Event & Launch: Kim Robinson Go Get Gorgeous Hairstyle Guide Book

Have you guys and girls heard about the recent launch of Go Get Gorgeous (#GGG) book by Kim Robinson?
Kim has launched his latest book, Go Get Gorgeous, an essential hairstyle guide for modern Asian women, on end November.

kimrobinson Salon
Before I introduce his book, let's have tour around his salon which is located at Ngee Ann City. ^_^ During the launch, there were many who went forward to get Kim's autograph. It was my first time visiting Kim Robinson's salon so I was pretty wow-ed by the pretty hair accessories lined up on the shelves near the entrance.

Glass shelves are nicely decorated with not only their products but also Kim's new book. The colour red, black, silver theme looked so Christmasy!

On the shelves Kim Robinson hair brushes are displayed as well. I really like to use brushes such as these with natural bristles as I can fluff up my hair easily combined with a hair blowdryer and they handle my tresses well without causing damage. 

The shelves are also lined up with many hair products where customers can also purchase after a nice hair experience.

Here are all the hair accessories displayed on the shelves. I am a sucker for hair stuffs so I decide to take a couple more photos of them! Hehex~

A very interesting way of displaying hair clips! Oh spidey spidey~
There are tons of hairbands too and I spotted a rather simple, elegant band dotted with cute little rose patterned black crystal and tiny rose studs. Really lovely aren't they? ^_^

I was then ushered further in to the salon where they showed me various private rooms.

One room such as this (see photo from below) is usually used by celebrities who wish to have some privacy. (Say hi +everblue c in the mirror! hehex~ ^,^) Next shows the chemical room where customers would do all kinds of chemical treatment in there, such as hair dye, hair treatment etc. There's also a medi pedi room for customers who wish to go for one while waiting for their hair done.

Besides the solo private room, there are also slightly larger private rooms (left pic) which can be shared be a number of people and lastly the main room where most customers get their hair done at (right pic).

On the walls, we can sometimes find Kim's art work too~ Do look around for them the next time you visit Kim Robinson salon. ^,~

Kim Robinson
At the launch, Kim shared with us his many years of experience in handling asian women's tresses from famous celebrities to Princess Diana's. Frankly speaking, I felt a little intimated by him when he viewed over the many heads in the room. Why I felt so was because he mentioned that many women like to keep long hair and hair that hides their beauty. (It's like talking about me no? Lolx..)
Kim said that asian women (& men) should not go for a hair style that are hard to maintain and should spend the least time and money maintaining it. A single hair cut alone should allow the person to keep it for at least 4~5 months before returning to the salon for another cut, so any less than 3 months is considered as high maintenance hair style. But of course if someone has lots of money and time to spare then it isn't a problem to her/him.
He also said that many unpleasant looking hair styles that people always like to keep (mostly women) is because they think that their face is big and want to hide it with their hair. I have to half agree that because I have 3 reasons for hidding face with hair and that is one, yes my face is big in my opinion. It look wide from the sides becos overall I have a slightly larger head and face circumference compare to norm. Second, since I do not have perfect flawless skin like most people do so I use hair to hide my scars on cheeks and jawlines when I'm not wearing makeup. Third, I have 2 indented scars on each side of my forehead and these were caused by some accidents I had when I was young. But other than that, I totally agree that the face should not always be under the hair, as I do notice many people have really nice face and features so they should not do what I do by hidding face with hair. At least I feel that I have not just 1 but few other valid reasons to keep my hair long and use it to frame my face shorter and smaller. kekekex~ ^,^
I then nodded all the way when he gave one example of bad hair style after another. He said some people like to bleach their hair till it look awful when the natural hair colour grows out (again, me? ^_^"). I can relate that cos I have light coloured hair now and the black roots really look greasy and dark in compare to the dry and light coloured part. Even though I don't want to admit much but I do agree the colour contrast makes the hair colour look so bad, worst is my hair grows fast. (u_u") It is a high maintenance hair as I should visit the salon every 3 months to bleach the black part away. Also, my main reasons for bleaching hair is that my scalp produce a lot of sebum making my hair look super shiny and limpy. By bleaching, the hair volumises and look much more fluffy and alive. I can go for darker shades that are easier to maintain but I really like yellow/orange hair shades. (T^T")
Aside from talking about hairstyles that women prefer, he also talked about how one should go about conveying our thoughts to the hairstylist. Many times, we would sit in the chair trying to use hand language and words or showing 1 photo of our most ideal hair style to tell the hairstylist this is what we want. But out of that 10 times, how many times did we feel that the final hair style isn't what we wanted? And how many times so far have we salon-hop in search of the good hairstylist who can understand us?
So Kim wanted every one to know, not just us but also the hair stylists, that we can bridge this gap by investing more time in consultation than the hair cut alone. Investing time by giving the hairstylist pictures of our preferred hair style and pictures of the ones we do not want. Talk to the hairstylist longer so she/he can understand a little more background of us than just the hairstyle, and eventually they will know what kind of hair we are looking for so both the hair stylist and us can achieve the ideal hair.

