quite hard for me to spend time in blogging as I also do not want to skip using the other platforms to update all my readers on the newest and latest stuffs I got. Time time time.. how I wish I have more time to do everything that I wana do.. sigh~ U_U")) Now I just hope that at least a handful of you are still here with me, reading my blog... ^_~
Anyhoo, let's get back to bizness... yes, SWATCHES!

This TRICK MODE Sexy Turquoise palette was given to me by my friend Mabel, all the way brought in from Tokyo! If you have not heard of Trick Mode, check the product out at this website:
The following few photos might appear familiar to some of you as they have been posted in my instagram (photos taken using my mobile).

For this palette, there are a total  12 shades. I'll talk more about later in this post.

Aside from introducing the palette, I'm also posting these 3 makeup items that I bought recently from BHG and Beaute Spring (Bugis) at an offered price (I love sale, discounts & promos!♥_♥):  Eyemazing Miyuu Ikeda Falsies, Leanani Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner and Beauty People Auto Brow Pencil.

Altogether, here are the swatches! ^_^/~
These pigments from the palette came out a little light on my skin, especially the lighter shades one but the pigments are buildable. The colour that came out strong at first swatch are the ones that have satin shimmering effect (the few shades in the centre of the palette). I likey the gold, rose gold and bronze the most! ^_^ Turquoise on the other hand appeared kinda lighter than the browns.
There is also a skin tone shade which is at the most left hand side of the palette. I did swatched it but forgot to include it in the photo. Sorry~^,^" I can tell you though, that this skintone shade is really like my skintone! I like that shadow too as it would be great for me to shade or blend off any ugly edges formed by other stronger colours. This would be a good buy for those who travel to Japan and want to get a relatively cheap palette (I think it's about SGD$20~), or could get it as a gift just like my friend did! ^,^
I have infact started using Beauty People Brow Pencil and Leanani Liquid Eyeliner but have not used the palette nor the false lashes yet... so below are short reviews of the products I have used.
For the Beauty People Brow Pencil, I really love the shade as it's light brown-blonde which I always like to use since it matches my bleached hair. But I do not really like the sticky waxy feel it gives. Everytime I draw on my brow, it just make all my brow hair stick together and stick to my skin as well but lucky thing is, the pencil comes with a very soft brow brush! Thank god they provide that. hahahx~ ^,^ I would still prefer a less waxy brow pencil and a fine tip so I can draw a finer tail. But since I love the shade and the soft brush, I'll just close one eye and use it on normal days when there's no need for doll up. Beauty People is a Korean brand and I got it from Beaute Spring Bugis.
Leanani WP Liquid Eyeliner in Brown (there's black too) got ranked No.1 in Rakuten and that's what got me buying. At first swatch (above pic), it look promising. However, I find that it easily forms clumps or particles when I layer the liner. The fineness and pigment is ideal but I just hate it when it starts forming solid particles and eventually removing parts of the liner. Though it is supposed to be sweat and water resistant but it didn't work well enough. I supposed Singapore is too humid, I have oily skin and my eyes tear easily thus making the liner even harder to stay on. All in all, this is a not bad eyeliner IF  it do not clump and disappear that easily. Sometimes eyeliner that works for many others do not work well for me because of my very troublesome skin & eyes. >_<") Leanani is a Japanese brand and I got it from BHG.

Ok that's all for today~ Thanks for reading and I hope I'll be back again soon to provide more swatches and review more products! ^_~ Cheers!


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