Beauty Shopping at Zalora

If you have visited Zalora recently, you would have known that they have finally started selling beauty products!!! Yeahhhhh yippe!! *throw hands up in the air*
It started about few months ago I think, that Zalora started posting up cosmetics such as makeup, skincare and beauty tools. I have been watching their beauty page for a while now and I've also been waiting for the good moment to catch the best deals! If you do that too then kudos to you! I bet you had caught a couple of good deals too for the past few months esp CNY period yah? ^_~
Anyhoo, above shows the beauty page. The list can be found by typing the word “beauty” or “skincare”.
By searching these keywords, both skincare and makeup would appear in the list. If there's a particular brand that you would like to find, just search for the brand name!

Like this round, I searched for "Bioderma" and it has a page of its own. There are quite a number of Bioderma items listed in Zalora, though not as many as drugstores would have but most of the brand's popular products are up on Zalora's site. Below you can see that there are a range of Bioderma products available at Zalora. There's also items on sale too!

Like I've mentioned earlier, Bioderma most popular product is up at Zalora too like this Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution. If purchased, they'll also throw in a FREE Bioderma sample kit worth S$15! Cool isn't it? ^_^
This cleansing water is good at removal of light makeup, dirt and grease from face. It's recommended to be brought along during travels as it is best used during flights especially a long haul flight. You can pour out the solution into a smaller bottle, bring it onto plane and cleanse off makeup with cotton pads soak with the solution before you take a rest on your seat. It doesn't mess up the whole place nor does it require water to emulsify, like how a makeup oil remover would. Such a cool idea isn't it? (^。^)
While looking at Bioderma, this sensibio eye gel caught my eyes. Thing about online shopping, every single items can catch my eyes easily unlike when shopping at drugstores or at counters. I swear that I don't know Sensibio range has an eye gel too!
Magnify feature good for old people like me to read small prints... lolx~
I knew Bioderma carries sunblock but it's again my first time taking a close look at their Photoderm Max SPF50+ Spray. Recently I'm quite into sunblock that provides good spf, is spray type, can be sprayed on face and not oily. Living in this all year round sunny island, I need lots of sunblock to protect me 365 days every year. I thought face sunblock spray is cool as it can also act as body spray. Great for lazy people! (≧∇≦)

So have you visited Zalora beauty page or bought any cosmetics from there? Do share if you did! (^_-)-☆


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