Review: Activa Well Being Supplement - Symbiotic, Tonus, Sleep, Circulation

Some might have known, I have been eating and drinking healthy in recent months due to weight and skin issues. In fact I only started that from early 2015 and I also began exercising and did a little research on food and supplement online. I then consume supplement based on the health issues I have (eg, low iron, calcium or joint pain) and on what I think I need (eg, multi-vitamins) for my body to function at its best state.
And with that, I lived my life as usual everyday.
When I was introduced to Activa Well Being supplement, I suddenly realised not only am I low in iron, calcium and whatnot but I also have other issues like, lack of sleep, fatigue, couldn't stay awake in the morning most of the days, sore calf muscles etc. These are symptoms I usually ignore becos the feeling is so common that I tend to think it's because of my body type so it is "normal" to me. Apparently these "normal" issues that I experience everyday can be eliminated and when they do get eliminated, my body feel 'new' which I have never felt before.
So, what made my body feel 'new'? The following 4 supplement made it so:
- Activa Well Being Sleep
- Activa Well Being Tonus
- Activa Well Symbiotic
- Activa Well Being Circulation

About Symbiotic
Boost your natural defenses, support your digestive system!
Strengthen your gastrointestinal flora with 9 billion gastro-protected probiotics.
Protecting and maintaining your intestinal flora is essential to your well being and immunity protection. Activa Well Being Symbiotic is a synergistic blend of 3 types probiotics together with 2 kinds prebiotics for optimal efficiency.

Active ingredients
Probiotics: Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus Acidophillus and Lactobacillus Rhamnosus) are living & “friendly” microorganisms that live in the guts and keep the intestinal flora alive. It supports bowel balance and helps the body fight harmful side effects of other treatments (antibiotics).
Activa Well Being contains 9 billion gastro-protected probiotics.
Prebiotics: Fructo-oligosaccharies or F.O.S., support a healthy “environment” of the colon for “probiotic” to develop and sustain.

How to take it?
Suggestion and recommendation of use:
- Take 1 capsule a day with a glass of water. To be taken before breakfast. Capsule should NOT be opened.
- To be taken as part of a balanced and varied diet combined with a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children, protected from heat, damp and light.
- Contains no colorants or GMOs
- Blister strip containing 30 capsules
- Aquacaps: fully degradable, hypo-allergenic (even for fish allergies).
- Do not exceed the recommended daily dose

Before I became really concern of my daily sugar intake and my diet, I actually love eating sugary stuffs. Not sweets, but carbohydrates and carbo with sugar in it (rice, bread, cakes etc..). Til one day I experienced a really bad breakout along my jawline, neck, decollete including chest and also my back. They came in small spots with pus and they were very itchy. At first I thought it was because of stress and it took me months to heal before the next breakout happen again after another few months. I have this problem for about 3 years plus and I did lots of research online but couldn't find the reason behind my kind of breakout as it ain't look like acne which some of my friends have, and it's not the occasional pimple thing too. Worst, I often have those spots down to my torso, not just the face.
One day as I was surfing online reading about diet and learning about ingredients (becos of weight issue since I've started to age... ^_^"), I came across an article talking about intestinal/gut floral and then BOOM, case solved. It was all along the sugar and all those bad food I had been taking that caused the breakout!
I knew sugar is bad but what I didn't know was that sugar can cause the bad bacteria in our gut to flourish, taking over the good bacteria. Once it gut is filled with bad bacteria, that is when things happen.
And so I started to combat the issue by drinking probiotic cultured milk drink and eating yogurt and restrict myself from all high sugar content food and then the problem was solved. But by drinking and eating the sweetened probiotic wasn't really enough because they still contain sugar. I was also on a high fiber, low carbo diet and restricted myself to eat fried, oily food and processed meat but my body was still not at its best state yet. Besides just the bacteria issue, there are also several other things that I'm concern about like, bloating, excessive belching and even flatulence.