“Hairstyle has the power to completely change how you look! As your hair frames your face, having a great cut empowers you, boosts your confidence and announces who you are to the world!
This essential guide features Asian women for Asian women gives you access to the pivotal  knowledge of selecting the show - stopping style that’s yours to own.”, says Kim.

Kim and August
It was said that model August Zhang, a tall and slim Nanjing native from the rurals of China, did not earn any good leads nor a stable income in Hong Kong where she was based because she has a girl-next-door look. (Her photos at the bottom of this post.)
August was on the verge of heading home but all took a different turn when she was sent to Kim’s salon.
“August has an elegant long neck, beautiful features and a set of full, plump lips... a  dream come true for any beauty or fashion brands!
But why is she not picked up during casting? The answer is simple, it was her long, straight hair that “muted” her looks”, said Kim.
It didn’t take August long to realise that she was in the presence of the hair and style master. Within minutes, Kim transformed her look from a rural plain-Jane to a runway model with a single cut!
Today, the Go Get  Gorgeous cover girl is signed with Wilhelmina Models who also manages raising stars/models such as Ruby Rose and Cindy Bruna. Since relocating to New York City, August has walked for independent fashion brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Jarret, Novis  and Oscar Carvallo. She was also picked to be one of the faces for Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Pop Up Your Lips’ campaign in 2015.

Thanks to Kim Robinson, I'm able to bring back home a Go Get Gorgeous with his autograph! Along it are some of their hair products as well as a crimpler.

Kim Robinson salon uses Moroccanoil hair products, they can be purchased at the salon.

Go Get Gorgeous Book
Really loving August's hair after styling! Kim said that August has baby fine hair (mine too!) so he used special cutting techniques to make her hair look voluminous and more rounded at the back of her head. So that she do not need to use hairdryer to blow and volumise it, basically she can wake up and go out without styling. The hair style shown on the cover of the GGG Book however is after curled and styled.
By the way, the book is a perfect Christmas gift for your love ones, packaged with a set of  kimrobinson’s cleanse & style voucher worth S$58!

Back of the book.

Here are the contents of the book and I've took some of my favourites as well!
Loving the blue-pink hair colour as well as the messy do! I am aiming to cut my hair and curl it to something like this. ^_^
Click below picture to enlarge

Sandy & Kim

Story about August Zhang and her hair makeover. Now you see her before photo.. such a big change yes? ^_^

Complimentary Haircut
I have also recently visited Kim Robinson salon for a hair cut...or rather hair trim. This complimentary haircut was given by Kim himself. He promised everyone at the event gets a free cut and he'll pay for it. Just WOW, I really admire his generosity and I really appreciate what I can get from this haircut even it's just a hair trim!
Here I am seated infront of a full length mirror (3 sided so I can view all angles of me, so cool right?) along with my charming hair stylist Roy from Hong Kong. I showed him some photos of my prefered hairstyle (basically not much difference from my current one. Lolx~) and then we both have a veryyy lonnngggg chat about everything under the sky.

And he taught me how to blowdry my hair like my final look shown below. I wonder if I can even do it.. My arms would feel so sore just by holding the heavy hair dryer for 1 minute. hahhax~

Anyhoo, below shows my hair without much blowdry. Fringe don't cover my eyes and it don't look messy and heavy at the bottom too. Happy of my (slightly different) new hair style! Hehehex~ ^_^

My next goal, short and curly hair. ^_~

Change your look, change your life.
Will you change?

Go Get Gorgeous book retails at S$48
Available at  kimrobinson & Kinokuniya.  


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