Anggun's #ChangeDestiny Story

How much do you know about pursuing dreams? Are dreams really hard to chase?
Most of us would think that it's so hard to pursue our dreams and there maybe no ways to get there hence it is better and easier for us to give up.
Nothing is easy especially when going after something that is far beyond our reach in the beginning but... there is always a way. The road to success may not be near yet, but everyday we work hard, look forward and wait for the opportunity...

Today the famous Indonesian singer and songwriter Anggun shares her #changedestiny story. She offers a rare insight to her emotional and difficult journey to fame and success and hopes to share her story to encourage aspiring Singaporeans who are on a similar path to pursue their dreams.

Singer Anggun worked hard and never gave up till the right moment came. Her opportunity came only when she made her first step in changing her destiny. Has this #changedestiny video inspired you to take your first step towards your dream journey?
At least I know I do.


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