It was the first time my body felt very different after consuming Activa Well Being Symbiotic supplement. Though in the beginning, I was told to consume 2 capsules of Symbiotic and switch to 1 per day after a month but I took 1 capsule per day from the start eventually.
What I realised was that after a month, I totally did not burp and did not feel that my stomach is uncomfortable anymore. Imagining bloated stomach and burping at every hour and sometimes I have to do hula hoop to force that gas out so I'll feel better without that bloating feel... now, there's nothing. Yep, I'm not kidding. The big diff was spotted only on the very day I talked to my friend about Activa. I then realised that the difference did not happen within a day, the bloating and belching actually slowly subside day by day until 1 month day, they were all gone. I also did not experience anymore breakouts (neither did flatulence occur that frequent as last time ^,^ hehex~) since the last time I recalled having it about a year ago because I ate too much grapes. Yes mind you, grapes has high sugar content, not good for diabetics. Thus to say, the good bacteria in my gut has been maintained really well and with Symbiotic, I benefited not just being breakout-free but in other ways too such as better mood and less stress everyday. Having a good digestive system with all organs working well leads to a happier and better me too! ^_^

About Sleep
Get a restful night’s sleep and recuperate with Activa Well Being Sleep.
Difficulties or lack of sleep lead to reduced vitality!

Activa Well Being Sleep has shown to help many people restore their sleeping habits and give an end to sleep disorders (difficulty falling asleep, length & quality of sleep, night awakening).
More than using specific and efficient active ingredients to restore balance, Activa Well Being Sleep uses a time-release technology to extend the availability and benefits of the ingredients throughout the night from the time you fall asleep.
The synergistic action of all ingredients helps reduce anxiety & nervousness, improve digestion and help you relax for a good night’s sleep.*

Active ingredients
Hawthorn: Procyanidin & flavonoids help regulate heart rhythm. Reduces anxiety and nervousness and reduces sleep disorders. It contributes to relieve night coughs.
Sweet Violet: Violet is rich in provitamin A. It has calming and relaxing properties. It reduces anxiety as well as tensions.
Matricaria: Natural sedative, it facilitates digestion and eliminates pain due to bloating. It has relaxing properties.
Linden: This antispasmodic relaxes, rests and facilitates sleep without addiction risks. It is very efficient for nervous fatigue.
Verbana: It facilitates digestion, it helps also to reduce nervousness.

How to take it?
Suggestion and recommendation of use:
- Take 2 capsule a day with a glass of water. To be taken outside of meals. Capsule may be opened and taken sublingually.
- To be taken as part of a balanced and varied diet combined with a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children, protected from heat, damp and light.
- Contains no colorants or GMO
- Blister slip containing 45 capsules
- Aquacaps: fully degradable, hypo-allergenic (even for fish allergies).
- Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.​

Scroll down further for Well Being Sleep supplement review.

About Tonus
Feeling good...Ready...Recharge your batteries!
Feeling good should not be an option. Recharge your batteries with Activa Well Being Tonus to restore your vitality.
Activa Well Being Tonus helps fight against physical and intellectual fatigue while avoid hyper excitability. It contains a large supply of sedative substances to support falling asleep, calms the central nervous system to avoid stress and fears, acts on the digestive functions for a calm night, avoids night awakenings thanks to the extended formulation and Eschscholzia.

Active ingredients
Pineapple: This fruit is known for it toxins cleansing and flushing properties. It helps prepare the body for the absorption and synergistic action of the other active ingredients.*
Ginseng: Its extract is used to revitalizes the body and stimulate physical and intellectual performances. It is also used to combat stress. *
Acerola: It is a fruit (small cherry) from Porto Rico. It has the highest concentration of Vitamin C in the world (50 to 80 times more than in oranges). Acerola also contains minerals and bioflavonoids  (anti-oxidants) and isoflavones. *
Guarana: It is rich in caffeine, and has been selected for its stimulating properties. It boosts energy, vitality and reduces fatigue. *

How to take it?
Suggestion and recommendation of use:
- Take 1 capsule a day with a glass of water preferably in the morning. Capsule may be opened and taken sublingually.
- To be taken as part of a balanced and varied diet combined with a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children, protected from heat, damp and light.
- Contains no colorants or GMOs.
- Blister strip containing 30 capsules.
- Aquacaps: fully degradable, hypo-allergenic (even for fish allergies).
- Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.​

