Event: J-Obsession 2016 @ The Cathay

The Cathay’s annual and highly anticipated event is back!
J-Obsession 2016 is a three-day tribute to the quirkiest, kookiest and most creative of Japanese culture. This event will be held at none other than The Cathay from Friday, 29 April to Sunday, 1 May 2016.

From cosplay parades and competitions to performances and guest appearances by some of Japan’s most popular artistes and cosplayerslike Asahi Martha and Anzu Manaka, and music extraordinaire Osamuraisan, J-Obsession 2016 is all about a power-packed weekend of the most colourful side of Japan.

Martha Asahi
Martha Asahi is a Japanese cosplay performer known for her spectacular female and male cosplays. She is a member of the famed cosplaying group VENas.S Japan, which tours around Asia to provide energetic stage performances  aimed  at  promoting  anime,  manga  and  cosplay  cultures  at  special  showcase  events.  For Martha, her passion and career are not separated as she is both a cosplayer and mangaka, a Japanese comic artist.

Anzu Manaka
Anzu Manaka is a Japanese cosplay performer specialising in kawaii or cute representations. As a member of the cosplaying group VENas.S Japan, she has seven years of cosplaying experience under her belt. Anzu has also portrayed the main character in the popular 6 Hearts Princess stage performances. In addition, she is the official cosplayer at Karaoke DAM, a “cos-kara” event where cosplayers from all over the world sing karaoke to create and boost awareness of the cosplaying culture. Anzu is a new face to local cosplayers and J-Obsession 2016 marks her first visit to Singapore. 

Osamuraisan is a popular guitarist who belongs to a trending group of Japanese music makers known as Utaite. Osamuraisan covers previously  released songs including  original J-pop classic and rock songs, as well as popular anime and movie songs on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga. Osamuraisan is known to don the Yukata, a traditional Japanese clothing, during his live performances.
The Cathay’s J-Obsession 2016 will be Osamuraisan’s first visit to Singapore.

J-Obsession 2016 Programme
Here's a brief programme outline for J-Obsession 2016! Do note them in your calendar if you wana catch the Guest Cosplayers & Osamuraisan~ ^o^/
Friday, 29 April 2016
7pm onwards - Live Jpop/Rock Performances

Saturday, 30 April 2016
2pm - Live Jpop/Rock Performances
4pm - Japanese & Local Guest Cosplayers Feature (Anzu Manaka, Martha Asahi, Kirisaki, Rainer) and Cosplay Competition
6pm - Cosplay Parade
7pm - Lucky Draw follow by Live Jpop/Rock Performances

 Sunday, 1 May 2016
2pm - Live Jpop/Rock Performances
3pm - Local Guest Cosplayers Feature (Kirisaki, Sabby) follow by Live Jpop/Rock Performances
4pm - Japan Guest Cosplayers Photo /Coscard /Autograph session (Anzu Manaka, Martha Asahi)
5pm onwards -  Live Jpop/Rock Performances and Japan Guest Live Music Performance by Osamuraisan

I'll be going down to J-Obsession this year! Hopefully I could see some familiar faces there, listen to live performances and have fun together with my friends!

See you there! ^__~v


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