Shopping at Lazada & The Big App Sale 27-30 Aug 2015

I've bought a new set of dining table!... just kidding. Haha..
As some of you might have known, I've been mentioning in IG that I have purchased a couple of furnitures lately and I'm still sourcing for more. I've been to several online sites to check out furnitures and also been to physical stores to get them. An advantage of shopping online is that I get to see all the prices listed up, get to choose to view a variety of items at one go, sort them out by lowest to highest price and most importantly, no one to follow me around while I take my own sweet time to look them! ^_^ For an easy shopping experience, I go to Lazada and here's some of my to buy items from the site.

1. The first thing that I looked up was the Home & Living category and I saw this Cona Dining Table listed in the site. It is in the country cottage style which I love~ Check out the price, it is only at less than SGD200!
Oh by the way if you have not been to Lazada, here's a preview of their mainpage. They carry a wide range of items such as from beauty, fashion to home appliances, sports, travel and wine.

2. Not sure about you guys but I feel that I'm like a 'mountain tortoise' to learn that gadgets can now print out photos immediately that's sent from our smartphones. I knew that we could but I have yet to played with one or even seen one before (probably have but don't know about it. lolx..) At Lazada, I saw the Fujifilm Instax Printer priced at SGD229 which prints like a Polaroid camera.
All you need is to download an app named "instax SHARE" into your smart phone and send photos via the app to get it printed out on the Fujifilm Photo Printer. Isn't it awesome? We can still do some filtering to the photos before printing them, that has got to be the coolest part. Lolx~

But of cos, if one is as mountain tortoise as I am, they can always go back to the traditional Polaroid Camera. This little purple thing is just too cute to resist! There are also 5 other colours to choose from. Which to choose, which to choose hmm?~ Polaroid prints (probably) never go wrong because our faces would definitely look flawless in all of the photos, so filtering is not required. (Not like there's an option to do so..^-^") 

3. If you ask 10 (or maybe 20?) friends about powerbank, I bet that 1 of them will tell you to get Xiaomi. Even though I do not own one (yet) but I got to say that Xiaomi provides the most reasonable priced and better tech stuffs in the world. I own a mi3 myself and I know it. I am glad that Lazada has this product and most importantly, this item priced at SGD18.50 (Originally SGD50) has a high number of good reviews from the buyers purchasing it off from Lazada. I'm definitely in for this. ^_^

4. Sometime back, my man and I were talking about Electric Scooter and we were guessing the price for one. Apparently in Lazada there are so many kinds of electric scooters and I got a little lost in there. We heard that one costs about SGD3k-4k but I guess not? This ST Adult Eletric Scooter only cost SGD1300 and now slashed to SGD888. I think I'm lazy to walk.. should I go for this? ^,^" #lazyhuman

5. My man and I usually go for bike rides at night and we need a proper headlight for night riding. At Lazada, there are many kinds of torches and what I need is one with a mount. I saw this CREE Q5 LED Zoom 240lm Bicycle Headlight Torch, it look decent, a little robust and it has 5 brightness mode. Usual priced at SGD38.37, now at only SGD11.51. Don't think I'll get this kind of quality and price at the stores yah?

6. Just past Sunday, I went for a short outdoor yoga session and the PSI reading was at 90, the sky was so foggy that I thought my lungs would just stop working after I've deep-breathed in so much polluted air. To combat the polluted air problem, every house/office needs to have a air purifier. I am lucky that my office provides that and not just one but many! *breathes in very very clean air. lolx..* I've been thinking of getting an air purifier for home and since Lazada has it, I might as well take it from here. One particular Air Purifier attracts me which is the Winix Air Purifier.
The advert makes it look really interesting and the design looks pleasant to my eyes. ^,^ Priced at SGD387 originally, this air purifier is able to clean off germs and viruses from the air. Less of that means a healthier body for us!

7. As mentioned earlier in this post, I'd been franctically looking for country style furnitures such as storage cabinets to store my many many items (I don't know how I can hoard so much stuffs just in 10 years =_=") and also storage boxes that suits the theme. I spotted You Box Storage Container in dull pastel shade and look shabby enough to match my other furnitures.
Size is alright, can fit into some of my display cabinets and can be kept away folded and easily cleaned. I'm sold. ^.^ Just look at the texture of the fabric, so lovely~

8. What is a home sweet home without a good security? From all the Kdramas I've watched, I learnt that all of their home door locks are digitalised and I sooooo wanted that! Sometime ago I went to my friend's house who have a digitalised door lock and I have much fun playing with it. I'd been raving about his doorlock to my man (not like it's mine but yah, I been raving it. lolx..), my man was half sold and I said perhaps allow me to do research on the market price before we decide to get one. And well, Lazada got it again. They sell Digital Doorlocks too and not just a few but lots! A simple designed Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Doorlock priced at SGD164.71 isn't that steep and currently is on sale at less 11%.
You may ask, if I wanted a shabby chic themed home so much, why would I want a digitalised doorlock? Well, it's cool, its for better security and.. I don't care. =p

9. Online shopping always ends with buying something for myself to wear like Boots & Heels. The first category that I always go to when viewing shoes is boots. This pair of Jetting Buy Leather Over The Knee Motorcycle Boots caught my eyes and the beige is so nice! Moreover it's only at SGD50 for such long boots, it's actually pretty hard to get long boots sold at this price at local stops. Good thing that Lazada is able to ship items from overseas thus customers can purchase items at a lower value.
Another type of shoes would be heels with straps/studs. I am so loving this strappy LZD Tassel Ribbon Heels (priced at SGD55, now SGD37), already imaginating myself in them. ^-^ I just hope it comes in other colours such as white, gold, pink as well so I can match it easily with my clothes.

10.  Last but not least, I saw Ray Ban shades on the site going at a discount price so I clicked in to view one of the design which is the Ray Ban Clubmaster Ebony / Arista Browline Sunglasses. It is originally priced at SGD258 and now less 58% discount. Woots! Browline glasses are my kind of glasses. I hope I would look good in Ray Ban glasses!

How To Purchase @ Lazada?
Now that I have introduced a rather wide range of products from Lazada, I shall move on to telling you guys how to purchase the items. ^_^ Actually, if you are a pro in online shopping you need not read my tutorial and can do so subconciously already (possible?).
First of all, go to the item page and select on your right side the "Country" (hello, Singapore here) and your "District" (eg, Bishan Ang Mo Kio). The page will automatically calculates the Delivery charge and reflects under the Delivery Options.
Next, choose your "Variation" at the centre of the page if there are any.
Click "Add to Cart" button.

Then you will land on the page shown below. Change the Quantity if you are buying more than 1, then click "Proceed to Checkout" if you want or click "Close and Continue Shopping" link at bottom left.

Next, enter your details in this page then click "Continue".

Choose your prefered payment option by clicking the logos and enter your card/account details. 
If you have any vouchers, click "Apply here" link at the right side.
Here, you need to check your shipping address to ensure if it's correct before you click "Place Your Order". And Tadah! You're done. ^_^

The Big App SALE (27 - 30 Aug 2015)
Finally, I've come to the last section which is to introduce the BIG APP SALE!
If you have not downloaded the Lazada app, go to this page now to enter your mobile and it will send you the link to dl your app plus a $20 voucher. ^o^/~ Woohoo!

Check out the products that would be having sale from 27-30 August 2015 via Lazada mobile app!

So what are you waiting for? I've done it, it's your turn now!~ ^_^


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