Review of Sleep and Tonus
SLEEP! Yes SLEEP is my favourite topic. I mean, who don't like to sleep? The only time I ever heard of anyone who mentioned that he/she do not need sleep was a lady in her sixties telling me that the older one gets, the lesser sleep time he/she needs. I was like, REALLLLLY???!! And that's the time I couldn't wait for me to grow older because I always and ALWAYS feel that I do not have enough sleep. I wanted to sleep lesser and still feel great the next day but it can never happen. The record breaking sleep hours I gained in a day was about 22 hrs when I was back in my teens.. which is 20 years ago? I slept and woke up once only to have a meal and continue to sleep after that. I did not remember if I was really that worn out but sleep, is indeed a really good feeling. Getting that much sleep can be a very happy thing so to get an undisturbed good night rest is a must or otherwise the next day would be torturing, at least for me.
I'm not sure if you have seen this video from BuzzFeed? The moment I saw this, I totally could relate because that is EXACTLY how I feel every single day, as long as I'm working and as long as I need to get up in the morning.
I was given a pack of Well Being Sleep and Tonus. It is a Biorhythm pack, they actually complement each other. Think this way, if you can get good sleep with Sleep supplement then you would definitely need something to also perk you up on the next day right?
Well, story time again as I'll be telling you about my sleep habits and patterns in the recent months. Since about a year ago, for unknown reason (perhaps it was my bed and pillow, if not stress) I couldn't have a deep sleep at all in the night. I always woke up in between my sleep and I was aware of what I was doing when I woke up. Even though it's just a brief 5 seconds, I knew I was awake and what I did was I adjusted my body before sleeping again. If not that, I would be awake with eyes opened startled by noises my pet made or sound that came from outside. This problem got worst when I felt stressed at work. I could even count how many times I woke up at night because every time I was awake, I was really alert for that few seconds. It has never happened to me before and I got frustrated when my alarm goes off. Usually I could snooze the alarm and continue to sleep, instead I got very agitated upon hearing my alarm.
Needless to say, I couldn't keep myself awake and I kept drifting off in the day and had really hard time concentrating and remembering things.
With the Biorhythm pack, I now sleep like a baby without even remembering if I did woke up or not in the middle of the night. Except for the times I went for a pee. hehex~ ^.^ This happened within 3 days after I started on the pack.  Sleep has never been so peaceful. And even though I might only be sleeping for 5-6 hours, I could still feel that the sleep is indeed so deep that I thought I already slept for 8-10 hours. For Well Being Sleep, the pack comes in 45 capsules instead of the usual 30 because it is required to consume 2 capsules per day in the evening before sleep. 1st capsule would work during the first 4 hours and then the rest for the second 4 hours. As I usually do not sleep that early due to my work and lifestyle (many activities to complete within a day thus lesser sleeping time), so I consume Sleep slightly earlier. Say, if I intend to sleep at 12 midnight and wake at 6, I take the capsules at about 10-11pm. Sleep supplement totally do not make me drowsy or make me feel like sleeping more at all. It is only meant to make me sleep better so I can feel that I have a quality sleep every night.
Tonus on the other hand really helped me to make me feel extra awake in the morning and throughout the day. I usually take Tonus after breakfast as that's the time I need my body to start working.
I can tell you that I used to sleep on my bench in the living room the moment I got home in the evening because that is how tired I was every day after work. I felt tired from the morning til evening and when I couldn't stand it anymore, I took a nap when I reached home. With Tonus, I do not feel the same anymore. I can think of what I want to do before I reach home instead of just "tired. tired. tired. sleep. sleep. sleep." I find that I do not drag my body like I used to (not literally of course but you know the feeling ^_~) and could complete things that I previously kept dragging to do. There were more energy and mind was really alert and again, I felt happier to be able to feel that way because that was what I always wanted. I used to not understand why and how people could be so alert and not feel sleepy and tired every morning while I'm the only one looking like a zombie and yawning every 30 minutes. I now could feel the way others feel because with a good deep sleep and a perk me up, my body feel so 'new'!

