Christmas Online Shopping

Is it too early for Christmas? I think not!~ ^,^
Few days ago, I celebrated my man's and my birthday as well as our anniversary. Then I thought, it's almost halloween! And then it's November! Omy gosh, time really really flies! (Probably this phrase has been repeated by kazillions of people at every where, every time.) So, Christmas is drawing near.. one shall start doing Christmas shopping (for ourselves or for friends, family.. doesn't matter!) before it's too late. ^_~
I have by the way, received a bonus this month and I was kinda dying to spend some money.. like getting myself a bag or wallet (kept thinking about wallet since few months back, received a wallet as present, started using it and now I still want to buy. =_=" Greedy gal...) or on a pair of shoes or a top... well basically I need to buy SOMETHING. #shopaholic hehehex..
Here I am on one of my favourtie shopping site Zalora as they carry most of the brands that I love buying such as the brand, River Island.

Was looking at their bags and noticed this Brown Leopard Print Mini Satchel. It would be great to carry this at times when I want to go light. Because I am too used to carrying lots of barangs (things) with me so I don't really buy bags this size. I now started with 1 new small sling bag and I thought I could go for another so I have more choices when comes to matching them with my outfit. ^_^

Didn't thought of getting baggy pants as it usually would make my butt look bigger and appear alot lower than my original butt is at (lolx??). But this just looks TOO GOOD! So tempted to get it.. but I wonder if it fits my leg length..hmm.. Online shopping for long sleeves and long pants/skirt/dress has always been a great challenge for me. I always spend a lot more time than others to online shop as I need to find out if the brand makes long enough clothes for tall people, or the brand has a standard size chart in their own website, if not I try to find out how tall the model is before purchasing. So much work.. sigh. :\

This wallet is so unique.. Totally dig it! It has a coin purse in the centre and slots at the 2 sides for cards. I like it because of the flora-like prints and the colours used. Sweet! ^_^

I usually would also shop for Zalora's own brand apparel. They are relatively cheap and even more worth when they are on sale.

Spotted this long cami maxi that seems pretty looooong.. which may be good for me! I have been diggin' crop tops (both inner and outer wear) and bustiers so any clothing that matches them, I would love to get it too.

Hologram... Iridescent... Metallic... are my weakness. ^-^" Hoped that these sneakers have no heels so that it'll be easier to walk and I can run in them when I chase bus or train.. lolx~ And do check out the other 3 shades below it! The gold looks nice too.. *_*

A brand that I almost hardly visit, be it physical stores or online is New Look. I got curious and I went in to take a look at their designs. Wasn't much into their clothes but.........

I totally love their backpacks. o(♥▽♥)o *waves arms fractically*
Just loooooook at how cute this tassel backpack is!! Omy, so round, fat, fluffy... sorry I'm not trying to describe a fluffy unicorn here. (^▽^") And it has mini studs.. studs are also my weakness. lolx..

Last but not least, rose gold metallic backpack. Okay 'nuf said. I'm totally sold. I want it.. It's last piece. *throws money*

I guess I would be spending more than usual for these 2 months and probably broke before Santa even visits me! Such a bad gal I am... (U∧U")

Anyhoo, how do you intend to spend your precious money for this Christmas? ^_~


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