Get Rakuten Cashback And Coupon Code With ShopBack

I've heard of cashback for credit and debit cards but I have yet heard of cashback via online. This would be my first time getting to know more about online cashback through Shopback and I'm eager to find out how to use this cool platform to 'earn' some cash in my account! ^o^~

At the point of viewing Shopback website, I WOWed.. a couple of my favourite online shopping sites that I often patron are there. The sites I love to shop at are Taobao, Zalora, Luxola and Lazada but there are more than just these 4! You can take a look at the other merchant choices available like GroupOn, RedMart and find shopping deals at ShopBack, I'm sure you will WOW like I do too. ^_^

Oh yes, ShopBack gives extra $5 upon first successful transaction through using their platform. Who doesn't want free money eh? ^,^ hehex~

Of course, me being a cheapskate crazy online shopper wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to get more cashback amount (on top of my bank cashback) and so I created an account of my own.  
*Happy ShopBack character goes: TADAH This is your account~*

Curious of how my Cashback account look like, I clicked the button and saw this. Ok, this page makes me so want to buy something and get some cashbacks right away! ^_^ *so motivated to shop* (Not sure is it a good thing or a bad thing... lolx~)

Rakuten Shopping
I have been thinking of shopping at Rakuten Singapore for quite a long time but I have yet to do so. I used to buy stuffs off from Rakuten Japan with help from friend way back when I was younger (hey, I'm still 'young' now ok.. ^-^") and then I learnt that there was a Rakuten Singapore only in recent years. When Rakuten Singapore was up, I didn't have time to check it out and now I've finally make the first step to officially shop at Rakuten through ShopBack.

Besides clicking the 'Shop Now' button to shop at Rakuten, you can also get Rakuten coupon codes by copying the codes shown within the same page. Example of a coupon code is shown below.

After I clicked the 'Shop Now' button, a new tab opens up within my browser and the redirect activates. From the ShopBack notice, it's said that I would need to shop in this redirected tab, make order and payment within this same tab so that the cashback would be successfully credited into my ShopBack account. So yes, I must remind self not to open items in a new tab... that's always my method to view many items at one go... ^_^" heh heh..

I'm at the Rakuten page and immediately I started searching for things I'm interested in.

First up, if you know me well enough, you'll know that I would search for none other than Sailor Moon stuffs... hahhax~

Spotted a really beautiful art and it is actually a Sailor Moon Crystal Princess Serenity Jigsaw Puzzle! Priced at SGD$50-ish is really not bad at all considering it will be mailed from Japan. (See left column and you will notice that there's a japan email address & contact.)

Next up, I searched for sub-culture fashion and I found Fried Jam fashion store in Rakuten. Neat!

Fried Jam carries pretty awesome tights and stockings which I love to wear... and frankly speaking I wear them most of the time (yes, even in hot & humid Singapore..^,^). I really love how Japanese design their hosiery as they are really very different from the ones that are sold in Singapore or countries nearby us. In terms of price, I find it really cheap. It's pretty hard to get such designs at prices lower than $20 I must say.

While browsing through some of the Rakuten deals, I came upon the 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' section and saw many cute accessories!

Really cute Beach Sandals in Japanese Classic Prints caught my attention and so I went in to try to pick a couple of the sandals.

Since the sandals are Buy 1 Get 1 Free, my shopping cart shows one of them as free. Woots! ^o^/~
Oh, and I noticed since I have added different items from different shops, my cart reflects two 'Proceed to Checkout' buttons. If you happen to purchase from more than 2 shops, you will need to proceed to checkout more than twice, so on, and so forth. ^_^

After I've proceed to checkout, I was asked if I want to checkout as guest user or create an account. If you get this too, I'll recommend you to create an account as Rakuten gives points to their users and I believe you'll definitely benefit from collecting Rakuten points just like you would with any other shopping sites.^_^
Once payment made, the 5% cashback of the Rakuten purchase will be made within 48 hours into your ShopBack account! Weee!
Ok now, I can't wait to shop more at the other sites as well!

Do check out ShopBack if you are just as interested as me in collecting some cashback from online shopping! ^__^v~ Buy more save more. Yippe~


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