About Circulation
Healthy circulatory system
Start taking care of your legs with Activa Well Being Circulation, a natural solution to reduce "Heavy legs" feeling, sewlling and strengthens capillary and vein structure, improve the circulation and venous tone, promote venous return, drainage and microcirculation.
Apologies, brochure shown in this pic is for Articular, not Circulation. Took the wrong brochure.. hahax~^-^"

Active ingredients
Grape vine seeds: They facilitate the venous circulation
Blueberry: They help improve microcirculation and capillary resistance
Olive leaf: It is considered to help maintaining a healthy arterial pressure.

How to take it?
Suggestion and recommendation of use:
- Take 1 capsule a day with a glass of water. To be taken outside of meals. Capsule may be opened and taken sublingually.
- To be taken as part of a balanced and varied diet combined with a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children, protected from heat, damp and light.
- Contains no colorants or GMOs.
- Blister strip containing 30 capsules.
- Aquacaps: fully degradable, hypo-allergenic (even for fish allergies).
- Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.​

If you have been reading my blog, viewing my pictures or follow me on instagram, you would have noticed that I like wearing leggings and stockings. One big reason I wear them is because I have pretty bad varicose veins on my legs as well as multiple scratch & bite scars from my cat that I do not like to show. Another problem is that I have been walking from 1 mrt station to another station and climbing long flight of stairs every workday in the morning and evening, thus it has lead to sore and tight calf muscles which I could feel them the whole day and sometimes they could be painful.
And so I took Well Being Circulation to better improve venous (flow of blood through vein) circulation so that my varicose veins issue could subside. The varicose veins problem was pretty bad that even my man commented (one sudden day out of the 11 years we been together lolx~) why the veins looked so obvious on my legs during the time when I wore shorts and stood in a brightly-lit hall. The visible veins on my legs consists of different types, one which is big, green and is only a little visible (i think big greens have good blood circulation), another is small, green and is near skin surface and lastly small, purple-blue, also near skin surface. I have alot of the latter 2 kind of veins that crawled all around my shin, calves and feet area, luckily no issue with my big thighs. I looked at the veins every week after I started on Circulation supplement and I do notice that some veins have appeared less visible and upper half of my calves do not show any varicose veins. What's left are short purple veins here and there but the ones on the base of my feet still show obvious. My feet always felt tired and sore when I walked a lot, but now they feel light and I could not feel the sore and the tightness on both of my calves. The effect of the supplement wasn't immediate, it builds up slowly day by day and the time I started to feel different was after a week. Thereafter my feet and calveslves feel like wings! (sounds like a commercial? lolx~)
On some days I do not work or walk that much, I would skip taking the Circulation and let my legs rest and they feel alright. The sore would come back if I did not rest and I stop taking Circulation for a few days.
There is also a time I stopped taking Circulation which is when I have anxiety due to accumulated stress. I felt that my heart pumped faster when I took Circulation during that period so I stopped taking for a day or two until the episode was over.
All in all, Circulation has helped me in relieving the muscle tightness so I can walk a mile more without feeling pain. I guess for the visible veins accumulated over the years would take sometime before all disappears, I'll look forward to the day I have really nice varicose veins-free legs so I can flaunt them. ^_^v~

The size of the capsule is as such and it is the same size for all the supplement I have taken. I have no problem consuming it and I can down 2 at one go with ease. The caps are soft and slips into throat really easily when consume it with water.

Overall Review
I like Symbiotic and Sleep supplement best and would definitely continue taking them. What's good about Activa Well Being supplements is that they have no restrictions and can be taken with medicine when sick and no restrictions to the food too (eg, skip caffeine). They are also suitable for all people including young and old as they are 100% natural (chemicals free), 100% bio compatibility (no side effects), 100% bio available (best benefits of the product - no damage of ingredients during digestion).
I have read about supplements that are not bio available and I would strongly recommend you to go for one that is bio available such as Activa. ~,^

Activa Well Being supplement are available online at Your Vitality Store. And from now onwards, you can enjoy a 10% off voucher by signing up to the store's newsletter.
I have already done so myself! I think I really am liking this site as I spotted many more supplement which I really would love to try!

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