Launch: Smile Makers Premium Personal Lubricants

If you use premium products for your face, wouldn't you want to use premium quality products for the most intimate and sensitive part of your body too?
If your answer is "Ohhh... Yes of course!", then I welcome you to learn more about the newest premium personal lubricants launched in the market, by none other than Smile Makers.

Find this familier?

Smile Makers have launched their personal massagers back in April this year and it kinda went viral on various social media platforms, fetching Smile Makers a rather high volume of sales too! They didn't thought that the actual sales would be more than what they had expected. Perhaps the ladies in Singapore were all along waiting for a brand to create a line of really safe, premium personal massagers? Smile Makers really hit the spot! ^_^

About Smile Makers Personal Lubricants
The global market for lubricants is estimated at USD 1 billion. While some lubricants use is to playfully spice things up for couples in the bedroom, most is connected with dryness-related issues. Studies show that the use of lubricants for women is significantly higher at 25-45 than at younger ages. Yet, the top-brands in the market are not designed for women of this age group.

Peder Wikstroem, Co-Founder of Ramblin' Brands sees this category as a part of beauty care, and want lubricant use to be as much a positive and pampering experience as using a favorite face crème. Smile Makers personal lubricants are sophisticated, feminine, luxurious and pampering, and the formulation takes its cues from the world of luxury skin care. 

They consist of:
- a natural plant extract, which acts as a natural anti-irritant and regenerates the skin
- new ingredient imported from France which helps create smooth slipperiness and a silky feeling after use

The full range of lubricants are:
- water-based
- pH-optimal
- use strictly the highest purity of ingredients available
- completely paraben-free
- fragrance-free
- compatible with condoms and any silicone massagers

Premium Ingredients
The base of the lubricants is pure de-ionized water.

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (DPG)
DPG is a natural extract from the licorice root. Yes, you read it – licorice. It regenerates the skin and is especially good for people with sensitive skin. It has an antistinging property to relieve itchiness or pain. Some super-premium face crèmes use DPG (like Kosé, Kanebo, Shiseido) but as far as Smile Makers know no other lubricant brand uses DPG.

Sodium Benzoate
It’s a pharma-grade salt that works as a broad-spectrum preservative.
Other lubricant brands often use use parabens, which US FDA now deem as potentially dangerous(carcinogenic), or phenoxyethanol, which both the US FDA and Environmental Protection Agency have expressed concerns about.

Refined Glycerin
Purified using an ion-exchanger to meet the purity specifications by the European Pharmacopoeia (EP).
A water-soluble synthetic used to make the lubricant slippery. Most brands use cosmetics grade glycerin, which gives the product a bitter taste. Smile Makers don’t like that and that is why they use pharma-grade glycerin.

Methyl Propanediol
A water solubilizer added to give velvety- silky feel during and after use. It mimics the slipperiness of silicone-based lubricants but feels more natural and is compatible with massagers.
Ever wonder why other lubricants are sticky? It’s because they use too much glycerin.
Smile Makers use a mix of pharma-grade glycerin and methylpropanediol. This makes their lubricants long-lasting without becoming sticky, leaving you with a nice skin carelike feel after use.

Meets the purity specifications set by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).
To get the right thickness of a lubricant, most brands use cellulose, which does not provide the highest purity of the final product. Smile Makers have chosen pharma-grade carbomer instead. That is why the lubricants are crystal clear, completely odour-less, and wonderfully pure. 
To match the formulation in quality, the luxurious, elegant packaging is designed by Smile Makers award-winning designer, the creative mind behind SK-II, Gucci, and D&G’s elegant fragrance bottles.

Personal Lubricants Formulas
There are 3 different versions to the Lubricants. Smile Makers made these 3 types so that everyone can find their personal favorite.

As light as a feather, this lubricant is formulated for a natural sensation.

Silky and soft, this soothing lubricant instantly nourishes for a smoother, velvety feel.

Rich and luxuriously textured, this ultra-sensorial lubricant provides the right amount of cushioning.

Smile Makers had kindly invited the media and bloggers to Marina Mandarin Singapore Presidential Suite for the launch. It was an eye-opening experience for me as it's my first time entering the Presidential Suite. The idea of linking the lubricant with hotel room was cool and exciting at the same time.

Check out the bath tub. Can you spot the products in this pic? 
Do they look like they are lubricants... or more like skin care products? (^-^ )o~

Just take a look at this... I totally cannot relate these products to lubricants. They really look like they are face serum. Everytime I look at them, I have the urge to take a pump of the product and spread them on my face.... O'right sorry, I got you'al thinking.. pls forgive me. =P~

A manicurist in the walk-in wardrobe.. So cool!

The living & dining area... wished I could stay overnight there... hehe~ ^o^

Here's a swatch for all the 3 lubricants. I must say... they really felt like clear serum.... (>////<)
On the left is the Little Light Liquid (LLL). It is lightest among all, moves or flows kinda like water but not as fast. You can think of slightly thicken face toner.. ^_^
In the middle is Stay Silky Serum (SSS). It is basically like lightweight gel-like serum, not as watery as the LLL.
On the right is Generous Gel (GG). Richest among three but it is still considered lightweight in compare to creams. This gel does not move much when my hand tilts.

Aside from the facts that were mentioned, there's something else that I'd learnt so far about Smile Makers personal lubricants.... it's that they do not kill sperms. I'm not sure if this is a concern to anyone but I personally thought it's rather important, especially when almost every married women in Singapore is trying hard to get pregnant. ^,^  (At least that's what I'd seen & heard from friends around me..)
Some may ask this question, "Why do I even need lubricants? I'm still young."
Answer to that is, do you ever felt discomfort... pain at the beginning or during sexual experience.. or perhaps during your first time? If you ever did, then that's where this little bottle comes in. While we know that mothers and women who have menopause may have higher tendency of experiencing dryness-related issues but there are times where the rest of the women may experience the same too. It would be good to have a little aid to prevent you from suffering in silence which would lead to unhappiness during what should have been a wonderful sexual experience. But of course, communication is still the best medicine for such situations.. ♥^,~

Smile Makers Personal Lubricants S$29.95 /each

Where To Buy?
Available in selected Watsons store

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